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The 9 Best Food Photographers in El Paso

El Paso has no shortage of amazing restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops. And creatives and commercial photographers alike are no strangers to this fact. The most talented El Paso food photographers are all incredible stylists and adventurous eaters who take incredible snapshots of mouthwatering food to help local restaurants and businesses get noticed.

1. Brian Wancho

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Brian Wancho is a commercial photographer in El Paso who takes architectural, interior design, landscape, and food photographs for local businesses. His body of work has a very distinct flavor that truly sets him apart from other local photographers. His food photography is especially phenomenal, as his images are well-balanced, casual yet elegant, as well as attuned to the textures and patterns that make us attracted to food. Brian is a consummate professional. From consommé to tacos al pastor, he’s one of the top El Paso food photographers hands down.

2. Ryan Stead

Ryan Stead is a family, high school senior, engagement, and food photographer working in El Paso. He takes high-quality commercial food photos that are sure to make viewers’ bellies rumble. His perfectly composed food images have a distinctly fine-art flavor to them, and they are first and foremost styled to help sell food. If you hire him to shoot new pics for your menu or take commercial shots for your website, social media, or other publications, you can be sure that you’re working with someone who knows how to connect with people through his camera. He can be the ultimate liaison for your brand.

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3. Yasmin Marquez Campos of Coffee Creative Design and Photography

Yasmin Marquez Campos of Coffee Creative Design and Photography is a bright mind, and it’s no wonder she’s one of the most talented El Paso food photographers. She’s primarily known for her work as a wedding and family photographer, but we’re singling out her food photography work because it’s impeccably styled. Her images of food and drink are absolutely made to be pinned, shared, and liked. If you want to work with a photographer who can help you win social media, Yasmin is a great choice.

4. Christine Komassa of El Paso Eats

Christine Komassa is a big-time Instagram influencer — and a talented food photographer at that. She’s got diverse tastes, showcasing both high-end restaurants and hole-in-the-walls that serve some of the best tacos in town. Given that she has tens of thousands of followers, we imagine you already know about Christine and her amazing work. When we’re looking for an eatery recommendation in El Paso, we trust Christine, too. But we really just love looking at all that scrumptious food.

5. Taylor Alexis of My Crazy Plate

Taylor Alexis is the public name of Taylor Shabazz, an influential El Paso food blogger, who has a passion for showing the best her city has to offer. As such, she’s always capturing the best shot of the food. We love that the work she does helps local businesses get noticed, and that she takes care to show the love and care that goes into making all the delicious food she showcases. She’s a conscientious food blogger with a real flair for food photography, and we’re big fans of her portfolio.

6. Delilah Acosta

Delilah Acosta is an El Paso food photographer who has made a name for herself in multiple industries, including fashion and portrait photography. She takes dynamic photographs — even her food photographs seem to be brimming with movement, as if they’re begging for someone to just chow down already. Whether she’s sharing a picture of a dish from her favorite restaurant or her homemade Irish potato soup, every shot looks delectable.

7. Katia Cruz of KSTUDIO24

Katia Cruz of KSTUDIO24 is a freelance photographer and graphic designer and one of the top El Paso’s food photographers. We’re actually pretty big fans of both her portrait work and food photography. The former is dramatic and well-composed, offering the narrative bent we admire in our commercial photographers. Her food work is designed to sell: beautifully laid-out dishes and steaming-hot food, all styled with an eye for color and deliciousness. Take a peek at her work and you’ll see what we mean.

8. Camila Laguette

Camila Laguette of the PR firm Laguette Comm. is a talented up-and-coming photographer who uses a combination of compelling content and strategy to help local businesses thrive. She’s an excellent food photo stylist, so her images are always composed with an eye to shareability. Her compositions are well-balanced, gorgeously colored, and absolutely guaranteed to help her clients dominate Instagram.  

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9. Christy Gonalez of Christy G Creative

Christy Gonzalez of Christy G. Creative has long been one of the most talented local photographers, exuding a passion for just about any creative work put before her. Her wedding photography, portraiture, and daily photojournalistic shots of her own experience all show that she’s a brilliant creative with a real skill for storytelling and creating connection through social media. Her food photography is absolutely breathtaking. She’s got the willingness to be adventurous and a photographic eye for capturing food as more than just a still life to be admired, but as an actual part of your life — and an important part of your life at that.

These El Paso food photographers are talented storytellers, skilled artists, and powerful brand ambassadors. If you’re lucky enough to have any of them snapping photos of your burgers, vegan chicken biscuits, donuts, or poke bowls, look out — your social media reach is going to grow, and hungry customers will show up on your doorstep.

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