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The 6 Best Food Photographers in Lexington

Renowned for being the horse race capital of the world, as well as home to bluegrass and some of the finest barbecue in the nation, Lexington has a lot going on despite its humble reputation. Also under the radar is its superb culinary scene, which features fine-dining establishments serving the best Southern cooking you’ll ever experience. And where there’s good food, there are talented photographers helping brands reach customers through photographs that reach all five senses. Check out the top Lexington food photographers of 2020!

1. Sarah Jane Webb

As a specialist Lexington food photographer, Sarah Jane Webb starts with paying close attention to light and color, then ends with bringing out a viewer’s memories and five senses. As she describes her creative methodology in her own words, “Our senses and associations transport us back to precise moments in time. Sarah Jane’s most prominent food memories hark back to her childhood, and believes this to be true for most people. Those memories are what drive her to create photographs that will cause a very visceral memory in the viewer.”

Food as a lens into culture — specifically connections, boundaries, selections, and processing — are a major part of her work. Food is a celebration of life and something that defines yet also transcends cultures to bring us together as human beings. Her work is an homage to color, texture, and other form elements of a delightful dish. Few photographers combine both a nuanced artistic approach and business visual storytelling the way Sarah Jane does!

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2. Leela Atchison of Lex Eats

As a Lexington food photographer and blogger, Leela Atchison is a native Kentuckian who loves nothing more than sharing her adoration of fine cuisine with an appreciative audience. As a marketing expert for several local restaurant brands through Bluegrass Hospitality Group, Leela is well-placed within the pulse of Lexington’s culinary scene. Thus, she understands precisely what sort of images local brands need to stand apart from the pack.

Lex Eats is a comprehensive, finely illustrated blog with a cohesive style perfectly suited for both recipe layouts, as well as the simple beauty and appreciation of a fine dish. We especially love Leela’s talent for overhead table spreads that let the viewer take in the myriad shapes and colors of a meal. Leela’s appreciation covers not just flavor but aesthetics. Plus, as a food photographer, her attention to detail is just as important as a good-looking subject.

3. Muse Marketing

With over a decade in fulfilling business’ visual needs, Muse Marketing is your one-stop shop for everything from food photography to logo and poster design. Muse uses a wide range of styles, and we particularly enjoy their lifestyle take on Fava’s Of Georgetown! By bringing people into the frame, Muse creates a narrative, making it easier for viewers to imagine themselves at the scene. 

We’re also treated to the venue itself, so we know precisely what sort of dining experience to expect; in this case, juicy cheeseburgers and fries from a local diner! Muse also brings customers into the scene with a documentary style that has us walking in the door and pondering ice cream flavors along with excited youngsters.

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4. Whitney of Fabulous in Fayette

When writing reviews and social media posts for local businesses, Whitney of Fabulous in Fayette not only includes luscious food photography, but also local history and a full accounting of the dining experience in question. Her blog is a top resource for locals and visitors wanting to know what’s good in Lexington and where to find it!

Whitney’s tableside views of local dishes helps viewers smell, touch, and taste dishes before ever setting foot in the establishment. Onlookers also get a sense of what to expect from each venue, including lifestyle elements like customer count, live music, and even interviews with staff and business owners.

5. Hannah Gabbard

Hannah Gabbard’s food and beverage images reflect life on Springmint Farm. Backgrounds, lighting, dishes, food, and beverages are all items that remind us of country living. Pumpkins, apples, corn, and other harvest goods are what catch Hannah’s creative eye. Her talent for photography inspires her to not only share stock images but create for the sheer joy of it!

In Hannah’s own words, “I have always been passionate about photography and I hadn’t really found my niche until I stumbled upon stock photography. I love making things look beautiful and unique, and with this kind of photography you can do just about anything.”

6. Kirstie Dunston Photography

While photography is naturally a celebration of light and color, the vibrancy and deep hues of Kirstie Dunston’s work truly caught our attention. According to Kirstie, her approach to photography involves “creative, joyfully vibrant images!” We appreciate how her usage of the right backgrounds and complementary colors makes tonal art out of dessert and fruit arrangements.

In addition, Kirstie uses both a pastel and white range well-matched to contemporary wedding and lifestyle photography, as well as a deeper, high-contrast color profile for her food images. If you’re looking for a photographer with a highly complementary signature style, Kirstie’s portfolio is well worth a look!

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