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The 7 Best Landscape Photographers in Miami

Florida’s most renowned city is not only home to vibrant nightlife, national sports, and Caribbean culture, it’s also a hotspot for outdoor photography, with some of the finest beaches and landscapes in the nation, to say nothing of the neighboring Everglades National Park. Local Miami shutterbugs regularly get out into the field with cameras — which makes sense given the area’s breathtaking surroundings. If you’re in the market for high-quality art for your empty wall space, then you’ll need the work of the very best creatives. With that being said, check out our favorite Miami landscape photographers.

1. Benjamin Edelstein Photography

Versatile and incredibly gifted photographer Benjamin Edelstein has worked with a slew of major international brands like Lamborghini, Absolut, and Mercedes-Benz. When it comes to landscape photography, Ben’s images have a clean, orderly feel to them that suggests an eye for fine detail as much as aesthetics. For example, misty fore and mid-grounds, like sand and waves, add an ethereal, dream-like character. The art of photography holds a special place in his heart, as it brings a strong sense of calmness to him, which he then imparts to the viewer. Much of his work also includes animals, human artifacts (such as buildings swallowed by desert sands), hikers, and other elements to add a dramatic story to the scene. 

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2. Lee Smith Photography

Having spent his entire life exploring the fishing piers, beaches, marshes, and reefs of South Florida, Lee Smith is undoubtedly one of the most talented landscape photographers in Miami. The seaside is as much a home to him as solid land, and much of his art features the transition zone in both natural and man-made landscapes, such as downtown Miami. Despite his love for his home state, Lee’s portfolio takes us on journeys across the country to New Mexico, New York, and many other breathtaking destinations.

3. Photography By Satesh

Satesh Ramjattan realized his true purpose as a landscape photographer after his previous profession in the television industry failed to nourish his soul. By standing in the ocean, feeling the waves lap at his feet, and taking in the scene through the creative view of a lens, Satesh found a peace he hadn’t known before. Time plays a critical role in his work, employing exposure to freeze or suggest motion, seasons, life, and other important natural cycles and rhythms. A Florida resident through and through, he produces impressive work that often features water and the transition zone where land meets river and sea.  

4. Nelson Tirado Fine Art

Miami-based landscape photographer Nelson Tirado uses a style that eschews oversaturated retouching while showcasing the boldest and most vast scenes nature has to offer. As a passionate creative, he’s willing to wait for hours at a time — it wouldn’t be unusual to find him staking out for the sun to crest the horizon. Nelson’s work often has an outdoor lifestyle element as well, featuring subjects including himself, in order to impart a sense of scale, wonder, and appreciation into his work. But most of all, Nelson hopes to leave a conscious legacy of the splendor of the natural world behind. In his own words, “I want for people to feel part of nature when they see one of my photographs and for us all to take care of the planet for generations to enjoy.”

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5. Photography by Kirsten Hines

As a writer, photographer, and environmental educator, Kirsten Hines has dedicated her life to educating and inspiring through photography. She gives illuminating talks on the history of natural parks and bird photography techniques, as well as participates in exhibitions across Florida. Her photography is an exploration of the natural world — how both animals and people interact with the landscape. She tends to use a natural color cast that fits perfectly with her desire to teach as much as showcase the beauty of the world. 

6. Elio Borjas Photography

Elio Borjas’s landscapes are a blend of the natural beauty of Miami’s beaches and a fine art approach that creates something new through his personal world view. While the sugar-white sands and turquoise waters are natural focal points for an image, Elio uses shutter speed, tasteful edits, and minimalistic compositions to create stunning painterly images: dream-like pastel streaks of color result when wind, waves, water, and sand come together at the seaside. Throughout his portfolio are many wide-angle images with lighthouses, beach chairs, and other human points of interest to give his work a sense of scale.

7. Noël de Christián Photography

While Noël de Christián dabbles in all forms of photography, travel and landscape images are the main focus of his portfolio and work. With over 35 years of photography experience under his belt, Noël seeks to produce fine-art wall prints for home and business spaces around the world. His color grading style is of a punchy yet conservative nature. Instead of going for the more extreme edits available in the digital darkroom, Noël prefers a natural color palette that’s inviting and fascinating without being unrealistic. One of the most technically skilled landscape photographers in Miami, his work is an exploration of the world at large — Iceland, Hawaii, Nevada, and other extreme yet beautiful environments around the planet.

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