The 8 Best Food Photographers in New Orleans

The food culture of New Orleans is just as vibrant, diverse, and bold as the city itself and the people who call it home. Beignets and chicory coffee, gumbo and cornbread, hurricanes and absinthe, crawfish etouffee and po’boys and muffulettas — the list could go on. In NOLA’s highly competitive market, local eateries have to present their offerings in a way that makes them stand out among the crowd. If you’re looking for a talented photographer to help you do just that, keep reading. We’re confident that one of these thoughtful New Orleans food photographers is the right shutterbug for the job!

1. Davillier Branding

First up on the list is the creative collective Davillier Branding. Their commercial photography portfolio runs the gamut, and no matter what your product is, they can help you sell it. They understand that today’s consumer is more conscious and mindful than those who came before, and it’s important to many of us that we trust the companies we give our money to. For this reason, Davillier’s approach is rooted in authenticity, and they strive to help their clients make deeper connections with their consumer base. Their care and attention to detail cannot be overstated.

2. Kimberly Kramer Mimeles of Greensgirl Nutrition

Kimberly Kramer Mimeles has taken her greatest passions — health, food, and photography — and braided them into quite the career for herself. A food blogger, health coach, and owner-operator of her own business, Greensgirl Nutrition, Kim has devoted years to learning and perfecting her study and craft. Kim’s breezy, minimalist photographic style allows the food to speak for itself, and her editorial touch is subtle but profoundly effective. 

3. Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photo

With over 15 years of experience using a wide variety of photographic styles, Aaron Hogan has caught the eye of many clients in and out of NOLA proper. Aaron and the rest of the Eye Wander team are dedicated to capturing magic — and as far as we’re concerned, some of the most powerful magic there is comes from food: the recipes inherited but only under a vow of secrecy, as well as the aprons passed down. Though Aaron primarily specializes in weddings and portraits, his commercial work is stunning, with the food photography standing out among the rest. We don’t just see a pretty picture of food: we can practically smell and taste it. That’s nothing less than magic!

4. George Kuchler of GK Photography

GK Photography’s creative arm is George Kuchler, who — accompanied by his wife and business partner, Elizabeth — has certainly made a name for himself in the world of New Orleans food photographers. Though he’s gained the most acclaim for his wedding photography, the rest of his portfolio — primarily the commercial work — really caught our attention. His style is sharp, crisp, and universally flattering, and whether he’s snapping a candid of a blushing bride or giving us hunger pangs with photos like the one we’ve chosen to feature here today, we’re loving it all.

5. Sam Hanna of HannaFoto

While working in his former vocation in the publishing industry, Sam Hanna traveled the country and collaborated with a host of nationally renowned food photographers. Inspired and excited about what he’d learned, he ultimately relocated from Detroit to New Orleans to start a new career as a culinary photographer. And we’re so glad he did! Since 2008, he’s been delivering high-quality, dynamic work to his clients, which include Food Network and Zatarain’s, among many others.

6. Marianne and Steven Sabrier of The Red M Studio

Lead photographer Marianne Sabrier and assistant/second shooter Steve Sabrier are the owner-operators of The Red M Studio. The duo aren’t only devoted to capturing single fleeting moments of time — they’re devoted to making a lasting impact in their community, too, and that’s what we love about them most. The quality of their work, exceeded only by the depth of their compassion, is undeniable, and it’s no wonder they’ve been featured by a host of publications for years on end! Like a few on this list, they may be more known for their wedding shoots and portraiture, but we feel their commercial food photography is just as deserving of recognition.

7. Randy KrauseSchmidt of RKS Photography

Randy KrauseSchmidt’s approach to culinary photography blows us away! With his whimsical color palette, bright contrast, and artsy perspectives, he imbues his work with a sense of liveliness and personality that can be rather difficult to accomplish with inanimate objects as photographic subjects. This same vibe permeates the rest of his work as well, including the wedding, portrait, and fashion photography he does, but we especially adore his food portfolio and are so excited to feature him today.

8. Katherine Kimball

Last but certainly not least on our roundup of our favorite New Orleans food photographers is Katherine Kimball. Katherine freelances as a food, event, and portrait photographer, with the first subject holding the biggest place in her heart. She also writes a regular Family Dinner blog, sharing some of her favorite recipes and other tidbits about herself — which we’re now going to be following regularly, by the way! She works often with warm tones, just like in the photo we’ve featured here, adding just the slightest saturation and shadow, making every dish look like comfort food.

That about wraps it up for today, folks. We are so proud to feature these talented professionals as our favorite New Orleans food photographers. If you are looking to give your business a boost and present your very best to your customers, consider giving one of these creatives a shot.

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