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The 6 Best Food Photographers in Fresno

California’s Central Valley is one of the most productive regions in the world when it comes to agriculture. Small wonder that there are thousands of food stories being told on a weekly basis here. And where there are foodies and food producers, there are dynamic photographers illustrating the culinary arts to great effect! That’s why we took the time to curate this list of the most notable Fresno food photographers for your next big collaboration. Enjoy!

1. Tawnie Graham of Krolls Korner

We are big fans of food photographers who use their images to share a meaningful message, and Tawnie Graham fits the bill. As the blogger-in-chief behind Kroll’s Korner, she chooses to focus on recipes with a healthy angle, educating readers on finding a track away from disordered, imbalanced eating habits. Her culinary photos remind us that healthy does not have to mean bland, with items like carrot-cake muffins, as well as chicken-and-sausage gumbo helping to drive the point home.

Tawnie boasts a refreshing style that is contemporary in character. Colors contrast nicely with one another and include pale backgrounds that further help the bolder food tones stand out. And the matte cast of much of her art adds to the modern, often lifestyle flair of her work. Tawnie shines the best possible light onto healthy dishes as the obvious alternative to food that doesn’t make us happy or healthy!

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2. Sarah Del Pozo Photography

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Fresno photographer Sarah Del Pozo shoots lifestyle images of families, portraits, food, and drinks. She uses a diverse array of color profiles and styles, ranging from a warm, earthy tone that encourages feelings of relaxation to more neutral tones with natural light for an anticipatory vibe. Sarah’s use of extras like aromatic herbs add much-needed sensory notes beyond the colors and shapes within the frame.

When partnering with local brands, Sarah’s images expertly use shallow depth of field to isolate without excluding essential background elements that carry additional meaning. In one example, using a rosé wine, she includes flowers, grapefruit, and sour candy to highlight the flavor notes we can expect from the drink.

3. Food Photographer Tripp

Fresno food photographer Tripp illustrates the simple truth of how to be successful as a business. According to Tripp: “I make people drool for your food, before they ever taste it!” He understands that people need their taste buds titillated and noses already smelling the savory offerings of your menu before they even get in the door. And with a look through his savory portfolio, it’s clear that Tripp is an expert at precisely this! We appreciate how many of Tripp’s compositions feel full without being busy in character.

Rather than showcasing a single dish, we often get the full spread of a restaurant platter, including table decor and sides, for a brief portal into each fine dining establishment. Shapes and lines within the frame add contrast and interest without taking away from the main event of a delicious dish. Tripp also offers other artistic services, such as creating restaurant staff images, providing videography for websites and social media, and tailoring web designs to the needs of culinary professionals.

4. Diana Reis of Delicious By Design

Diana Reis is the chef, recipe collector, and photographer running Delicious By Design, featuring simple yet satisfying recipes and catering for the greater Fresno area. Her food images are usually up close and personal with the final product having little in the way of distracting editing or busy compositions. She wants us to visualize the table, ready to taste and savor the dish in question. It appears memories of connections with people play into her images. For example, a succulent pot roast is not merely about the meal.

Rather, it’s reminiscent of family and friends sitting around the table sharing stories, compliments, and laughter. Diana’s choices focus on what she calls “approachable gourmet,” which involves “making great food need not require years of vigorous study. By mastering some basic techniques, understanding the role of varied ingredients, and developing an eye for pairings of food by flavor and style, anyone can produce meals that will elate and impress.” 

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5. Sara Deasy of DC Photography Studios

When not shooting sumptuous commercial food photography, Sara Deasy covers weddings, families, and commercial shoots for Fresno clients and businesses. Her style is often punchy and vibrant, using shallow depth of field to highlight the points of optimal texture and visual weight within the frame. In other collaborations, Sara prefers more of an earth-tone color palette with wood background accents perfect for a fall seasonal composition. Artistic arrangements that emphasize form and color are what give her images such impact!

6. Kelly of Mizue Photography

Kelly Mizue covers a little bit of everything through photography! Not only is she a talented Fresno food photographer, but she also shoots stunning images of families, real estate, weddings, maternities, life milestones, and much more. We found that her use of a highly consistent style across genres gives her portfolio cohesion, allowing her work to stand apart from that of other generalist photographers.

Overflowing natural light and pastel tones show up frequently in her portraiture, and this soft styling also imbues her food images with a very personal touch. Ingredients are artfully arranged within the frame to add points of interest, sometimes gaining further emphasis from human interactions, like a fork ready to dig in! 

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