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The 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Portland

The process of narrowing down the eight most Instagrammable places in Portland, Oregon, was truly a challenge. The city is home to beautiful street art, breathtaking parks, and lovely rooftop bars. Not to mention there’s also the hip areas around NW 23rd Avenue, Powell’s City of Books, the Pearl District, and countless phenomenal views and million-dollar homes in the Mount Tabor area — and all of that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To simplify the process a bit, we decided to look for spaces you could rent for a day, whether it’s for the perfectly Instagrammable party or even just a day of photoshooting with you and your besties. Even then, we had to leave dozens and dozens of gorgeous places off the list. So, while we won’t claim this list is definitive, we do strongly believe these are a few of the most Instagrammable places in Portland.

1. Get lost in the perfect simplicity of Vessel

Vessel Studio by the fashion brand Eÿn Vas is a modern, bright, industrial studio space that’s something of a blank slate. It’s a quiet space within the bustling heart of the city that’s multifaceted and minimalist in a way that mirrors the Eÿn Vas clothing line. The studio has a multitude of spaces, each textured, bright, and designed in such a way as to mirror natural landscapes while incorporating the textures and materials of urban living.

The studio seems to see its work as more of a collaboration with other artists than simply providing “room for rent” — and that’s something we respect. Just a cursory look at the gorgeous spaces within the studio is sure to send your mind on a fruitful artistic journey. Simply put, this place is an absolute pleasure for anyone with a camera who longs to get lost in exploration and contemplation. You’ll feel a million miles away the moment you put your eye to the viewfinder.

2. Snap selfies in the rustic surroundings of the Evergreen

The Evergreen is a popular venue in Portland. And it’s really no surprise that it’s so well loved — what with its huge amounts of open space, exposed brick, arched leaded windows, hardwood floors, and picture-perfect detailing. We think you’d really enjoy a day here taking photos, as there’s so much to explore.

Beyond the huge main hall, there are many gorgeous backrooms with unique, well-appointed furniture that make for eye-catching Instagram backgrounds. If you’re looking for the perfect place to put on a wedding, dance party, or yoga retreat — a place where all your friends will love snapping selfies — look no further than the Evergreen, one of the most Instagrammable places in Portland.

3. Unwind lakeside in the serene surroundings of the Foundry

The Foundry at Lake Oswego is a venue that showcases just about everything great about the PNW. The venue itself is a gorgeous brick building with plenty of natural light, and it’s ready to be designed into just about anything you could want it to be. And its outdoor spaces, with verdant greens and breathtaking views of the river, leave absolutely nothing to be desired.

The riverside deck, promenade, and garden patio all offer stunning views of the PNW’s natural beauty. Each of them would make an ideal venue for the most Instagrammable cocktail parties.

4. Take in the greenery of Leach Botanical Garden’s pastoral surroundings

Leach Botanical Garden is a unique space. The venue itself is this sweet white-brick and cedar-shingle home with wood floors and paneling, exposed beams, and tons of natural light. The outdoor space features a large brick patio/driveway, which is perfect for throwing a party.

Don’t forget the drop-dead gorgeous woodland garden that’s constantly being worked on and improved by expert horticulturists; it features a full physic garden filled with enough medicinal herbs to stock a medieval apothecary. It’s long been one of the most popular wedding venues in town, and it’s an absolutely ideal place for anyone who wants to slay on Instagram.

5. Enjoy the multiple backdrops of Union/Pine all under one roof

Union/Pine bills itself as, “A gathering space for thinkers, doers, and fun-lovers in Portland,” and the striking modern spaces under its roof prove this to be true. As such, Union/Pine consists of two spaces: the Main Venue and the Loft.

The Main Venue has an industrial, yet modern/craftsman feel and consists of a trendy “sunken living room area,” an awesome bar, and a sizable open back room –– and it has been home to many gorgeous weddings, events of the local intelligentsia, and unforgettable parties. Take a peak around Instagram and you’ll see that this place lives up to its billing as one of the most Instagrammable places in Portland.

The second space in Union/Pine is the Loft. A 3,500-square-foot industrial loft with ample open space, designed by two Portlanders with real eyes for art, space, and texture. In fact, the space appeared in one of Schoolhouse Electric’s catalogs. So, naturally, this place functions as a gorgeous backdrop for your photographs.

6. Bask in elegance at the Grand Ballroom in the Melody Event Center

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The Ballroom in heroic fashion.

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The Melody Event Center is another super-popular event venue in town. The building itself was repurposed from an old Woodmen of the World lodge, and it’s a classically designed brick building filled with marble and tons of elegant features, including one of the most Instagrammable stairways in the city.

The Grand Ballroom is the perfect place to throw an elegant — and highly Instagrammable — soiree, with its old wood floors, marble pillars, and detailed molding and inlaying. And there’s absolutely no reason to hold back, as this nearly 6,000-square-foot space can easily accommodate up to 800 of your closest friends. Just think about all those selfies bearing your custom hashtag — what better way to let people know who’s the boss?

7. Hone your craft like a pro at the Portland Studio

So far, the spaces on our list have certainly been skewed toward the “super-huge” side of the spectrum. And what can we say? We’re huge fans of having space to spread out and explore when we photograph. And, if you can give us multiple spaces all under one roof, we’re basically in photoshoot heaven. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a smaller, equally perfect space that gets all the details just right.

That’s where the Portland Studio comes in. This space is a gorgeous minimalist space — featuring antique, weathered hardwood floors, tons of natural light, and bright white walls — with thoughtful detailing, including lots of plants, iconic furniture, and moving backdrop walls. The place is so ideally designed for creatives you won’t be at all surprised to learn it was established and designed by a very skilled artist, Nicole Mason. She and her marketing director, Annie Barton, are absolute joys to work and collab with.

8. Discover the hidden gems of the charming Opal 28

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Our pride & joy, our little hidden gem 💜

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Last but not least, let us introduce you to Opal 28 — a unique event space that can be designed to fit a variety of creative visions. We’re pretty much in love with this space. The outdoor space is a unique urban oasis. The indoor space is both modern and super-chic — with concrete and brick walls, marble floors, and a really cute kitchen space.

And — as if that weren’t enough — the venue includes overnight accommodations right upstairs, with space for up to 16 people. So, if you wanted to throw a party for your old college friend and make sure everybody’s safe and sound by the end of the night, simply book the whole venue and finish partying away upstairs. No matter what you do, you’ll want to take an ample number of photos, as this place is beyond gorgeous. It is, without question, one of the most Instagrammable places in Portland.

There you have it — our humble attempt at picking the eight most Instagrammable places in Portland. We’re sure our list is going to be met with more than a few “hey, what about this place!” comments — but, hey, we can’t say we didn’t try our best. If you’ve got a place in mind that you think is an absolute sin to exclude –– or, if you’re a venue owner who believes your place belongs on our list — we’d love to hear from you. To everyone else, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list. Catch you next time!

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