The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Memphis

World-renowned as both the home of the blues genre of music and the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll — not to mention gospel, jazz, rap, R&B, and even soul — it’s putting it mildly to say Memphis is a musical city. Did you know Memphis is mentioned in more songs than any other city in the world? Over 400 songs have paid homage to Memphis, in fact, which is a testament to the artistic heartbeat that runs through the city. The artistry doesn’t stop with the musicians, however, as its visual artists and photographers are ultra-talented as well. Whether you are looking for Memphis lifestyle photographers to capture your wedding day or your every day, any one of these professionals has you covered! Without further ado — our top picks are featured below.

1. Jenna Layne Photography

Through her lens, Jenna Layne makes each of her subjects and clients look absolutely beautiful. She has a knack for capturing fleeting expressions that tell a compelling story. Using predominantly warm hues, she has built a portfolio that perfectly suits the South, emphasizing the warmth of spirit and sunlight renowned the world over. From her emotional birth photography to her sweet wedding portraits, her work is consistently gorgeous. Check Jenna out when you’re looking for a creative to document the narrative of any chapter of your life.

2. Shira Marie Photography

Shira’s style is simplicity at its finest — closeup portraits allow the viewer to feel the emotion of the subject, detail shots are clean and elegant, and backgrounds become colorful abstracts in order to perfectly showcase her subjects. This insightful photographer has a tendency towards cutting out extraneous details in a shot and focusing on the people in her photo. As a result, this skill set makes her an ideal wedding photographer, as love is the main ingredient in her images.

3. Elizabeth Wiggs Photography

A former photojournalist, Elizabeth Wiggs has a knack for capturing authentic moments. Her documentary style is perfect for lifestyle photography sessions, either conducted in-home or on location, helping to tell the story of what it is like to be you at an exact moment in time. Her work is intimate, playful, and raw. With equal ease, Elizabeth documents the days of your life, from momentous wedding celebrations to low-key days spent hanging out, and she does it all in her poignant style. 

4. Christen Jones Photography

With a team of associate photographers behind her, lead photographer Christen Jones will be able to document your life’s most important moments. From weddings to births, each day is fully captured and in her narrative style. Her professionalism shines in each of her shoots, which are polished, elegant, and always smooth. If you’re a fan of airy, bright photos, Christen and her team are your dream come true. In addition, due to their diverse array of talent, if you’re a fan of moody weather, Christen and her team are also for you!

5. Esmee Kyles of Incredibly Wee Photography

Esmee Kyles is a WeddingWire Couples Choice Award winner, and it’s no surprise — her black-and-whites are timeless, and her color photographs are vibrant and stylish. She is a talented portraitist — able to express the personality of her subjects through her lens. From fiery love to tender looks, she documents it all in detail. She isn’t solely a wedding photographer, however, and her ability to showcase a person’s true self is evident throughout all of her work — empowered women, slightly timid toddlers, and expectant mothers brimming with all of the emotions. Esmee’s one of our top Memphis lifestyle photographers for her ability to create stunning works of art. 

6. Danielle Christine Photography

As a former model, Danielle Lozeau knows what it means to be in front of the camera. She has a firm understanding of what goes into making a person comfortable in front of the camera and which angles work best. In addition, she knows what makes a good photo and when’s the precise moment to click the shutter. All of these things combine to make her a powerhouse talent. Her style leans slightly moody and emotional. Danielle’s incredible work has gotten her featured in many magazines, including Southern Bride and Southern Motherhood Magazine.

7. Whit Photography

Whitney is a fine art photographer — she portrays the scenes before her in a fully creative and artistic way. Covering both weddings and lifestyle shots, her portfolio is full of creative touches — shallow depth of field here, and in other works, a quirky angle and dramatic moody shadows. She doesn’t simply document, she emphasizes the feelings of those she photographs. Whitney is one of our top Memphis lifestyle photographers for her eclectic style — sometimes her images are perfectly vignetted, other times they’re breathtakingly bright and airy. Check her out today and be delighted by her work!

We hope when you are looking for Memphis lifestyle photographers to perfectly capture your days in this vibrant city you will look no further than this list. The artists on here are all incredibly talented, and each one will work with you to bring your vision to life! 

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