10 Instagram Picture Ideas in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the land of dreams, is truly a magical place in California. Musicians and actors move to Los Angeles in the hope of making their wildest dreams come true. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the renowned Rodeo Drive with sparkling buildings, finding the right place for Instagram pictures could get overwhelming. When you’re in Southern California, start with these stunning Instagram picture ideas in Los Angeles. With public transportation available for you to use across the city, it’d be wise to keep your comfortable walking shoes handy—you’re in for a treat.

1. Admire a panoramic view of Los Angeles at the Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory los angeles skyline
Source: Pixabay

The Griffith Observatory is a free museum with an impeccable view of Los Angeles. It’s a white marble museum with beautiful artifacts and scientific facts about astronomy. It’s completely free to go inside and explore. However, the outdoor space is what catches your attention.

The attraction has vast grounds where you can walk through gardens and catch a glimpse of architecture. Check the weather forecast before coming to the observatory so you can take photos on a clear day. It will be easy for you to capture the skyline behind your beautiful smile.

2. Make music on a classical piano in a sun-filled, jungle-inspired studio

Downtown Sun Drenched Luxury Unique Jungle Studio with Piano los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Welcome to the jungle! Nope sorry, Tarzan doesn’t come with the booking. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles is a loft with full side windows for beautiful, sun-drenched lighting. The entire space is designed with jungle-like décor and a unique jaguar to keep you company. The studio is located in the same building as the Last Bookstore, a famous and historic store in the city.

This urban jungle gives you various opportunities to capture your Insta picture like pulling a Beethoven look by the piano or getting in touch with your wild side right next to the animal statue. And, don’t forget to unwind by laying on their gorgeous velvet green couch.

3. Embrace your feminine side in a neon ’80s apartment

dtla 80s neon pink loft la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Alright, ladies… and guys! Welcome to a pink room with a vintage tub and bright, we mean, bright neon lights for a fun photo shoot. We guarantee that after taking a few selfies and candid photos here, your feed will pop out of your followers’ phones. This place has only pink walls, pink neon lights with a dash of green and white colors, velvet and fur pillows and seats, and best of all, a vintage tub to get creative.

The ’80s apartment has been seen in famous photo shoots like H&M, Adidas, Viacom, and even Covergirl. You deserve to have the next trending look. Cruise through with your vibe tribe and turn your photoshoot into a mini-party! Your friends will thank you later since it’s one of favorite Instagram picture ideas in Los Angeles.

4. Get creative at a downtown Los Angeles vintage and versatile studio

3000 Sq. Ft. DTLA Modern studio los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Maybe the only-pink space is a bit too much. You might enjoy a twist of purple and green? We have you covered. Come to a modern studio centrally located in the city with easy access to the building. It’s a 3000-square-foot hotspot with photoshoot amenities to turn your selfies into a professional session. There are two studios available based on your liking!

From Victorian walls, vintage frames, gold-accented roman style framed aesthetics to even a vintage leopard print wallpaper and a chandelier, you’re set up for capturing epic, classy photos! After spoiling yourself with the indoor space, go outside to their rooftop space which provides a beautiful skyline view of Downtown Los Angeles.

5. Soak up the sunlight in a bright DTLA photography studio

DTLA Photography Studio Stunning Views West Facing los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

The DTLA studio in Los Angeles has hosted several celebrity shoots, movie documentaries, the reason being that you can hardly get over the serene and natural view of the sky the studio provides. It is a 1700-square-foot studio graced with so much sunshine that gives every photo that natural lighting that slays! When the west-facing windows are open, the cool breeze gets in, and the flying curtain effect that comes with it turns every picture you take into a masterpiece. And a peep outside leaves you with an abundant view of the historical fashion district. 

6. Enter a whole new world at a ’70s blue retro room

Downtown 70's Blue RETRO room los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Other Instagram picture ideas in Los Angeles includes this ’70s blue retro room! You get an escape from everything, into a world immensely beautiful, that might only exist in your fantasy. The room is enshrouded in tones of blue to contrast the gold furniture.

A round queen bed and vintage gold and blue lowrider bike are also features of the room so trust any picture you take to be classy and bougie. A shoot in this room allows for your creative discretion, too, as you’re allowed to move the furniture as you like, to suit whatever idea you have.

7. Live it up in a fully-equipped 1960s downtown loft with retro vibes

retro downtown loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Located at the heart of DTLA is an urban jungle that takes you back to the ’60s. It’s a 650-square-foot loft with a full window to one side so you’re showered with a golden light. The space has light-colored furniture and curtains to welcome a spring vibe into your photos. You will get to relax and get familiar in no time with help from the very easy-going and helpful host. Trust me, it can’t be anything short of a great experience.

8. Embrace elegance and luxury at the opulent Kingsley House

Kingsley House Historical French Chateau los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

There is just something about the Kingsley House: the natural light, warm reception, the iron, the wood spiral staircase, the chandelier, the vintage walls, the elegance to every piece of art designed to make every capture picture-perfect. Place a booking and see for yourself. The Kingsley House has seen celebrities stopping by for their own photoshoot. With a hidden secret garden, here you’ll have a taste of what its like to live like a celebrity!

9. Cozy up in a dreamy, sleek loft with lots of lighting

dreamy loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Yes, cute is what it is. This home is one of a kind: The two-wall windows provide adequate lighting to space. You should visit from morning to noon for the best lighting possible. Escape to a dream with the beautiful, clean white walls, natural lighting, and diverse wall paintings. This loft will do two things for you, give you the sweetest inspiration for your shoot if you didn’t already have one, or enhance your already thought-out concept. It’s better seen in person, so you should place your next booking today.

10. Explore a huge industrial loft in the downtown Arts District

2,000 sqft DTLA Arts District industrial studio loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

As one past guest stated, “beautiful place!” This place is mind-blowing due to the creative interior design. Here you’ll find different rooms with their artistic personality. From one corner spoiled with trees and bohemian sofas to a living with a beautiful, luscious velvet couch and string lights. With every part of this place being a stunning sight, it’s perfect for Instagram photoshoot ideas in Los Angeles.

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