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The 8 Best Food Photographers in Orlando

In a city as big on the radar of the hospitality and culinary industry as Orlando, there’s a dizzying number of photographers available for hire. That’s why we at Peerspace have put together a list of the finest Orlando food photographers, each with diverse talents and takes on food photos. Some capture food along with portraits and weddings, while others are dedicated food photographers. Regardless, all of these photographers have what it takes to propel your brand to new heights. Check out the most talented food photographers in Orlando as of 2019!

1. Carlos Amoedo of Focus Studios

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recent work for @travelzoo

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Carlos Amoedo is a food, commercial, portrait, and aerial photographer in Orlando with decades of experience in the photography business. His aesthetic often has a lifestyle angle, with aspects of the venue, meals being served by staff, and people deeply enjoying each dish becoming as much a part of a shoot as the food itself. Carlos tells the full story of what a brand has to offer through his work, making excellent use of directional lighting and bold colors to bring your attention to the highlights of the dish: sesame seeds on buns, rich reds in lobster shells, and the promise of freshness from a salad bowl are all invoked through visual emotional elements.

2. Martin Purmensky of Arrow Studio

Whether it’s active moments of food preparation, showcasing the beauty of the location, and/or highlighting a stunning platter of delights, Martin Purmensky has you covered. As someone who knows the ins and outs of Orlando’s hospitality scene, Martin boasts numerous connections and partners, such as Vista Cay Resort, Westgate, Legacy Vacation Club, and many more. We love his way of showing a tableside view that puts us right into the seat of a fine diner. Martin also avoids busy presentations, showing us instead a complete dish for appreciation. 

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3. Susan Bourgoin of Visual Cuisines

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Food is an art!

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While many photographers dabble in the field of food photography, it takes a rare talent to specialize in it. Susan Bourgoin’s Visual Cuisines is an Orlando-based studio dedicated to top-quality food photography. As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she eventually found her way into a position as a food stylist for a photography studio. Later, Susan expanded her entrepreneurial aspirations and started Visual Cuisines in 1996 to bring her passion for food and its story to Orlando’s culinary scene. Her work covers a variety of styles, lighting environments, and angles. Susan has a vision for any brand you bring her way, and she’s absolutely one of the best food photographers in Orlando right now. Plus, she rents out her studio space should you need a professional environment to photograph culinary creations.

4. Joe Brooks Photography

Joe Brooks has been creating premium commercial, studio, and on-location photography since 1978. Based in Orlando, Joe works with clients throughout Florida as well as nationwide. With a focus on food, beverages, architecture, venues, and lifestyle photography, he uses styles ranging from contemporary to fine art in his work. Several of his images featuring sauces and perfectly arranged portions look like modern art paintings that would look great in a commercial or residential space as wall art. Joe also uses a punchy style that shows us ripe red tomatoes and roasted meat dishes loaded with flavor. Whether it’s minimalistic stock-style images or artistic fine-dining arrangements, Joe Brooks Photography has your culinary photography needs covered.

5. Stephanie Patterson Photography

Author of the Central Florida travel blog Travel Taste Click, Stephanie Patterson found that food photography was a natural complement to her writings on the world of Florida cuisine. In 2017 she transitioned to working as a boutique food, cocktail, and travel photographer, collaborating with businesses in Orlando and beyond!

Stephanie handles not just the food styling and photography aspects of the shoot, but she’s also writing press kits and releases, web copy, blog posts, and more, thereby providing a full range of services. Stephanie’s images do a great job of transporting us to each venue via a lifestyle angle. Cocktails or ice cream on the beach and freshly harvested strawberries in cartons tell incredible stories, as do minimalistic food “vignettes” that showcase a drink or dish with no competing elements like additional dishes or busy backgrounds.

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6. AaronVan

With his 27 years of experience in developing the essential skills of photography, AaronVan is someone to pay attention to! Two decades of working in advertising helped hone his eye for composition, and he learned the ins and outs of commercial advertising. He even opened up his own studio. After a foodie trip to Ireland, Aaron found that the fateful journey woke his passion for culinary images. In addition, this caused him to steer his studio’s emphasis away from portraiture and into the exciting new world of food photography.

By using compositions with a sense of visual weight on one end of the frame, Aaron introduces dynamic principles in his work that few photographers take advantage of. Freshly falling powdered sugar and salt hint at the preparation story behind the final dish. Aaron’s work contains loads of nuance, and it’s no wonder why we’ve chosen him as one of the best food photographers in Orlando in 2019.

7. Alexi Shields of Chomp Chomp Studios

Orlando-based food photographer Alexi Shields runs Chomp Chomp Studios, which features an obvious emphasis on culinary images. She collaborates with you to perfect your brand, from logos and venue design to branding images, food styling, and much more. Chomp Chomp Studios is your one-stop shop for all things visual media. Alexi’s portfolio takes us on journeys with professional chefs playfully engaging clients, product lines that tell stories of fresh produce, and food portraits that captivate and entice. Chomp Chomp Studios should be your first pick if you’re in need of culinary visual solutions.

8. Chris Lee Martin of Grizzlee Martin

Orlando photographer Chris Lee “Grizzlee” Martin has a talent for showcasing life, clients, brands, and products in fresh and creative ways. Chris’s distinguished clients include Esquire, Mercedes, Sony, and other big names, proving he has the talent and the background for your next branding shoot. Chris uses a thoughtful style that’s contemporary, bold, and attention-grabbing. He carries this style across all of his work, from portraits to hamburgers.

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