The 6 Best Landscape Photographers in San Antonio

The Mission City is home to the Alamo, the San Antonio Spurs, and some of the best Tex-Mex cuisine you’ll ever find. But did you know the San Antonio region (and Texas as a whole) is full of diverse, photogenic landscapes? The Gulf Coast, the green Eastern Piney Woods, the Hill Country, and more all have something to offer eagle-eyed creatives. We’ve picked out a handful of top-tier San Antonio landscape photographers who boast a varied portfolio. So look no further if you’re in the market for a fine art purchase! 

1. Siggi Ragnar of sRagnar Fotografi

Siggi Ragnar is a gifted photographer who sees no need to limit his scope. Theater, performance art, model and acting headshots, architecture, real estate, and, of course, landscapes all find a place in his photography. Siggi alternates between a light touch in terms of vision and taking on a more saturated, almost high dynamic range in his architecture and landscape captures. The expansive views are also well balanced among foreground, mid-ground, and sky/background, reflecting a masterful eye for detail and composition.

2. Cathy Alba Photography

Cathy Alba’s photography journey began as she documented the life milestones of her children. From there, her artistic passion led her to become a landscape photographer once she realized how much she enjoys travel and showing the world the natural beauty of Texas. A self-taught photographer, Cathy loves nothing better than to wind her way down the backroads of the Texas Hill Country in search of bluebonnets and scenic vistas to show to her viewers.

Her taste in colors range from vibrant yet natural under the bright Texas sun to slightly muted in order to emphasize other aspects of the composition, such as form or texture. Cathy’s fine art images are a lifetime’s journey across the nation — California, New York, and everything in between shows up in her portfolio! Cathy’s timing for the Texas wildflower season is impeccable; we love seeing her journeys through meadows picking out not only individual flowers but their attendant insects as well. Even bison and birds find their way into her landscapes at times.

3. Nature Photography by Jacquie Ferrato

Jacquie Ferrato is a talented landscape, nature, and wildlife photographer, but her full-time job is quite different! A wildlife biologist in San Antonio, she takes her camera along as she works across the state on conservation projects for The Nature Conservancy. Her fine art photographs are a testament to the diversity of Texas landscapes.

From piney woods to the Texas Hill Country, we’re treated to landscapes with little sign of human impact, giving her work a primeval, untouched character. Like many landscape and nature photographers who see little to improve upon, she uses a light touch in editing, with little enhancement to dynamic range and saturation. She shows nature as closely as possible to how your eye would see it.

4. Brad Hammonds

Among the most well-traveled San Antonio landscape photographers, Brad Hammonds also happens to be a writer and managing editor for Far Ride Magazine. When not shooting expansive natural and urban views, he shoots travel and bike photography worldwide.

After eight years of living abroad, Brad offers a diverse portfolio that takes us to temples in Kyoto, as well as the sands of the Gobi Desert, Paris, Germany, and other locations both iconic and off the beaten path. His work has a lifestyle vibe at times, with a matte profile and tightly focused composition that makes it perfect for magazines and other editorial publications. The vibrancy of Brad’s color images is engaging and has us pining for distant shores.

5. Richards Outdoor Photography & Art

The Richards family comprises published photographers who find themselves blessed to showcase the natural world as examples of God’s masterpieces. Their wildlife and landscape photography has been featured in several publications, including Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Southern Outdoors, Sports Afield, and more. Joseph Richards, the youngest of the family, has taken his enthusiasm for photography by becoming head photographer and photo page editor for the Clark Chronicle, his school newspaper.

Joseph’s landscape images feature the best of the American Southwest — the Grand Canyon, White Sands National Park, and other places — with a color palette that’s natural while still engaging. His work is easy on the digital processing and allows the viewer to better imagine themselves taking in the scene and emotions of the moment. 

6. Dennis Kelley Photography

Dennis Kelley dabbles in nearly every genre; while he’s one of the top San Antonio landscape photographers, he’s also known for wildlife, sports, street, portraiture, and more. Dennis’s background in photography is a mixture of innate enthusiasm, as well as training through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and partnerships with photographers around the world. 

A member of the Professional Photographers of San Antonio (and on the Board of Directors), Dennis is perfectly placed to offer his decades of experience to the SATX PPA community. His eye for high dynamic range (HDR) landscapes that bring out all of the rich details and tonal gradients from highlights and shadows results in photographs dripping with goodness for viewers to explore. He often also uses a high-contrast monochrome style that enhances dramatic lighting and fine details.

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