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The 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Memphis

In Memphis, people like to do things their own way, on their own terms — and they don’t care if others find it weird or not. Whether it’s birthing revolutionary music, embracing a “grit and grind” style of basketball, or innovating insanely delicious takes on Southern food, few cities value authenticity as wholeheartedly as this quirky Mississippi River town. If you want to capture the Bluff City’s one-of-a-kind spirit through your camera lens, then trust us, you’ll find no shortage of unique spots. Here’s a rundown of the most Instagrammable places in Memphis.           

1. Admire the eclectic aesthetic of the Amurica Mobile Photo Booth

Since popping up on the Memphis scene in 2011, the Amurica Photo Booth has become synonymous with the city’s funky character. The mobile booth is housed inside a 1950s teardrop camper decorated with Christmas lights, random Memphis paraphernalia, and enough quirky props and costumes to keep you and your friends busy for hours experimenting with ‘Grammable shots.

But there’s more — in addition to the photo trailer, Amurica also has its own (non-moving) studio space on Cleveland Street, a largely open space with several eclectic, unique backdrops painted onto the walls.

2. Explore the endless options at Crosstown Concourse

Since opening in 2017 in a repurposed Sears distribution center, Crosstown Concourse has come to epitomize a new surge of creative energy bubbling through Memphis. Designed as a “vertical urban village,” the 14-story building mixes sleek living spaces with makerspaces, art studios, and chic cafes and restaurants. Arguably, two of the best are Art Bar and French Truck Coffee.

As an added bonus, some of Memphis’s most boundary-pushing muralists have graced some of the complex’s walls with their art. Bring your camera inside this wonderland of progressive architecture and design — the only problem you’ll have is not knowing where to begin shooting.

3. Soak up the style and spark your creativity at Hu. Hotel

Located on Front Street in the heart of downtown, the newly established Hu. Hotel is attracting a lot of buzz these days — and for good reason. Since taking over the former Madison Hotel, Hu. has perfected a blend of classic and cool. They’ve seamlessly integrated historic preservation with redesigned interior spaces that emphasize bold colors and eye-popping geometric themes. Along with the gallery spaces, explore Hu.’s rooftop bar for some of the best views of the Memphis skyline.

4. Forge fun, offbeat photos at the Metal Museum

Perched atop the city’s historic southern bluff on the site of a former United States Marine Hospital, the Metal Museum showcases work from some of the world’s leading metalsmiths. But it’s the surrounding sculpture garden that makes the museum one of the most Instagrammable places in Memphis. With more than 20 metal pieces dotting the tree-shrouded grounds, the sculpture garden is ideal for crisp-looking backdrops defined by rustic colors and abstract works of art.

5. Add sophistication to your feed at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens

The Dixon Gallery & Gardens is known for curating fine-art exhibitions with a distinctly European flare. But it’s the 17-acre garden meandering around the museum that should place the Dixon high on any list of the most Instagrammable places in Memphis. Take a stroll along the winding trail system, and you’ll encounter elaborately designed fountains, stone bridges, and awe-inspiring sculptures.

It’s enough to leave you feeling like you’re miles away from the suburban East Memphis cityscape. What’s more, the Dixon’s outbuildings play host to countless events, so they’re often decorated beautifully and filled with interesting things to discover.

6. Sample the spirits at Old Dominick Distillery

Old Dominick Distillery is nestled among a series of refurbished warehouses in downtown Memphis’s trendy South Main Arts District. The downstairs sipping room projects a sleek and sophisticated vibe that’s grounded in simplicity. The treated concrete floors and walls showcase yet another example of Memphis embracing a historic-meets-modern aesthetic. Step upstairs to Old Dominick’s rooftop terrace at sunset for plenty of ‘Grammable shots beneath the distillery’s signature neon sign.

7. Wear your best “duck face” at the Peabody Memphis

The Peabody Memphis luxury hotel is quite simply the most famous establishment in the city. If you’re going for ‘Grammable shots with an instantly recognizable sense of place, look no further than the Peabody’s daily Duck March.

This bizarre ritual takes place every morning and early evening. It entails the world’s most pampered ducks marching back and forth between their home on the Peabody roof and the Greco Italian fountain adorning the hotel’s main lobby. Possibilities abound for more sober-minded shots throughout the plush interior rooms of the “South’s Grand Hotel,” which features gorgeous historic architecture and vintage décor.

8. Capture sunny action shots at Loflin Yard

Loflin Yard is an outdoor bar and event space with a decidedly inviting vibe. This makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Memphis for those looking to capture shots with a carefree party spirit. The main courtyard was developed to incorporate views of a scenic creek and waterfall. These make an ideal backdrop for shooting scenes with a rustic feel.

Once the sun goes down, use the fire pits and hanging lights strung around the courtyard to illuminate your twilight shots. Want to pose with a furry friend? Or maybe you’re posting to your dog’s Instagram feed? You’re in luck: Loflin Yard is also one of the most dog-friendly bars in the city.

Let’s hear it for the Bluff City

Memphis has character for days, and it’s not quite like any other Southern city. It has a distinct flavor of urban Southern culture. And, as the city has grown, its residents have kept an eye on its past. As such, much of the creative new development retains the soul of its historic surroundings. As a result, there’s no shortage of great opportunities to take stunning pictures. Don’t forget to tag us with #MadeInPeerspace when you do!

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