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The 8 Best Landscape Photographers in Boston

New England’s a land of contrast in some ways. It offers photographers the modern metro cityscape of Boston, as well as breathtaking natural areas like the White Mountains, Cape Cod beaches, and other elements normally kept far apart from each other. New England photographers are fortunate enough to be able to photograph all of these and more in a single day if they wished! Since many already have, we thought we’d showcase the portfolios of the top landscape photographers in Boston for your appreciation!

1. Roberto Farren Photography

Roberto Farren is the rare photographer equally at home producing monochrome and color imagery. It’s hard to say which we like more. He often combines his monochrome work with long exposure photography, adding the dimension of time to still winter and stark mountain landscapes. Roberto’s color images take on a more realistic color profile compared to many other landscape shooters, ranging from subdued to vibrant, without feeling hyper-saturated in the digital darkroom.

Landscapes of New England make up the bulk of his work, and it’s amazing how much variety is packed into just this region! Marshy meadows, the White Mountains, and coastal lighthouses are just a few of the scenes we’re treated to while browsing his portfolio. He’s also a fan of the hours of dawn and dusk, where golden- and blue-hour lighting create mysteries out of mountains and misty fogs a mood of wonder. Roberto’s work sometimes takes a drone’s-eye view of the world, giving us fresh perspectives on forests, mountains, and cityscapes. 

2. Dave Long Photo

Dave Long’s work focuses squarely on New England and the rest of the United States, with stunning portrayals of Western Europe and Southeast Asia as well. One aspect of his work we love is that, save his portfolio of Asia-based captures, he tends to include architecture, furniture, and other human elements in his work, but not people specifically. This gives his images contexts like mood and story without taking too much attention away from the landscape itself. In addition, Dave uses a vivid yet realistic color profile that’s neither overly saturated nor strongly HDR.

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3. Juergen of Roth Galleries

Juergen Roth’s work is vivid, using a subdued high-dynamic range (HDR) style that recovers enough from the shadows without looking unrealistic. His photography has a fine art quality, using the lens of his vision to showcase the world in a pristine state. Juergen’s special collection of award-winning images features several works of landscape and nature photography especially well-suited for residential and business fine art.

Each piece is a punchy yet simple composition featuring the natural world of New England, including farmhouses, macro images of flowers, canoes in Cape Cod, and much more. As one of the best landscape photographers in Boston, Juergen should be one of your first choices when you’re seeking awe-inspiring New England-centered imagery.

4. Ngoc X Doan

Landscape architect designer and photographer Ngoc Doan is a storyteller as much as a documentarian. Her landscapes employ a similar color profile to contemporary lifestyle and wedding photography. This style includes bright white highlights that wash out the sky in favor of desaturated landscapes with sharp details and intriguing elements of form. Ngoc also mixes in lifestyle and environmental portraiture in the areas she photographs landscapes, highlighting her love of travel and the natural world. In 2019, Ngoc earned the ASLA Award of Excellence for her photography. 

5. Elyssa Cohen Photography

Elyssa Cohen’s work plays on the contrasts between the sandy beaches and incredible light of the Cape Cod oceanfront and pulsing metropolis of downtown Boston. Her palette takes on vibrant, often pastel shades that work especially beautifully with delicate sunset tones and their reflections on the still waters. As an architecture photographer, Elyssa has a strong eye for lines, with their convergence and parallel runs playing a role in her landscape photography as well.

6. Paul Nguyen Photography

Massachusetts native Paul Nguyen boasts over 28 years of film and digital photography experience. One of the most talented landscape photographers in Boston, Paul has work that has been licensed by several national and international organizations, including the Nature Conservancy, Amazing New England Artworks, and many others. Paul’s portfolio takes us to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, shows us drone images of islands in New England, and exposes the majesty of Icelandic waterfalls. Beginner landscape photographers take note: Paul also offers destination photography workshops through his BlueHour Photo Ventures organization, as well as one-on-one classes!

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7. Rob Davies Images

Rob Davies’s work tends to center on New England, with a touch of California and Western Europe for flavor. Given the diversity of landscapes in the New England region, there’s no shortage of gorgeous works in his portfolio. From snowfalls in Massachusetts to autumn scenery in New Hampshire, Rob finds scenery worthy of any wall space or calendar. His work is vibrant and makes great use of complex lighting environments, such as clouds on the golden-hour horizon and winter snowfall, to create works full of detail and punchy hues.

8. David S. Matthews Jr. of Camayah Photography

The birth of David Matthews’s children, Caleb and Mya, helped spur the growth of his business, Camayah Photography. In documenting their unrepeatable moments of discovery and growth, David realized photography was a natural artistic complement to his computer repair business. His work takes him out of his shop and out onto the waterfront, downtown, skyline, and other perfect places for a view of Boston. It’s quite striking how a single city offers so much diversity, or rather, how well David manages to show us a new angle with each image of his home city.

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