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The 6 Best Food Photographers in Sacramento

With its proximity to Napa Valley, the Bay Area, and other wine and fine-dining hubs, Sacramento is a natural hotspot for lovers of good cuisine. And as we all know, it takes scrumptious photographs to lure in lover of fine dining. If you’re in need of someone to help you showcase what your Sacramento venue has to offer, you’re in luck. Here are the top Sacramento food photographers working today.

1. Erin Alderson

Commercial and lifestyle photographer Erin Alderson manages Grove Haus Studio, and she creates some of the best food images we’ve seen. We love her matte, desaturated color palette that pairs well with modern wedding and lifestyle photography. It also couples nicely with fine details like seeds, seasonings, herbs, and grains, allowing us to savor every aspect of each dish.

Grove Haus Studio also produces food-centered lifestyle images for brands and restaurants across Sacramento. Erin is immensely talented at showing people enjoying food and drink in a casual, authentic way. In addition, her food photography shows aspects of each venue; this way, prospective customers know exactly what ambiance to expect from their dining experience.

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2. Rudy Meyers

Northern California photographer Rudy Meyers has been in business for over 25 years now. We genuinely appreciate several aspects of Rudy’s philosophy as a photographer: “Treat every job as if it’s your first and your last… and never be afraid to experiment.” Here we see the great combination of attention to detail and willingness to explore, the hallmark of a veteran photographer like Rudy.

Being in NorCal, Rudy regularly collaborates with Napa Valley’s fine dining and wine scene, with a portfolio telling tales of couples sampling fine vintages under the California sun, as well as brands showcasing picnics and backyard parties. Rudy’s food photography exemplifies the art, demonstrating documentary, editorial, and fine-art approaches, as well as food portraits in a diverse yet experimental manner. Rudy is, without a doubt, one of the best Sacramento food photographers.

3. Sarah Maren

We see few photographers who bring as much passion to their work as Sarah Maren does! In her own words, “Doing Sacramento food product photography is the best! There is something about making something so universal into something unique and beautiful. I love the challenge of it. I adore cooking and so photography food is just a natural extension of that passion.”

Her images use a zesty color palette and bright-white natural highlights that works in not just her stunning wedding photography but her food captures as well. Sarah expertly showcases food in ways that allow us to appreciate artistic stylings reminiscent of summer patios, fine restaurant dining, and Napa Valley.

4. Rachel Valley

Rachel Valley is a brand and social media photographer who focuses on the food and beverage industries. She expertly captures food, people enjoying food, and the talent behind the scenes making each dish come together for editorial and commercial use. Her food images range from isolated takes of particular dishes that invite us to appreciate each special aspect of a meal or snack to preparation images that lend a documentary style to the photoshoot.

She loves getting up close and intimate with dishes in order for us to better appreciate all of the elements. From meat and vegetables to seasonings and garnish, we can see how visual textures and colors work with her expert lighting control to suggest flavors, seasons, smells, and more!

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5. Shea Evans

Shea Evans sums his passion up best in his own words: “Food culture is my jam!” He brings his love of food and past expertise as a sushi chef to each collaborative project he’s on. We love how well Shea controls both natural and studio lighting, using shadows to suggest outdoor dining and strong directional light for studio work. And both showcase artistic takes on food; we’re not just shown a portrait, rather we’re given food at its best, or as Shea calls his portfolio, “Food Beauty.” With styles that range from traditional to editorial, Shea Evans brings a diverse array of techniques that can meet the needs of any sort of client. 

6. Marcus Meisler

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Marcus Meisler brings a thoughtful approach to his food photography philosophy. He sees professional food photography as a collaboration between photographer and restaurant in order to capture the amount of time, attention to detail, and emotion that goes into each work of food. Marcus also documents the chefs who make it all come together, with several of his portraits featured in the Los Angeles Times, Everyday Food, and Bon Appétit, just to name a few. Each one of his food images has a way of transporting us directly to the tableside, where visual cues work to suggest flavor, texture, smell, and freshness.

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