10 Last-Minute Party Ideas

With the current pandemic limiting movements and fewer open places to host and celebrate, we feel for every party-planner. It can be especially challenging to find the best way to host and celebrate last-minute party plans. With that being said, we’ve created these last-minute ideas that are easy to do, still embracing proper health precautions and social distancing, and of course, creating memories that everyone at the party will forever cherish.

These last-minute ideas are fun to do, especially if you are doing this to celebrate with people who are close to your heart. We also recommend hosting your party in a space that is suitable for what you plan on doing! So, if you are ready to go and start planning, find the perfect space first right here on Peerspace!

1. Plan a pop-up party

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This is a thrilling way to practice being a great host. A pop-up party is the best type of last-minute idea for any celebration. It’s definitely made for those who are game for anything. To get started, you need to pick a location in Peerspace, search for the type of space you need, and rent away. Just invite family and friends and have a night to remember. We’re especially crazy about this Brooklyn indoor/outdoor space available to book on Peerspace!

2. Book a fabulous venue on Peerspace

For whatever type of party it may be, a last-minute idea would be finding a sweet space in Peerspace. There are lots of spaces fit for both intimate gatherings or big events. You’ll not only enjoy the best deals but will find locations that are a perfect match for your party!

3. Hold karaoke night at this private lounge

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If you love singing to your favorite songs until the break of dawn, then this one’s for you! Karaoke night is a popular go-to for many last-minute party ideas. One way to have more fun and not disturb your neighbors is to book a charming party space on Peerspace. Your rental will contain the beautiful songs you sing, and the belly laughs you and your guests send forth into the atmosphere. It’s the perfect chance to go all out, especially for parties you know you want to remember. This Chicago venue is one of our favorites for karaoke. It looks amazing and is equipped with a sound system, microphones, and a lighted stage!

4. Food for all

Ask each friend to bring a favorite dish and have a last-minute potluck. Time to see what your closest people would get if they were given just an hour to figure something out. A fun last-minute dish idea would be a tray of spring rolls and several tubs of ice cream. It’s weird but worth trying out since it’s pretty much the best last-minute potluck idea for any type of gathering. Plus, you can never go wrong with a food party; come in hungry, walk out happy!

5. Murder mystery game night at this sleuth-worthy rental

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The newest party idea that’s going to make everyone beg for an invite. With just simple instructions and excited players, this party idea will be the talk of the town! With the rise of escape rooms and adventure games, this murder-mystery party game idea is a fabulous one. You can find tons of ideas on the internet that resonate with you and your guests. It’s so unique and sure to create a memorable night. You can check out places on Peerspace where you can go all-out on your murder-mystery game night! We especially love this Los Angeles rental (pictured above) as the site to play out a murder mystery.

6. A relaxing day with the bride-to-be

Throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for your bestie? Well, a day of pampering would be the perfect treat and less hassle than you may think! Book yourselves appointments at one of the best salons in the city and enjoy matching manis and pedis. Bring a bottle of wine and get a little tipsy as you relax and gab. It’s sweet and perfect for a girl’s night out and before getting hitched to the man of her dreams!

7. Break out of an escape room

Here’s another plan if you’re the type to go out and get wild with your crew. It’s time to lock yourselves away and try to break out of an escape room. Yep, that’s one way to get the best of your night out — by testing your friendship! Ha! But all jokes aside, an escape room is also a great idea for any party. You problem-solve with your friends while engaging in a thrilling mental challenge. A fun idea for sure!

8. DIY concert at this spacious, artistic venue

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A favorite for party-goers now that concerts are still limited due to the pandemic. You can give a private concert safely at a rental space on Peerspace. Find a space that suits your invite list, hook up some speakers (make sure to let the neighbors know), and get the dancing and raving started. Made-up concerts are best suited for close friends, those who you know personally, and while practicing safe social distancing. Get some good food and drinks lined up on a table and get the concert started! Check out this venue in Atlanta, which boasts a full A/V system, bleacher seats, and a community bar.

9. Millennial-themed party

From today’s perspective, this one hundred percent speaks of taking Instagram-worthy photos perfect for a month’s worth of content. But that’s not all; it also challenges your mind to be creative and design the best and brightest scenery. With colors popping, balloons here and there, and getting the furniture at that picture-perfect angle, a millennial-themed party is one of a kind. You can even check out Peerspace for spaces that fit you and your guests’ aesthetic!

10. Beat the heat at this luxury L.A. retreat

luxurious pool at a beverly hills home
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And the best way to do it is to host a fabulous pool party, like at this L.A. home on Peerspace. Get your swimwear ready and gather your friends immediately. We all know pool parties will be extra fun, especially with people who are just up for it. Bring some to-go food that’s great for sharing, mix some drinks, and let the fun begin! It’s a dream getaway on any sunny day or even the whole weekend!

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