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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Gallery?

Galleries can serve as event spaces for many types of functions — from pop-up shops to art shows and even weddings. The open spaces are often a canvas to make your event dreams a reality. Plus, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by art? We’ll review several types of galleries, as well as what these galleries can be used for. And, of course, we’ll answer the age-old event planning question: how much does it cost to rent a gallery?

Why do people rent galleries? 

Galleries are a flexible and surprisingly affordable option when searching for places to host your next event. Every gallery is unique from the next — making each event held in the gallery its own entity as well. Of course, a popular reason to rent an art gallery is to display some form of art.

However, there are dozens of other types of events to host in the versatile, open spaces. We’re seeing many event planners use galleries for corporate holidays and off-sites. Many of the gallery venues include tables and chairs in the cost of the rental. Plus, some include extras like an outdoor area, breakout rooms, and even on-site cafes. 

Pop-up shops are another popular reason people rent a gallery space. These can vary from local brands selling everything from apparel to cosmetics and more, as well as national brands wanting to make a splash in certain markets. Galleries are the perfect option since they usually get heavy street visibility and lend themselves to creativity. Beyond using galleries for business, many wedding planners have started to use galleries for their celebrations. This is also true for birthday parties, quinceañeras, family reunions, and engagement parties. 

Types of galleries 

Galleries are available for rental nationwide — and every city has at least several incredible galleries that will be the perfect fit for your event. Before we get to your question, “How much does it cost to rent a gallery?” let’s review the types of galleries that are available and how you can easily rent them. 

Many of the newer galleries you’ll see today have bright, natural light and are generally painted in white for a clean, modern look. For example, take a look at this stunning space in Washington, DC, that comes with a private courtyard along with the gallery rental. It can accommodate small intimate events to parties of up to 125 people. In addition, it comes with tables, chairs, and other equipment you’ll need for a top-notch event. 

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Some galleries are also nestled in historic buildings, such as warehouses. You’ll typically find that gallery spaces in warehouses are mixed-use and able to serve several functions under one roof. This can be helpful for larger-scale events that need the space. 

Take a look at this warehouse venue in Chicago that includes space for a gallery, video production, photoshoot, or performances. This venue includes a kitchen, making catering a breeze for your event. Beyond art and music, this spot would be ideal for yoga and dance classes.

Another type of gallery that you may be interested in is apartment or mansion spaces. Although these aren’t what you’d usually imagine as gallery spaces, some hosts go above and beyond to make their spaces just as extraordinary as any other gallery. 

This mansion in Lower Manhattan is covered in artwork and extravagant pieces of furniture and decor. Like the other examples, this gallery space is available to rent by the hour and can host an array of events. Take a look at the high-quality photos of the space to see a glimpse of the five-story mansion for yourself. Built in the 1800s, this space includes access to the ballroom, galleries, a dining room, kitchen, outdoor terrace, and restrooms. 

As you can see, there are many types of galleries available to rent — and they’re a breeze to book! Let’s go into how to rent a gallery space before we answer your question, “How much does it cost to rent a gallery?”

How to rent a gallery

You can rent a gallery directly through the owner/manager of the property. Or, you can use Peerspace to find a gallery in your city, get information, and book all at one time. Peerspace is the world’s largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces — and we’ve got tons of gallery spaces throughout the country that are ready for you to book.

It’s easy to search for galleries on Peerspace. Start by letting us know what type of event you’d like to host and what city you’re in. Then, use our filter feature and keyword search for “gallery.” You can also specify if you’d like a rooftop, pool, or another amenity included in your rental. 

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Now, peruse the dozens of stunning galleries available at your fingertips. Each Peerspace listing comes with real reviews, detailed descriptions, and direct access to the host who can answer questions about the venue, pricing, and event logistics. 

Need to find tables, chairs, caterers, entertainment, or something else for your event? The Peerspace Concierge can help with all of this and more. Plus, we can ensure that everything you need is delivered right to your venue! 

How much does it cost to rent a gallery? 

Of course, the cost of renting a gallery will depend on the size and location of the space, as well as what amenities the venue offers. When booking directly from a gallery owner, it’s hard to know what the total bill will be — and there are often hidden fees that skyrocket the price. 

Booking directly through a gallery owner can cost several thousand dollars once it’s all said and done. Meanwhile, on Peerspace, the venues clearly list the price per hour with a calendar of availability. Peerspace gallery rentals can start at $75 per hour all the way up to $1,000+ per hour. Hosts are upfront about their fees and what’s included in the rental. And you can always ask the host directly if there’s something you need clarified. 

Hopefully this guide thoroughly answers the “how much does it cost to rent a gallery?” question for you. Now use all this inspiration to plan an incredible event! 

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