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The 6 Best Food Photographers in Raleigh

Raleigh-Durham in central North Carolina is known more for being the state capital and a college town than a center of good cuisine. Despite this, there is more to the area than meets the eye — comfort food and Southern favorites, anyone? Raleigh-based creatives are perfectly placed to reach clients across the region in need of effective visuals to tell the story of their brand or eatery. That said, check out the top Raleigh food photographers whom you can partner up with.

1. Felicia Trujillo of Food Seen

Food Seen is a Raleigh-based top-tier marketing and creative agency designed to help businesses with advertising, conceptual design, photography, brand development, and much more. Felicia Trujillo’s business offers Raleigh businesses everything they could possibly need for a photography collaboration. Clients and publications that have previously worked with her include Piedmont Inspired Food, Pepsi Bottling Ventures, and Organics by Red Bull.

Food Seen’s work is vibrant and captivating, covering all angles as the result of both studio and on location service. We particularly enjoy Felicia’s food photojournalism album, which shares the story of how food gets from farm to table, as well as highlights all of the people involved in making a dish come together. If you’re looking for a collaborator passionate about the food industry and storytelling, Felicia, along with her agency Food Seen, is among the top Raleigh food photographers for a reason!

2. Bryan Regan Photography

When not making luscious food images, Bryan Regan also covers portrait, commercial, and editorial images for clients in and around Raleigh. Bryan’s innate talent for visual arts has led him to learn at the side of talented professionals and artists while working on projects nationwide. As a fully fledged professional photographer with his own Raleigh studio, Bryan seeks to meld his passion for sharing stories with the individual character of each dish — or whatever subject is in front of his lens.

We find the up-close and personal approach to his food photography brings out textures, colors, and emotional elements far better than busier overhead compositions. Bryan also tends to focus on the finished product, which lets us savor a dish in the manner of a “food portrait,” full of sensory cues.

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3. Carolyn Scott Photography

Like many of the most talented professional photographers, Carolyn Scott is self-taught, having developed her hobby and love for the genre into a successful business through dedication, appreciation, and reflection. When not shooting delicious dishes for local small businesses, she covers lifestyle, families, and portrait photography for Raleigh clients. 

Carolyn often uses a slightly matte, desaturated color profile with lovely bright white highlights that make us think of contemporary wedding photography. Given her background as a retired wedding photographer, it makes perfect sense! These sorts of food images are especially pleasing for editorial use. We also appreciate how Carolyn uses shallow depth of field to isolate portions of dishes and blur background venues to avoid distractions from the main drink or dish.

4. Neil Boyd Photography

With over two decades of experience, Neil Boyd is one of the first photographers you should call if you’re looking for a photographer who can shoot food, commercial product, ads, and beyond. Some of the local establishments he’s partnered with in the past include Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N BBQ, Carolina Ale House, and Heron’s Restaurant. Neil’s strong portfolio reflects his intimate knowledge of the importance of impactful images.

In his own words, “With food photography, it’s important to show not only the unique and delicious recipes your restaurant or catering company has to offer, but it’s about showing the customer what kind of experience they’ll have when they dine with you.” It’s not enough to have the best food; you need to convince your customers beforehand that they’re paying for a premium experience, and that’s where Neil’s genius comes in.

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5. Amber Foster Smith Photography

Amber Foster Smith runs a full-service boutique photography studio servicing Holly Springs, Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding area. She has a knack for teasing out images that help businesses thrive. And, needless to say, she’s an expert at telling the story in precisely the way you wish. Are you looking for on-location casual shots? Or perhaps a more formal food styling reminiscent of stock photography? Amber has you covered, regardless of your vision.

If you’re a Raleigh food photographer in need of professional work space, we recommend connecting with Amber because her Raleigh studio is open to full and half-day rental. Backdrops, professional lighting, and even sales spaces are all available for use! 

6. Meg of The Triangle Pastry Journal

The Triangle Pastry Journal is the food blog of Meg, a Raleigh food photographer and writer who has the attention of thousands through her website. Her photography uses a punchy editorial style perfectly fitting the diverse articles she covers on her blog, from how to get seeds to stick to bread to cast-iron cornbread recipes. 

While Meg’s photography has a definite emphasis on the baked foods side of the culinary world, it’s clear that her years of experience allow her to cover nearly any style. From busy overhead spreads featuring completed dishes and ingredients to still-life-oriented images of singular ingredients, Meg is a consummate food photographer.

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