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The 11 Most Instagrammable Places in Boston

Whether you’re traveling, throwing a party, or hosting an event, the right surroundings can make or break how much of that sweet, sweet Instagram content you can produce. You can’t capture an iconic Boston accent in a photo, but luckily the city’s got plenty of visual fun to go around. Our list of the 11 most Instagrammable places in Boston differs from others in that it’s not only for people from out of town. If you’re a local creative scouting new locations to infuse your work or event with some creative mojo, we’ve got you covered.

1. This offbeat museum

museum boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Outside of Boston, it’s fair to assume nobody’s Instagramming shots from a unique museum devoted to the history of plumbing. Where would we be without the bathtub? The toilet? There are so many charming, odd exhibits here to both take photos of and pose beside, so there should be no shortage of Instagrammable options.

2. This historic Dorchester sanctuary

historic church boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Situated in the growing neighborhood of Jones Hill, this historic church has a lot going for it. There’s beautiful natural light from high-set windows, but there’s also an opportunity to get creative using the light from the lantern-like fixtures over the pews or from the lovely antique stained glass. There’s some beautiful architecture, creating multiple angles to capture dramatic, timeless photos of the sanctuary itself.

3. This creative studio space

creative production studio boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This quirky studio has its own special attitude and philosophy, an optimism that’s apparent from the moment you walk through the door. It’s not just an empty space — its staff truly celebrates both art and the sharing of art as a craft, and people come here not only to display their art but also learn and teach it. Any day you book time here, there’s going to  something cool to take a picture of, and if nothing else, you’ve got eye-catching murals on the walls to pose in front of.

4. MIT’s Stata Center

mit stata center boston
Source: Unsplash / Meriç Dağlı

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most famous universities in the world, but ‘gramming MIT isn’t the trendiest of #Boston activities. That’s a classic missed opportunity. There’s plenty to see around campus, not the least of which is the architecture. The most well-known Boston buildings tend to be the oldest, as the city was the site of many pivotal events in early colonial history. By contrast, the Stata Center at MIT is a newer building, one designed boundary-pushing in mind. Its creativity is meant to be an outward representation of the cutting-edge research being done inside, which houses the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

5. The killer views from this rooftop deck

rooftop deck boston rental
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for a skyline shot, this rooftop deck offers 360-degrees of excellent views. This 800-square-foot spot also has plenty of chaise lounges and a gas grill, so hang out a while, throw some steaks on the rack, and watch the sun set.

6. This swanky, stately traditional clubroom

traditional clubroom boston rental
Source: Peerspace

With its fireplace, leather chairs, and chandelier lights, this traditional clubroom feels like something out of a scene from a movie, the kind of exclusive place movers and shakers might commiserate over a martini. For a perfect portrait, take a photo in one of the space’s elegant chairs beside the flickering firelight.

7. The king of boxing gyms

boxing gym boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This boxing gym combines the tradition and heart of a traditional boxing gym with the amenities of an upscale modern gym, a one-two punch that’s great news for your Instagram feed. Posing in the ring with gloves on or even throwing down for a friendly sparring match make for fun, action-packed pictures. Plus, there’s a great overhead light that evenly illuminates the ring, so you can avoid flickering fluorescent lighting.

8. This professional film studio

film studio boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This two-floor production studio gives you all the tools to create striking images. There’s ample professional lighting equipment included for those studio-perfect shots against any colored backdrop you choose. But since the main area is also on the ground floor, you can open the south-facing, 9-foot-wide loading dock door to let natural light flow into the room. If you’re interested in shooting video, there’s even a 70-inch 4K television to watch realtime playback.

9. The insane views from this luxury apartment

luxury penthouse boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Unless you want to pay high rent, access to a luxury apartment is hard to come by — until now. The Instagram-worthy shots here are obvious: post up in front of any of the space’s ample windows and get Boston in the background in all its glory.

10. This industrial, chic warehouse space

warehouse space boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This warehouse venue is one of those blank canvas spots that becomes infinitely Instagrammable as soon as you fill it with the right people or things. White painted brick? Yep. Chic, hip string lights? You bet. Giant front windows for ample natural light? For sure. You can photograph just about anything in this space and it will come out looking beautiful.

11. The Boston Public Library

boston public library
Source: Pixabay

There are 23 million items in the Boston Public library, and they’re not just books. The library is also home to thousands of rare photographs, maps, musical scores, and pieces of visual art. It would be easy to spend an entire day just ‘Gramming different parts of the library, but the most famous visual is a wide shot of the domed reading room, which looks like it could just as easily be at Hogwarts.

Boston was one of the first cities in the United States, so you could make an entire photography career out of shooting historical landmarks. But Boston has grown into so much more than that, and it thrives in the present. With an unmistakable culture and attitude all its own, Boston continues to create and foster exciting projects and beautiful places. Our picks for the 11 most Instagrammable places in Boston showcase an eclectic selection of them, and we hope can you put it to good use. Just make sure that right after the #IGBoston and #FollowingBoston hashtags, you include a #MadeInPeerspace for good measure.

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