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The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in El Paso

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, El Paso has earned its nickname of “Sun City,” but the beautiful orb in the sky is not the only thing that is bright here — there’s also a plethora of shining photographic talent! When we went looking for the best El Paso lifestyle photographers, we wanted those who’re both artists and documentarians, and we were not disappointed! Combing through these portfolios (and about 75 others), we were looking for those that stood out and so, without further ado, here are our top picks. Enjoy!

1. Michelle Nicholle Photography

If you find yourself joyfully grinning at those sweetly styled newborn portraits — the ones full of soft textures accentuating baby, cute props, and all those fleeting details of little ones, we have good news — Michelle Nicholle is one of the most artistic El Paso lifestyle photographers around. Her newborn photos are creative and precious, highlighting the transcendental beauty of the first few weeks of life. You’ll also find that her work with older children is full of the same charm with an added fairytale vibe. Michelle is a portrait artist, as whomever she photographs, they are sure to have glowing photographs (and leave glowing reviews) — take a look at her work and get ready to be wowed. 

2. Stephane Lemaire

Stephane Lemaire is an incredibly talented El Paso lifestyle photographer with a specialty in weddings. His portraits are stunning and endlessly creative — a reflection of the couples he photographs and his own sense of style. His natural light photos are gorgeous, but it’s when he uses his speedlite that he really starts to stand out from the pack. Creating dramatic and perfectly lit night shots is an art form in and of itself, and he does it well — lots of rim lighting and moody skies present. His work is sometimes reminiscent of fashion photography, such is his attention to detail and composition. When you want something different for your portraits, call Stephane and be delighted with his creativity in capturing your special day. 

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3. Leanne Hammons Photography

If you want your life to be shown in full authenticity, Leanne Hammons is your gal! Documenting precious moments of your life’s journey, from birth to newborns to families (and even the emotional homecomings of service members from overseas), her work is easily defined by one word: real. The moments she captures are completely unposed, full of raw emotion, and above all, gorgeous. Her portraits are the spirit and feel of a moment translated into a visual medium — emotions into pixels — and they are beautiful to look upon. If you are looking for El Paso lifestyle photographers with a photojournalist approach, work with Leanne, as she is a dream come true. 

4. Elise Taylor of Taylor’d Photography

Elise Taylor is a co-founder and lead photographer of this outfit. Her emphasis in all of her photography, including her personal work, is remembrance. She wants to document the beauty of your life’s special moments so that you can relive that point in time for years to come, and so following generations will be able to feel what life was like for you. For her, it’s all about the details — emotions sparkling in eyes, hair blowing freely in the wind, and loving hands clasped together — each portrait is emotional and sentimental. Choose Elise (and her husband Nate) when you want the winning combination of professionalism, experience, and a finely honed eye for those significant moments of your life that you’ll want to remember forever. 

5. Mayra Razo Photography

We could not help but be delighted by Mayra Razo’s work — her newborn portraits are reminiscent of old master still-lifes — full of rich colors and details, with shadows adding depth and drama. Her work has a painterly feel, and each and every portrait is crafted to fit her exacting standards — creating fine art heirlooms that go one step beyond photography into art. In each of her galleries, you can see her skill and masterful artistry behind the lens. If you want to look like a goddess for your maternity photos, create fun and unique art with your family portraits, or make your baby the centerpiece of a masterpiece, then don’t hesitate to call Mayra! 

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6. Ceci Mitre

Ceci Mitre is a versatile photographer who’s capturing candid moments, as well as creating stylized, artistic shots, meaning your photos will be whatever you want them to be. Her creative shots are a hybrid between fashion and portraits — allowing the focus to be both on the person and the outfit, great for special events like weddings and quinceañeras. You can feel the excitement of the moment — happiness shining through in smiles and you swear that you can almost hear the gentle whisper of the fabric. For a special talent, check out the portfolio of Ceci, as her work is finely crafted and spectacular.

7. Captured by Marina

Marina has a warm style that is perfect for showcasing the landscapes around El Paso, as well as for making skin look downright gorgeous! She really makes the most of all those sunshiny Texas days, creating a portfolio rich with golden light and an almost rustic charm. As an El Paso native, she is familiar with all of the quintessential outdoor spaces to use as backdrops for her photos — with mountains and natural florals galore. The expertise Marina displays in her photos will be cherished and immortalized for generations to come.

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