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The 8 Best Food Photographers in Las Vegas

With its booming hospitality industry, Las Vegas is home to some of the best dining experiences money can buy. As such, this also makes Sin City home to a thriving food photography scene as well. Hundreds of food photographers compete to showcase Vegas’s thriving culinary scene, and it takes a special point of view to stand above the rest of the pack. We’ve curated a list of the most talented Las Vegas food photographers for your viewing pleasure. Take a look!

1. Sharon Sampsel & Greg Preston of Sampsel Preston Photography

Photographers Sharon Sampsel and Greg Preston work together to capture hospitality, wedding, portrait, food, and other photography angles throughout Las Vegas and beyond! With so many sumptuous dining choices in Vegas, their portfolio is full of dishes brimming with steam, flavors, and colors that grab your attention instantly.

Sampsel Preston Photography uses a closeup style that crops out distracting table and venue elements in favor of showing you exactly what you came for: the main course. These sort of close and macro-level images use bold colors and visual cues suggesting flavors, scents, and textures to get your mouth watering! We especially love their rich, warm color grading, as it brings to mind restaurant outdoor heat lamps and pleasant indoor lighting.

2. Joey and Lauren Ungerer of Key Lime Photography

Commercial, portrait, and wedding photographers Joey and Lauren Ungerer work together to capture the vibrancy of Las Vegas’s hospitality and dining scene. They perfectly encapsulate what it means to be a successful food photographer: “The trick is to evoke an emotional appeal. The goal is to make mouths water, to produce that same feeling people get when they smell baked cookies or hear bacon sizzling on the stove. Tap into the moment that connects the viewer with the image.”

As we look at images of glazed desserts and crispy chicken, we see just how true their statement is: fruity aromas and crispy textures appear as if by magic! The Ungerers are also great at showcasing aspects of each venue so potential customers know what to expect from their future dining experience.

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3. Larry Hanna of LH Food Photography

With 40 years in the hospitality photography industry, Larry Hanna is undoubtedly one of the best food photographers in Las Vegas! His images are loaded with visual cues meant to tantalize and tempt; each element is carefully considered for maximum impact on the viewer. Larry tends to favor tableside and overhead shots of single dishes in order to give us “food portraits.” This is more effective than the ever-popular trend of capturing a chaotic spread of elements that lack cohesion.

He also chooses props that tell stories of sleepy mornings, countryside cabins, and more! Plus, we love the variation in Larry’s editing styles, ranging from moody contemporary to bright and cheerful. Natural light and studio light are used to great effect in each collaborative photoshoot.

4. John Flury of Flury Photography

With name-brand clients, such as Angry Orchard and Bud Ice, gracing his portfolio, John Flury is definitely the man to call if you need an expert to show your food or beverage to best effect. With over a decade of experience in the field of food photography, John’s learned to diversify his talents to meet the needs of nearly any photoshoot. We love how well he transitions between vignettes of a dish, overhead shots of the table, and commercial images meant for advertisements. His artistry also shows in color compositions, favoring a hearty earth tone palette and similar lighting that gives his portfolio strong continuity in style.

5. Gaby Jeter of Gaby J Photography

Gaby Jeter uses a consistent style to cover not just her wedding and lifestyle images but also her food photography. She favors an airy, bright look that invokes open bay windows with natural light streaming across white linen tablecloths. We’re treated to tableside and overhead images of artistically arranged plates using color palettes with a slightly desaturated, classic character to them. Resulting are spectacular images that belong in a magazine, cookbook, or restaurant menu. In fact, her work has appeared in renowned publications like Bon Appétit and Travel + Leisure, just to name a couple.

Her clean, almost minimalistic style takes us right to the main event of a particular dish, keeping the eye from wandering across the frame. If you’re looking for a photographer to showcase you, your venue, and your dishes in a consistent and pleasing editorial style, Gaby is truly one of the top Las Vegas food photographers.

6. Steven Joseph of EXPO TRAFFIC

Steven Joseph showcases food in a highly consistent, minimalistic fashion that’s very pleasing to the eyes. He prefers to stick to the main dish, an occasional condiment, good light, and a soft background without too many distractions, letting the food speak for itself. In this way, Steven stands out from other photographers who prefer chaotic coverage of multiple elements at once. All in all, his work is elegant and to the point, with an enviably consistent style across photoshoots.

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7. Amelinda B. Lee of Photos by Amelinda

Born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii, longtime resident of Las Vegas Amelinda Lee combines her education in business management with her professional sales, food, and fashion backgrounds in an unexpected way: by producing stunning travel, interior design, and food photography! She boasts a bright variety of different venues, cuisines, dishes, and styles. Amelinda handles fine dining, coffee culture, Asian cuisine prep, and modern living-inspired images with equal ease, telling stories through food that has us coming back time and time again. Her attention-grabbing style is simply marvelous.

8. Louiie Victa

Louiie Victa’s tale is a quintessentially American immigrant success story and one that explains just how they came to love their work as a food photographer. From their studies and initial employment as a sous chef in San Francisco, Louiie worked hard only to find that SF was not their style. After finding Sin City to be kinder to the budding chef, Louiie decided to go back to school at CSN to study videography and photography.

And from there, it was only a matter of time until Louiie discovered how well food photography married their twin passions of the visual and culinary arts! What really impresses us is how Louiie’s work takes on a fine art approach in many respects, showcasing not only food at its best but also treating us to still-life takes on various ingredients, powder art in the form of spices, and much more. If you’re looking for a fine art take on food photography, we strongly recommend you have a look at Louiie’s work.

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