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The 11 Most Instagrammable Places in Seattle

Seattle has world-class dining, gorgeous views of the water, and first-class art and music. Seattle’s always buzzing with life. Whether it’s 38°F and raining or 85°F and perfectly sunny, you’ll see people walking with purpose or laughing with their friends over lattés — and sometimes under umbrellas. If you’re looking to visit the most Instagrammable places in Seattle, check out these 11 cool spots in the city.

1. This 40th-floor space with an unreal view

event space downtown seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This is a trendy event space in downtown Seattle. The interior is clean and straightforward, so it can be dressed up or down to your liking. The outdoor seating is truly ‘grammable — the balcony looks and feels chic, but it’s simple enough to fade into the background of your photos. However, the star of the show is, without a doubt, this. view. From the 40th floor, you get a breathtaking, sweeping vista of the city and towering Mt. Rainier.

2. The Gum Wall of Seattle

gum wall seattle
Source: Flickr / Nicola

It’s not gross at all. In fact, everyone does it. It’s true. Everyone sticks their gum on the wall. Make sure you get pictures in front of Seattle’s famous Gum Wall under the Pike Street Market in Post Alley. The standard picture features you, centered before the wall of gum, blowing a big, pink bubble of your own — followed by a snapshot of you putting your wad of gum on the wall like everyone else.

3. This downtown designer loft

designer loft seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

You could seriously post all day in this lovely loft. It’s got exposed brick, interesting furniture, mirrors, and sculptures. There are incredibly colorful wallpapers, rich dark wood, a cool secluded loft, and exposed beam ceilings. It’s also in a great location downtown and the picture of a carefree and effortlessly luxurious life –– like if Tom Hanks in Big were a young Nate Berkus. It’s a nice place to ham around with your friends.

4. Chihuly Garden and Glass

chihuly garden and glass seattle
Source: Flickr / xiquinhosilva

Dale Chihuly is a famous American artist and Tacoma, WA, native, recognized for his glass-blown sculptures and installations — and his workshop is here in Seattle. At the Chihuly Garden and Glass, you can explore a landscape formed by a seamless mixture of natural gardens and Chihuly’s glass sculptures in the form of enormous flowering plants. The sculptures are incredibly detailed and wonderfully-made, but when you walk through the grounds, you really just sense a childlike joy under it all.

5. This Lobster Trap Home

instagrammable places seattle
Source: Peerspace

This warm and sophisticated home in Northeast Seattle is another great spot to shoot Instagram photos, especially if you have time to explore the whole space. It’s got modern and mid-century furniture, as well as spectacular windows with views of the water. We just can’t promise that you won’t want to extend your stay to a whole weekend in this space. Hello, IG likes.

6. The Suzzallo Library

The Suzallo Library seattle
Source: Flickr / Scott Teresi

The University of Washington is a gorgeous campus, offering huge open grounds and Gothic architecture. If you’re going to take an Instagram snapshot on campus — and you don’t happen to be on campus in mid-March when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom — then the one place you definitely need to visit is the Suzzallo Library. With its high-vaulted ceilings, rich wooden furniture, and seemingly endless selection of books, you’re guaranteed to feel like you’re posting pics from inside of the Hogwarts library.

7. This flawless retreat home in Queen Anne

queen anne retreat home seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Even this fabulous picture does not do this contemporary home justice. It’s spacious, filled with amazing furniture indoors and out: warm, wide-plank wood, as well as thick wool rugs, nice geometric lighting elements, and well-crafted cabinetry, to name a few. There are so many exquisite yet simple touches. And on top of all of that, it has incredible views. If you’re more on the Architectural Digest side of Instagram, you’ll have a blast shooting here.

8. This bright studio with exposed brick and a view

studio pioneer square seattle
Source: Peerspace

This studio space can be whatever you want it to be. It’s got an expansive open floor plan, exposed brick, natural light, and huge, gorgeous windows. The space itself is a nice mix of industrial and modern, the perfect place to drink a cup of pour-over coffee while reading an amazing surrealist book of poetry with your feet propped up in the windowsill. When you photograph here, why not add some extra color of your own? You’ll really pop against the stripped-down aesthetic. 

9. The Space Needle (and Seattle Skyline)

space needle and seattle skyline
Source: Pixabay

If you were going to boil Seattle down to just one popular image, you’d have to go with the Space Needle. It’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Seattle for a good reason. If you want to get a perfect selfie with this landmark and the rest of the Seattle skyline, there are a number of excellent locations to photograph from. Kerry Park, Gas Works Park, Alki Beach, and Volunteer Park all offer excellent views.

10. This quirky home a stone’s throw from the Space Needle

light-filled home urban setting seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Spanning almost 4000 square feet, this light-filled home would be absolutely amazing on your Instagram feed. It’s got modern molded wood furniture, brass accents, lovely art, and country touches — like the exposed beam archway and the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Look forward to admiring lots of interesting tile and wallpaper, antique Persian rugs, and more. Use your imagination: what could you do with all that space?

11. Kubota Garden

Kubota Garden seattle
Source: Flickr / Sean O’Neill

Kubota Garden is another Seattle landmark. Started in the 1920s by Fujitaro Kubota, the space later transitioned into a public park in the 1980s. Kubota Garden is a Japanese-style garden, complete with shrines, stone lanterns, rain buckets, well-stocked koi ponds, arch bridges, and five-acres of all the natural beauties Seattle has to offer. This is a great place for a day out or even a date. If someone asks you to take a photo of them and their partner — don’t hesitate to ask that they return the favor.

So there you go, eleven places in Seattle to get some great Instagram photos. Of course, this being Seattle, the list easily could have gone on and on, but our list goes to eleven. And just so you know — we never grow tired of seeing all your creative work. Especially the work you do in our Peerspaces. #MadeinPeerspace. Love you, Seattle.

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