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The 9 Best Landscape Photographers in Las Vegas

Surrounded by natural landscapes like that of the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and the Mojave National Preserve, it’s little surprise that Las Vegas is home to a great number of professional nature and landscape photographers. With so much talent to be found in this vibrant desert city, finding the work of the very best shutterbugs can be daunting! That’s why we’ve curated this list of the most noteworthy landscape photographers in Las Vegas for the next time you’re in the market for fine art or a creative collaboration.

1. Peter Lik of LIK Fine Art

Internationally renowned landscape photographer Peter Lik has galleries around the world but calls Las Vegas his hometown. Stunning in its scope, Peter’s portfolio perhaps covers every corner on the planet. His impressive work incorporates a range of exposures, as well as demonstrates the natural majesty of lush forests, serene deserts, expansive night skies, the juxtaposition of the natural and man-made worlds, and much more. Peter’s work is so highly appreciated that his monochrome Antelope Canyon image, “Phantom,” is currently the world’s most expensive photograph ever sold, fetching an incredible $6.5 million!

2. John Knopf

Whether you’re in the mood for astrophotography, long exposures of beaches, calming forests, or something else entirely, John Knopf’s photography has something to soothe your spirit. A major aspect of John’s philosophy as a photographer comes down to his eye for compressing a story into a single image. As he says himself, “There is something about the stillness of a photo that is just completely calming. Unlike a film, which gets 30 frames per second to make a moment perfect, a photographer gets one frame. One frame to capture a perfect moment that will never be seen again.” His indelible work will take your breath away.

3. Robert Park Photography

With nearly two decades of photography experience, Robert Park’s best work comes in small limited editions that are the pride of art collectors around the world. As one of the top landscape photographers in Las Vegas, he uses large format 5×7 transparency type film to capture as much dynamic range as possible for maximum tonal accuracy. His approach works particularly well in places full of nuanced expressions of color, such as Point Sublime in the Grand Canyon. Robert’s been recognized by several media outlets and publications, including Western Art Collector, Teldon, and Forbes!

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4. Ross Kyker Photography

Although his roots are in commercial automotive photography, Ross Kyker soon realized that portraits and landscapes were what really called to him. A sharp, high contrast, modern style defines his work, which deftly emphasizes textures, details, and form in a way that stands above that of other landscape photographers. Many of his images boast a contrasting element in terms of form as well as color, with jagged rock peaks making a stark contrast against soft clouds and flowing water, for example. A lover of landscapes, Ross has created an enviable oeuvre.

5. Alexander Vershinin Photography

Alexander Vershinin is a large-format fine art landscape photographer based in Las Vegas with a taste for expansive views, punchy colors, and diverse lighting environments. His portfolio takes us on unforgettable journeys across the country and beyond to Oregon, Arizona, Norway, and other awe-inspiring locales. Alexander’s work is high resolution in order to capture enough sharpness and details needed for prints meant to grace any residential or commercial wall space. Regardless, if you prefer images of the American West, coastal scenery, or cityscapes, there’s a work of art among Alexander’s landscape photography that’s perfect for you.

6. David Thompson Photography

David Thompson aspires to convey the deep emotions he experiences in a given scene. Whether that’s a sense of calmness, turbulence, or something more complex, his imagery functions on an emotional level as much as it does visual. One aspect of David’s work we particularly enjoy is that he doesn’t simply point his camera forwards. Instead, he’s a fan of subtle takes like the patterns in the earth, flowers breaking through hard compacted soil, stone textures, and other elements photographers sometimes ignore in favor of the sweeping mountains and wide horizon. His taste for both the bold and subdued is why David’s considered one of the most thoughtful landscape photographers in Las Vegas.

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7. Rodney Lough Jr.

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Rodney Lough Jr.’s artistic style has an unspoiled character that’s profoundly intriguing. He tends to omit human and animal elements in favor of the natural canvas as it is. Ranging from minimalist takes on sweeping sand dunes to misty waterfalls in mountain valleys, his work not only places us within the scene but makes us feel like we’re a hundred miles away from any other living thing. Rodney heightens our appreciation of his vision and helps us better appreciate the natural world for its raw beauty. As a result, several renowned organizations have recognized his work, including the United Nations with its Certificate of Appreciation during World Environment Day.

8. Alyce Bender Photography

Alyce Bender aspires to freeze moments of change in an ever-shifting landscape. Seasons flow, animals migrate, and plants grow and decay, but her images are a snapshot of an ephemeral instant of natural beauty. Her breathtaking work is a testament to her desire to share unique environments and their inhabitants with people worldwide in order to foster a greater connection to the natural world. Alyce furthers her educational mission through tours, guides, articles, and classes on wilderness photography in the field.

9. Mike Fink

Graffiti artist and photographer Mike Fink combines a love of diverse formats in his visual media. He transitions from paints, pens, medium-format film, and digital imaging with a practiced ease representing years of honing his creative muse. As one of the top landscape photographers in Las Vegas, Mike produces work that is the culmination of days, weeks, or even years of deciding precisely when and where to capture the final image. He tends to emphasize patience, attention to detail, and above all, originality. As a result, Mike’s portfolio has a greater range of nameless locations rendered in stunning detail compared to that of other creatives.

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