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The 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Orlando

For many a kid, the city of Orlando conjures up images of wonder and magic, owing to its theme parks. Thankfully, that visual splendor does extend beyond the ticket booths and parking lots to Orlando’s many venues and studios, and that’s where we’re focusing our list. To kick things off, we’ve put together a collection of picture-perfect locations, including photo studios, wedding venues, and even a fantastic art museum. Treat your followers to some magical work with the most Instagrammable places in Orlando.

On this list, you won’t find the Magic Kingdom, but you’ll discover non-touristy locations that will make your Instagram feed look awesome. Since Orlando does have a ton of tourists posting pictures, aim to produce something special to stand out in that coveted “most popular” Instagram browsing feed.

1. Take breezy portraits beneath the palms at Cypress Grove Estate House

The Cypress Grove Estate House is one of the most popular wedding and event venues in Orlando — and with good reason. This 1925 estate is overflowing with charm and plenty of opportunities to produce great photos.

Cypress Grove is the perfect setting for stunning weddings, unforgettable cocktail parties, and amazing corporate events. Thanks to the surrounding old oak and cypress trees, as well as its proximity to Lake Jessamine, your Instagram feed will look breezy, natural, and free.

2. Get your daily dose of culture at the Orlando Museum of Art

Take in the phenomenal collection at the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) and snap unforgettable photos. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on the walls here. The museum is a great venue to hold an event, thanks to its gorgeous gallery hall. A giant skylight lets in a ton of natural light, and the marble floors accent the space gorgeously.

The glass sculpture in the center of the rotunda is sure to grab your attention, making an excellent backdrop for your photography. Between the general design aesthetic and overall experience that the OMA offers, it’s undeniably one of the most Instagrammable places in Orlando.

3. Pose amidst the natural beauty of the Capen House

The Capen House was built in 1885, but its historic roots do not equate to an aging venue. A two-year restoration project moved the entire structure to a new location, and its owners immaculately restored and updated every inch of the property. Here, you’ll find tranquil sculpture gardens and an amazing lakeside view. While you’re snapping your photos, don’t be surprised if you run into a peacock or two either.

The interior of the house is brightly lit and marries vintage elegance with modern amenities. You won’t be disappointed if you’re fortunate enough to photograph the Capen House, which is certainly one of the most Instagrammable places in Orlando.

4. Enter the realm of pro-tier Instagram photography at Orlando Rental Studio

The Orlando Rental Studio has everything you need to produce amazing work. With 3000 square feet of space, this studio is fully equipped for a variety of shoots. The 25-foot white wall gives you plenty of space for anything from big productions with multiple models to larger products. In addition to this, you’ll also find several different movable background walls and mobile sets, as well as industrial steel and exposed brick.

The owners stock the bar and lounge area with free beverages, which makes a great backdrop in and of itself. And finally, a hair and makeup area means your models will look their best. If a studio-polished look is just what your Insta feed needs, there’s no replacement for a well-equipped studio.

5. Frolick in the rustic, whimsical oasis that is the Acre Orlando

Found in College Park, the Acre is an urban oasis, combining the wilderness of the landscape with the charming buildings. In addition to a beautiful chapel hall, accented with stained glass windows, you’ll find an indoor and outdoor stage, a mirrored patio, and the “kitchen house,” which features a dining area and lounge.

This is the sort of place that makes you forget exactly where you are exactly — it’s a beautiful spot to throw any event. As such, taking amazing photos will be easy in such a great-looking location. Throw in a dose of good weather, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most Instagrammable places in Orlando.

6. Roll your sleeves up and do some serious photography work at KDS One Studios

KDS One Studios is another great rental studio option in Orlando. In addition to the large studio space — which features skylights for natural light work and everything you’ll need for professional lighting — KDS One also features a large sound stage with a 400-person capacity. So, no matter what sort of production needs you have, KDS One Studios can exceed your expectations.

In addition to the space, they studio features the professional cameras and lighting you’ll need to make your shoot a success. The event space is not limited to only photography — it’s a great spot for private parties and corporate workshops as well. And you’ll have plenty of great photos to show for it. This is the sort of location wherein you can spend a day producing a year’s worth of fashionable and beautiful Instagram content.

7. Create some vintage beauty at Studio Adorn

Studio Adorn is a studio founded by photographers for photographers. And, while most studios are stark white canvases to create upon, Studio Adorn does have more of a “ vintage lifestyle” feel, with its antique furniture and dark wooden floors. The studio space offers large windows that allow for plenty of natural light, and it’s also on the second floor of its building, so you’ll have plenty of privacy for your shoots.

Filled with all manner of patterned backgrounds, furniture, and props, the studio will facilitate a ton of variety in each of your shoots. Hair and makeup stations let your models don the exact look you need for your shoot, and Studio Adorn is happy to connect you with equipment rental companies if you need something special for a job. If you find yourself wanting to shoot here frequently, they’ve got some great membership options as well.

8. Elevate your point of view at the Balcony Orlando

The Balcony is a truly unique venue in the heart of downtown Orlando, featuring 10,000 square feet of outdoor space and 3,000 square feet of indoor gallery. The views from the Balcony are absolutely stunning, and the whole venue overlooks Lake Eola. The skyline is particularly gorgeous at night. You’ll have all the furniture and outdoor lighting that you’ll need to throw an Instagrammable event if that’s what you’re aiming for, whether that’s a big wedding or a cocktail party.

On the flip side, if you’re invited to something at the Balcony, don’t forget to pack a camera. Best of all, at 11 floors off the ground, the views you’ll get from the Balcony will definitely help your photos stand out and keep your Instagram feed looking better than ever.

With so many great locations to visit, you won’t take a single boring photo while you’re in Orlando. While these locations will get you started, don’t forget to keep exploring the city. The various theme parks are fun to visit, but there’s more to Orlando than roller coasters and entertainment. Get out there and explore, and you’ll find even more Instagrammable places and oft-overlooked parts of the city.

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