The 6 Best Food Photographers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma’s largest city is increasingly known as the food Mecca of the state. With tons of local brands competing for the palates of OKC’s 1.3 million residents, it takes a talented creative to help your work stand out from the pack. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 6 best Oklahoma City food photographers you should partner with in 2020!

1. Andree Miller

Andree’s subject matter ranges from traditional food “portraits” that show the beauty and innate appeal of quality dishes to more documentary-oriented images. With the latter, we often see all of the steps that help a dish come together from the kitchen to our plate. Branding, venues, and lifestyle angles also have a place in her portfolio. Combined with her vibrant, often complementary use of colors, the lasting impact of Andree’s photography is hard to ignore! 

Andree also uses her work to educate the public on the issues facing access to good nutrition in her “You Are What You Can Eat” series. Her graphics and clever illustrations show that, while we often know what’s healthy, access and prices make a big impact on our choices, with an increasing toll on our health. 

We also think you’ll enjoy her ability to create artistic table spreads perfectly suited to the beverage or dish in question. Spices, ingredients, and dining ware are all chosen to reflect the mood and flavors an individual sampling invokes.

2. Lauren Grigg

When she isn’t shooting fluffy cakes and cool drinks, Lauren Grigg photographs Oklahoma City newborns, families, weddings, and couples images. Her cohesive style emphasizes pastel colors and strong highlights for a cheerful, airy tone that evokes breezy summer days. Lauren’s food photography follows the same style as her other work and meshes perfectly in her portfolio.

Lauren’s use of white and pastel colors also really helps stronger colors like red and blue stand out. They create focal points for photos that instantly grab your attention and call up the emotional elements of food like taste, texture, and moisture—and even memories associated with your favorite desserts. The shallow depth of field in her food photography is also consistent with her work as a portrait photographer and further emphasizes these standout culinary elements.

3. Crystal Oakes

Crystal Oakes of Oakes Creative House is a marketing specialist who creates visual solutions for Oklahoma City entrepreneurs. With over 8 years of experience in the corporate business world, she knows how to lead a marketing team and craft powerful images that tell the story of your brand. Restauranteurs should rest assured that her squad of strategists, graphic designers, photographers, creative writers, marketing coaches, and tech gurus can create material that will propel your business to new heights.

Crystal’s food photography often focuses on the brand aspect, choosing compositions that show not only what’s on the plate, but also who put it there. And she doesn’t skimp on artistry, either. Her photos let the sharp edges of geometric shapes and lines contrast and emphasize the more organic shapes of the main treat. If you’re looking for Oklahoma City food photographers who know how to showcase the best of your brand, Crystal Oakes should be among your top picks!

4. Rachel & Phil Maucieri

Rachel and Phil Maucieri of Maucieri Visuals are a photography and filmmaking couple that work with OKC business owners to find their voice in visual media. Rachel handles the photography side while Phil manages the videography—and both are talented designers and visionary creatives.

Rachel’s food photography caught our attention with its lifestyle flair and artful exploration of composition and form. Her often-minimalistic approach uses simple backgrounds and basic dining ware to really bring out the colors of the food. Bright vegetables, wine, and desserts with whole fruits seem to leap off the screen thanks to her use of strong shadows and directional lighting.

5. Erica Hogan

If you’re looking for an Oklahoma City food photographer who offers private dining space, culinary classes, food styling, and everything else food-related, then you need to get in touch with Erica Hogan! As a chef and veteran of the restaurant and private dining industries, she has managerial experience from both sides of the camera lens. This insider knowledge gives her a unique perspective on what makes for strong food imagery.

Looking through her portfolio, her love of French and Italian cuisine shines through. Macarons, tomato sauces, and pastries are just a few of the European options to delight our eyes and palates. She uses a high-contrast color profile with warm tones and deep shadows that highlight the cozy vibe of her OKC kitchen and dining space.

6. Ciara of EatingOKC

Ciara of EatingOKC is a rising star in the Oklahoma City food photography circles. Only a year ago, she started a food Instagram profile as a way to showcase her favorite dishes. Her eye for art and composition caught the attention of several local restaurants in the area and she now has over 5,000 followers and has partnered with over 150 restaurants and counting!

Ciara’s style is highly consistent, using a matte cast that gives her work a contemporary flair and is well-suited for display on a variety of media platforms. Her colors are slightly desaturated and her highlights strong, which adds emphasis to the bolder hues and brings out all of the food’s mouth-watering textures.

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