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The 9 Best Food Photographers in Portland

Portland food photographers know that there’s more to the City of Roses than great music and incredible natural scenery. There’s also a fabulous culinary scene! With hundreds of licensed food trucks, ocean-to-table seafood, and an influential microbrewing scene –– it’s easy to see why these talented artists choose to live and work in the great Pacific Northwest.  

1. Emily Triggs

With matte shadows and beautifully diffused light, Emily Triggs is able to create elegant photos that are nothing less than mouthwatering. Her use of corners and pattern helps to highlight the texture of foods while giving the viewer a fun and playful seat at the table. Triggs’ photos are bright, crisp, and inviting. Her experience with social media strategy adds an extra layer of professionalism to her images, which have been used by brands like Kettle Brand Chips, Alpine Valley Bread, Big Tree Farms, Pacific Foods, and Dave’s Killer Bread. When she’s not shooting, Triggs draws inspiration from traveling, gardening, and hosting incredible dinner parties.

2. Beth Olson

Beth Olson combines elements of commercial product photography with traditional food photography to create images that are sharp and eye-catching. Her minimalist tabletop compositions bring out the shape and beauty of raw ingredients –– emphasizing their importance within each dish. As a portrait photographer with a background in graphic design, Olson brings her unique abilities and style into her work with food. While she is known for her gritty and chic personal style, Olson always aims to accurately and artfully capture the personality of the brands she works with. Her images have been published in Portland Monthly, Portland Mercury, Offbeat Bride, and Conceptual Magazine, to name a few.

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3. Aubrie LeGault

Using strong side lighting, low apertures, and inventive table settings, Aubrie LeGault composes bright and lively images that carry visual interest while telling a story. Her expert use of still life and motion shots adds depth and human emotion to her stunning food editorials. Bright pops of color and casually styled ingredients bring out the lines and shapes within her compositions, while smooth bokeh and plenty of negative space draws the eye in. LeGault makes food look irresistible and high-end, which makes her one of our favorite Portland food photographers. Her exceptional work has also made her a go-to for brands like FINEX Cast Iron Cookware.

4. Carly Diaz

As one of the most well-traveled Portland food photographers, Carly Diaz brings her international perspective to her work. Her fresh and sophisticated photos stem from an appreciation for inspiring chefs and beautiful plating. Throughout her work, Diaz strives to capture images that are both subtle and striking. Her use of crisp intersectional points and full corners gives her tabletop food photography a sense of modernity and practicality. Whether it’s a dramatic shot of an icy beverage, or a soft and inviting shot of fresh oysters, Diaz always brings out the best, most appetizing aspects of the food and drinks in front of her.

5. John Valls

John Vall’s colorful food, farm, and lifestyle editorials capture the magic and glory of Portland’s surrounding vineyards and scenery. With smooth backgrounds and a combination of natural and softbox lighting, Vall is able to accurately depict some of the area’s finest wines and dining experiences. His appreciation for the people behind the food gives him a unique and sophisticated approach to rustic food photography.

6. Dina Avila

A James Beard Award-winning commercial and editorial photographer, Dina Avila captures delectable food images with a distinct signature style. Bold lighting and brilliant bursts of color give Avila’s photos a fun and modern edge. The use of utensils and hand models adds a human element to Avila’s work, while sharp contrast and long shadows keep things interesting. The striking images have caught the attention of clients such as Delicious Australia, Brazi Bites, and Sasquatch Books.

7. Aaron Lee

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Aaron Lee brings the flavors of the Pacific Northwest to life with his brand of contemporary food photography. Using vivid colors, diffused studio and natural light, and visually full compositions, Lee crafts eye-catching images that spark the imagination and appetite. Born and raised in Northeast Portland, Lee has become one of the most sought-after Portland food photographers. Using his background in advertising to tell his clients’ stories, he has a passion for art and helping local businesses, which shines throughout his extensive portfolio of striking, pop-art inspire.

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8. Leah Verwey

Leah Verwey isn’t simply a great Portland food photographer, she’s also a whiskey-drinking, dog-loving, vegetable-growing, charitable spirit with a ton of talent. Her bright, natural style is clean and simple –– and it has become the basis for her contributions to local charities. With clean, satisfying images, Verwey has not only been able to encourage families to donate money to nonprofits –– she’s also been able to gain recognition from media outlets like Wired, Brides, and The Daily Beast.

9. Kathryn Elsesser

Kathryn Elsesser captures lively and earthy photos that bring out the rustic beauty of thoughtfully prepared dishes. With 45-degree angles, wide apertures, and soft vignettes, Elsesser finds the perfect way to give the viewer a sense of the overall food experience. Her impressive portfolio is an extension of her belief in the power of photography to bring to life the world around us. As an anthropologist and archaeologist, Elsesser has a passion for exploration and travel, which she brings to each and every perfectly set table she shoots. Her work with beverages has been published in Oregon Wine Press magazine, The Little House Cookbook, and Northwest Travel.

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