The 9 Best Interior Designers in Philadelphia (2022)

Looking to work with the best Philadelphia interior designers? Then we at Peerspace have you covered! Street art, Philly cheesesteak, and history, these three items perfectly capture the essence of Philadelphia. Of course, this city has always been famous for its attitude toward art and cuisine.

But even when it comes to interior design and the fabulous Philadelphia interior designers, you will be impressed by everything this wonderful city offers, inside and out. So, without further ado, here are some of Philly’s most prominent talents in its interior design scene!

1. Larisa McShane & Associates

Originally coming from Ukraine before moving to the United States, you will find that Larisa has a unique take on interior design. She brings something new to the table that most Philadelphia interior designers can’t do. Larisa is wholly dedicated to her work, always thinking outside the box and wanting to make homes multifunctional. She transforms basic spaces into a space ideal for a dinner party or something similar.

Wanting to make a space versatile is part of Larisa’s passion. By using cool neutrals, soft textures, and lighting a space, you can expect nothing but the best from her!

2. Johanna from Rooted By Design

Johanna, the founder of Rooted By Design, is an architect and an interior designer who knows how to sweep up the competition. With over eight years of experience, she always ensures that her clients have a straightforward process of getting what they want from their homes.

Unlike many other Philadelphia interior designers, Johanna has an eco-friendly approach. She has a passion for sustainability. Yet, she also understands that her clients want to remain pretty trendy in their decor. So she always manages to create this beautiful balance between delivering eco-conscious spaces and trendy dΓ©cor.

3. Michelle Wentisky Interior Design

Being in the industry for over two decades, you know you’ll be in for a lovely treat with this fabulous Philadelphia interior designer. Michelle and her team have a wide range of styles. They know that there are clients who have their interests, tastes, and preferences in terms of aesthetics. Yet, she and her team of leading interior experts always do their best, leading to happy and satisfied clients.

You’ll find eclectic, traditional, mid-century modern, industrial, and everything in between to ensure that clients get what they’re after. But, since there is such a wide variety that Michelle and her team go after, is there still a signature style? Well, yes and no. Michelle’s signature style is giving her clients their signature style. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Susan Hopkins from Onyx Ivory

A major lover of the Philadelphia art scene, this interior designer has a passion for fine arts, theatre, and design. Susan from Onyx Ivory is famous as one of the very best interior designs Philadelphia offers. She loves to create a story in every home. Whatever her clients want, she ensures they receive that and more. Holding a wide variety of awards from all over the nation, each and every one of her clients knows that they’re in good hands.

While she does focus on residential clients, what blows everyone away would be the fact that Susan is an interior designer for screen entertainment as well. You read that right; she’s an Emmy-winning interior designer! So, what is her style? She loves to create an open space that is beautiful, functional, and can convey the personality of those within the space.

5. Glenna Stone Interior Design

A creative spirit and a total maverick, Glenna is the founder of Glenna Stone Interior Design Studio and knows what the city of Philadelphia wants. Like many other major cities in the New England area, there’s a love for history and more traditional interior design methods. She delivers just that!

You’ll find that lovely twist of modernity but pays tribute to tradition, i.e., the classics, in her work. Her mother, who just so happens to also be an artist, is one of Glenna’s biggest inspirations. So, if you need that picture-perfect space, go to Glenna!

6. Nile Johnson Interior Design

Philadelphia is brimming with plenty of African American artists. You’ll find that the Black Artist + Designers Guild is perfectly active in this city. Even better is that one of the best interior designers in Philadelphia happens to be on the House Beautiful advisory board in the Guild. Mr. Nile Johnson is the founder of his boutique interior design firm. You’ll like that he is an artist that loves to bring a more luxurious approach to the spaces he works with.

Getting the opportunity to be on HGTV has helped him reel in CEOs of big companies, major celebrities, and influencers. You’ll find yourself being wowed by Nile’s portfolio. He’s not afraid to play with textures and colors β€” pairing unconventional matches to create a dreamy combination.

7. Ashli Mizell

Regularly having her work in one of Philadelphia’s most prominent magazines, Ashli is a significant favorite in the local art scene. Her college studies in art history reflect in her work. There is no doubt that anyone could just easily fall in love with her work. She certainly has a very keen style and a strong eye for detail; plus, she is always looking for ways to expand her talent.

When looking at her past work, you’ll notice that she loves following specific aesthetics. Beautiful spaces are exactly what she is constantly trying to achieve. So you’re going to find mixes of masculine and feminine, like leather and lace. Every client will have something beautifully tailored to them while also getting an array of textures, from soft velvets, colorful feathers, reclaimed wood, and even some vintage pieces here and there.

8. Michele Plachter Design

Mostly known for her talent as a design specialist for more luxurious homes, Michele receives a lot of love and praise within the interior design community. She’s had a lot of her work featured in magazines and other publications.

Like many gorgeous traditional homes around Philadelphia, she loves to modernize these old spaces while still keeping them traditional. While she primarily focuses on residential clients, she will often team up with real estate agents or other companies and help out with renovations, home staging, and other similar services.

9. Michael Shannon Designs

For over two decades and with more than three hundred clients, Michael Shannon Designs has been winning hearts thanks to Michael’s impeccable work. From tiny residential homes to full-scale non-profit organizations, you can count on Michael accepting a range of fantastic clients.

Michael understands there can be some limitations in what a space can be. However, since Philadelphia is relatively compact, Michael has more than enough tricks to make even the most compact space look great. So, what’s the signature look for Michael and the team? Well, you’ll find that it’s incredibly artistic. The unique designs, textures, and creative dΓ©cor make clients swoop back for more.

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