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The 5 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Detroit

Lifestyle photography is a relatively new term for an older concept — the professional upgrade to old family snapshots. The aim of this genre of photography is to capture the real moments of life as they happen, from weddings to everyday moments. When you’re looking for Detroit lifestyle photographers, check out the talents on this list. The most adept lifestyle photographers are able to tell a story in a single photo, and the following shutterbugs on this list are able to do just that! Their work is absolutely stunning.

1. Katherine K. Cagle

Kate is a stand-out for her documentary-style family lifestyle photography. Her approach is up close and personal — a truly intimate look into your life, without posing or varnish. Her shots tend to be simple but profound, filling the frame with happy faces that tell the story of the bonds between subjects. Kate’s photography is intimate and sweet, all done in slightly desaturated tones for the perfect dose of nostalgia.

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2. Ashlyn Kero-Johnson of Penrose Lyn Photography

Ashlyn skillfully documents weddings, birth, and in-home lifestyle family sessions — all in her candid style. Her photographs are gorgeous, with lots of dramatic shadowing, spontaneous moments, and detailed shots of things you’ll want to remember forever. Her portfolio has a free vibe to it, as if each person she turns her lens to is having the time of their lives. Choose Ashlyn when you want a highly creative person to document your life’s precious journey, all with stunning beauty.

3. Amanda Lalama

Sometimes we scroll through an Insta feed and just gawk at all of the beauty on display. Amanda’s IG is the perfect example. Her portfolio is just gorgeous — desaturated and contrasted, with shadows as much an element as the light. Good light is easy to work with, but she uses shadows to add dimension and drama, and it is something special. She is able to tell a story in just one photo — joy here, sentimental love there, wonderment in a baby’s eyes — all in her gloriously unique style. Amanda is absolutely one of the top Detroit lifestyle photographers for her aesthetic alone.

4. Leanna of Sage + Fern Photo

Leanna’s awe-inspiring aesthetic is marked by slightly warm hues — like the old film shots of our childhood — with each shot infused with nostalgia and emotion. Her shots radiate a slightly warm, glorious light that makes skin tones absolutely glow. She has a perfect mix of closeups and environmental portraiture. No matter Leanna’s subject, expect her signature mix of raw moments and beautiful editing to shine through. 

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5. Rachel Smaller

With her work widely published, Rachel is the Detroit lifestyle photographer of your dreams. She makes everyone and everything look amazing, from her portraits to her commercial shots. It’s as if she has the ability to intuitively know what angles are the most flattering, in which light, and with what aperture — all belying her experience behind the lens. Rachel brings your vision to life — all in her romantic yet candid style. It’s no surprise she’s among the top Detroit lifestyle photographers.

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