The 7 Best Food Photographers in Miami

As one of the centers of Caribbean cuisine in the United States, Miami is a true hub for foodies, restaurant enthusiasts, and food photographers alike. Some of the nation’s best photographers call Miami’s Wynwood Arts District home, and they cover not just the Magic City but the surrounding regions of South Florida as well! If you’re in need of some stunning product images for your brand or small business, you couldn’t be in a better place. Here are the top food photographers in Miami as of 2019.

1. Sid Hoeltzell

With work featured by Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and the Vatican Collections, Sid is one of the best food photographers in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Local and international clients include Joe’s Stone Crab, Santa Margherita Wines, Wynwood Brewing Company, just to name a few. Sid uses layered compositions that showcase dishes, drinks, and spreads across the table, as well as intimate close-ups that let us savor condensation and colorful drinks, textures in fresh vegetables, and punchy colors that suggest flavors of summer and fresh meadows.

2. Ron Corso

Ron spends extra time considering lighting in all of his photography — food images included! In his own words, “Lighting is very important to me. It can set the mood, bring out shape and texture or just make you feel good about the image. I love to shoot on location and the best use of a location and natural lighting can make the ordinary extraordinary!”

Looking over his portfolio, we’re treated to the truth of this. Ron’s approach to food photography involves mixing shallow depth of field for quality bokeh and a club atmosphere, creating sharp backgrounds full of additional dishes or kitchen details, and favoring subdued to even lighting over washed-out highlights. His style also emphasizes the sensual experience of food and drinks with forks, dripping sauces, and steaming plates that have us nearly smelling, feeling, and tasting the dishes in front of our eyes. 

3. Albert K. Howard

The Howard Collective, founded by photographer Albert K. Howard in 2009, is a photographic design studio specializing in food, product, and lifestyle photography. Albert’s distinguished clients include Amazon, Oscar Mayer, Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, and several other household names. As expected of such a highly acclaimed professional photographer, Albert boasts work that covers nearly every aspect of food photography imaginable.

Albert’s images are carefully curated to hold attention; suggest texture, aroma, and flavor; and appeal to the eyes. His style depends on his client’s needs, ranging from bold and colorful summer salads isolated in bowls to roast meats with textures of herbs and seasonings, complete with homey accents like wooden cutting boards and slate countertops.

4. Libby Volgyes

Food photography is something of a passion for Libby. Her work with numerous magazines, advertisers, restaurants, and brands has solidified her place as one of the best food photographers in Miami. Libby also gives lectures on food photography and teaches workshops nationwide. Her dark and light photography styles are a solid departure from traditional food photography, offering a fresh take while providing isolation for display dishes.

Libby’s arrangements are orderly and very balanced color-wise, using enough depth of field for us to really enjoy the textures of each dish! Her beverage images are also striking, not only technically flawless from a photography standpoint, but also with backgrounds and models that best exemplify the character of the drink. Each element in Libby’s imagery is carefully considered for maximum impact.

5. Tom Clark

Tom brings over a decade of photographic know-how to the food photography scene of South Florida. Based in Miami’s Design District, Tom aims to showcase brands in ways both classic and creative to leave lasting impressions for clients and viewers of his photography. His product and food images use strong isolationist elements to showcase each product. They pop off the screen using perfect studio lighting and clean backgrounds for easy digital manipulation.

He also creates kitchen and dining table themed arrangements showcasing fresh ingredients and completed dishes in a moody, subdued style. His work would be perfect for an illustrated cookbook, lifestyle magazine, or other food photography-heavy publication.

6. Rodrigo Giraldo

Photographer Rodrigo runs RoggoAF Photography Studio in Miami, FL. As a former chef and restaurateur, he brings an insider’s knowledge to the food photography scene through his desire to ensure his personal brand’s captured in just the right style. Since then, brands across the country have taken notice of his evocative and distinctive photography style.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of Rodrigo’s imagery is his vintage character, bringing in burlap sacks, tin cans, and classic tea sets that combine with his subdued lighting style for a timeless style. His work also takes on bright, airy modern fine dining characteristics as well, meeting the needs of any sort of client. And given his experience as a chef, Rodrigio knows precisely how to emphasize the best aspects of a dish to play to each of the five senses.

7. Andrew Meade

Covering children’s fashion and lifestyle images in addition to food and beverage photography, Andrew is one of the best food photographers in Miami right now. His focus and attention to lighting, color, and texture, as well as ability to invoke all of the senses is masterful. In his own words: “My focus is on food & still life. My approach is to explore the interplay of light, texture, color and shape. My goal is to stimulate the senses, to pique the thirst for adventure.” His portfolio takes us on a true culinary adventure, covering preparation, fresh ingredients, and final products that combine both artistic and classic elements.

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