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The 8 Best Houston Pet Photographers

In a city as populous as Houston, it’s no surprise that you’ll find a thriving arts and culture scene. Houston is an obvious choice for photographers looking to do their best work, and there’s no shortage of incredible artists working today. Houston is home to countless amazing photographers working across genres, and some of the best are working exclusively with pets. Pet photography is always tricky, and it takes the most patient photographers to do it well. The best Houston pet photographers are comfortable working with animals of all ages in a variety of settings.

These shutterbugs have great technical skills behind the camera, always able to coax out your pets’ personality in order to produce unforgettable images. Take a look at our list of the most talented Houston pet photographers, and get ready to book one for a shoot.

1. Kim Hartz

Kim brings lots of personality to her shoots, and she takes the time to prep and plan with you before the session begins. Her exceptional work comprises a combination of in-studio and on-location photography. Plus, her portfolio demonstrates strong lighting skills with both strobes and natural light. Her compositions keep your pet front and center, using props in the studio to bring some extra detail into the shots while leveraging picturesque scenes outdoors to keep the images interesting. Her talent makes her one of the most imaginative Houston pet photographers you could hire.

2. Megan Murray

Megan understands the value of having high-quality images of your dog — we document our furry friends with our cell phones all the time, but this doesn’t compare to having professional images to display on your walls alongside other images of your family. Her award-winning work is intended to fill that gap, as her creative compositions are bright and colorful, capturing the personality of the dogs she photographs. Center-weighted framing keeps the images completely focused on your pet, ensuring that the final product will look right at home on your walls or shelves.

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3. Sarah Elizabeth of Seem Photography

Sarah, owner and founder of Seem Photography, has been in the business since 2013. She and her team are able to capture a variety of different subjects exceptionally well, and this skill translates beautifully to pet photography. Boasting images that are filled with personality, Seem Photography makes it easy to make enduring memories with your cherished pet during a photo session. And when all’s said and done, you’ll come away with high-quality photographs you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

4. Kelli Nicole

Kelli has spent plenty of time around animals. She volunteers for local animal shelters and rescues, providing the organizations with quality images of the pets up for adoption. Kelli is available to come shoot on location wherever your pet is most comfortable and relaxed. Her lifestyle images of pets combine classic portrait techniques with a more documentary-centered approach. This way, she captures your pet in moments of play and activity, creating a well-rounded package of good times for you to fondly reflect on.

5. Robyn Arouty

For over a decade, Robyn has been exploring her love of animals through her incredible photography. Her work in the studio produces amazing portraits with perfect lighting and composition. Classic white or dark backgrounds create dramatic images, while colorful pastel backgrounds add a modern touch to her work. She also gets pet owners in the studio as well, combining classic poses with her eye for spontaneous moments, which results in some great work showing dogs with their families. Her technical mastery makes her one of the best Houston pet photographers you could work with.

6. Brian Aghajani

Brian’s work differs from that of many pet photographers, in that he focuses on photographing sporting dogs. He documents working and show competitions for all the big names in the industry. In addition, Brian offers personal photo sessions. Working outdoors in natural light, Brian boasts technical mastery that shines in his portraits. Using a comprehensive shot list for each photo session, he delivers a collection of images that showcase your dog in a variety of situations. And best of all, his photoshoots are a lot of fun.

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7. Nature Dog Photography

Lorena and Rick are the powerhouse couple behind Nature Dog Photography. They work as a team, with Lorena leveraging her experience as a dog trainer to pose your pet, while Rick employees his more than 20 years of experience behind the camera to get the shot. Together, they create amazing images, and their passion for their own dogs shows in every one of their photographs. Their images are always lit well with amazing color balance. These two are clearly experts in their craft, making them some of the best Houston pet photographers working today.

8. Lauren Blyskal

Lauren has volunteered for shelters and rescue groups for years — a testament to her deep love for animals. This experience has given her a ton of skill, both in working with animals and photographing them. It shows in her work — she readily puts at ease the animals she photographs, capturing them having fun and looking fabulous on camera. Working in your home or on location, Lauren will snapshot your pet’s personality using amazing light and great color. Her shots look even better when printed and framed.

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