The 8 Best Food Photographers in Memphis

It’d be a lie if we said we didn’t get hungry while scouring social media for the best Memphis food photographers. If a food photographer’s talent lies in making food look appealing, then each of these creatives is at the top of their game. From Tennessee BBQ and crawfish to yummy pies and cakes, as well as roast chicken and green vegetables, Memphis is serving up all sorts of deliciousness. All of these multi-talented photographers made us ugly-drool and our stomachs growl. And we simply can’t stop looking at their incredible work — join us and check out our list of the top Memphis food photographers.

1. Alison Stukenborg

Wedding photographer by day and Memphis food photographer by night, Alison Stukenborg is a woman of many talents. She’d been taking pictures of people for a decade before stumbling across her love of food photography. Thanks to a restaurant background, Alison started working as a photographer for Waitr, the food delivery and carryout app. Through Waitr, Alison has been able to expand her creativity even further, photographing food in studio and within restaurant settings, as well as mastering lighting and still life. She’s certainly found her calling — and the Memphis food photography scene is all the better for it.

2. Cheryl Malik

As they say, it’s all in a name — Memphis food photographer Cheryl Malik has the website to prove it. As well as being a successful food photographer, Malik runs her own foodie blog, 40 Aprons, which is packed with healthy, clean, and paleo recipes suitable for cooks of all skill levels. Ever since she moved away for college, Cheryl has been expanding her food repertoire and her photography skills alongside it. Plus, Cheryl has been featured in many international publications and media outlets from Cosmopolitan to MSN and beyond.

3. Loreana Rojas

On top of being one of the top Memphis fashion photographers, Loreana Rojas has a knack for shooting food. With a decade’s experience of photography under her belt, she’s shot everything from commercial items to portraits and weddings. A master of all trades, Rojas uses her camera to make each dish look commercial-ready. Honestly, if a food photographer can make a jar of mayonnaise look good, you know they’ve got talent.

4. Annabella Charles

Commercial and editorial fine art photographer Annabella Charles is a still-life master. Naturally, it’s a talent that also lends itself to food. Since starting her own business, Annabella Charles Photography, in 2007, she’s been featured and published by a myriad of international names, including O Magazine, British Vogue, Forbes, and British GQ. Annabella naturally captures the smallest of details, particularly in her wedding and bridal sessions. And, of course, she carries those same skills into the world of food photography, where they serve her deliciously.

5. Meka Wilson

Portrait photographer and videographer Meka lives in Memphis. Along with being self-taught, she has a clear goal in mind when it comes to her photographs: whether shooting portraits of humans or still-life food images for restaurants, her aim is to capture her subjects’ rawness. To Meka, there’s no shortage of natural beauty in what she captures, and for portraits in particular, that means roots and freckles. With food, it’s sprinkles and garnishes.

6. Justin Fox Burks

Born in Mississippi and raised in Tennessee, Justin Fox Burks has been a professional photographer since 1998. Long before the parade of work-from-home freelancers and the gig economy came into play, Justin was doing it from behind the lens. With a fine arts degree in photography from the University of Memphis and a 20-year career, he knows how to take a compelling photograph of food. His food photography has been featured in Food & Wine and The London Independent, and he does monthly shoots for Memphis Magazine. Justin also runs a foodie blog, The Chubby Vegetarian, alongside his wife Amy Lawrence.

7. Emma Meskovic and Stacy Greenberg of Edible Memphis

This one’s a bit of a two-for-one, but if you’re the type of person who lives in Memphis, digs food photography, and likes dining out, you’ve probably come across Edible Memphis or their social media at least. Their extremely appetizing Instagram feed comprises posts from both editor-in-chief Stacy Greenberg and art director Meskovic, both of whom have their forks on the pulse of the Memphis culinary scene and boast an impressive set of creative muscles (as writers and photographers). For a thoughtful and celebratory look into Memphis restaurants — and the people who work in them — check these two out.

8. Michael Butler Jr. of One901

Native Memphian Michael Butler Jr. considers himself a Memphian by nature and choice, setting out to make the most of life via his photography. He loves being a dad, as well as tacos and everything Memphis. His goal is to show the city’s beauty that others often overlook, including shooting some of Grind City’s best yet unrepresented restaurants. Both Michael and his photography are also well-known around the city, producing a give-and-take relationship between photographer and subject.

These days, tons of people take snapshots of their meals for Instagram. However, to be a food photographer means taking shots that can win over the harshest of food critics. We wonder how many times critics have been won over by a great food photographer. Then again, Memphis seems to be as full of them as it is scrumptious Southern comfort food.

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