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The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Miami

Miami lifestyle photographers have a slightly different flavor than that of shutterbugs from other regions in the United States. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, a pillar of high-fashion, a destination for travelers world wide. This iconic city has a combination of sun and surf that makes it the perfect place for artists to study the interaction of water and light, which has fascinated artists for millennia. It’s no wonder why so many creatives take their talents to South Beach.

As such, Miami lifestyle photographers tell unique stories — stories that reach far back to the past and into their varied heritages. And yet these tales also paint a picture of the future, of a sort of utopia of sand and sun. For any influencer or lifestyle company trying to associate their brand with fashion, health, fitness, and fun — Miami is a natural setting to tell your brand’s story. And these Miami lifestyle photographers should be able to craft your message effortlessly.

1. Amanda Julca

Amanda is the ideal Miami lifestyle photographer to capture people living their best life. Her photographs use a natural style — with bright, realistic colors and natural light. She has an eye for capturing the natural movement and light of the water, using the dual sense of movement and stillness the water evokes to tell the story of Miami — which is both dynamic and yet laid-back, just as paradise should be. Her photos encompass a wide variety of subject matter: sun and sand; swimwear; still lifes of fruit, food, and drink; action shots. We love her ability to juxtapose patterns and themes to convey unique stories.

2. Christine Michelle

Miami lifestyle photographer Christine Michelle’s an artist’s artist, willing to turn her camera to any subject, no matter how big or how small. She tells visual stories of deep friendships at every stage of life, of important life events, of laughs shared over good food, and so much more. Her lifestyle and editorial product work includes architectural and interior design shots, swimwear, personal-branding portraiture, clothing, food, and plenty of gorgeous outdoor shots. Her photos are sensual yet grounded, challenging yet friendly. She’ll make your audience think deeply, as well as help plant your brand in viewers’ minds for good.

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3. Sonya Revell

Sonya is one of the most talented portrait artists we’ve come across, which we think indicates that she’s an artist with a heart for understanding people deeply. Additionally, she takes exquisite travel photos. And, as a lifestyle photographer, she portrays engaging stories in a straightforward manner, using her ability as a photo stylist to do much of her storytelling work just by the way she chooses to dress her models and light her photos. Another thing we admire about Sonya is that her photos indicate a total lack of judgment, and they’re able to connect with any type of audience — from the most straight-laced people to hardened individualists.

4. Vanessa Rogers

Vanessa Rogers has a different flavor to her photos than the others on this list. She features a lot of the same subject matter — the outdoors, swimwear, cocktails, drinks, animals, fitness, etc. — but her style is much more mythic. At times, her style is Shakespearean, while other times, it draws from Westerns or seems influenced by Greek classicism. And yet, every story she tells is totally modern. In short, she’s a born storyteller who never stops finding and sharing stories.

5. Jeffery Salter

Jeffery is another lifestyle photographer with an eye for capturing mystery. Even though he’s an extremely well-established photographer, having taken photos for models, swimwear lines, celebrities, sports stars, and so on, he’s never given up the curiosity that first brought him to photographer. He is not one to cut corners.

His style has simply grown even deeper from his experiences shooting in the world of sports and fashion — and he’s able to take that glamour and turn it on its head in his lifestyle photos. If you’re an influencer looking for the right photographer to portray your personal brand, we highly recommend Jeffery, as he is a gifted photographer of the human form, able to find the softness in giants and fierceness in children.

6. Eileen Escarda

We’d describe Eileen’s photographs as full of soul. Her photographs are at times like modern fairy tales, with their dramatic slants of light, as well as their uses of foggy greys and jewel tones. And, at times, they evoke such a strong sense of otherworldliness, we might almost classify it as animism –– it’s as if the trees, skies, and oceans are filled with spirits.

No matter her subject matter, whether she’s photographing puppies, flowers, food, people, interior design, or landscapes, she creates carefully composed photographs, with elegant color palettes. As a lifestyle photographer, she can take the story you’re trying to convey and add to it a sense of timelessness that’s sure to get you noticed.

7. Javier Edwards

Javier of El Roi Photo is well-known as a wedding photographer, family photographer, and Miami lifestyle photographer. One thing we appreciate about Javier is that he’s perfectly amenable to listening to the story you want to tell. He then spins that story in a relatable, artistic way without trying to impose his vision over yours.

He really shines as a stylist, and his influencer portraits and editorial product photos share compelling stories that you and your brand can build upon. Check out his website to really take a deep dive into his photography, as his Instagram is perhaps a bit more sparse than that of the others on this list.

8. Matt Pluz

Matt is one of the go-to Miami lifestyle photographers for a variety of illustrious publications, including Sports Illustrated, Maxim, ELLE Spain/International, GQ Mexico, Billboard Magazine, and many more. His photographs comprise gorgeous natural light photos filled with rebellion, youth, and a sensuality that’s built on joyousness rather than the desire to possess or to be possessed.

His photos are glamorous and almost universally high fashion — representing swimwear, fitness, and fashion brands. He does have his share of whimsical photos that don’t fit into any particular mold, indicating an enviable ability to tell a variety of stories.

9. Tom Clark

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Perhaps the most playful Miami lifestyle photographer on the list, Tom specializes in taking lifestyle portraits, stylish product photos, and food photography that is both tempting and stunning. In nearly all of his photos, his style is playful and yet experimental. He often uses shadows and reflection to add a sense of motion to still life. In one photo, we see an orange seeming to explode out of its peel; in another, we see the razor-thin profile of a knife casting a ghostly cyan shadow of its broad side.

He also makes great use of patterns to play with the idea of differences — how just a little bit of conflict is all that’s necessary to tell a good story. These photos are evocative, unique, and yet totally friendly. It’s almost impossible to look through his portfolio without wanting to try to recreate some of his photos on your own.

10. Jeff Remas

Jeff is a lifestyle photographer with a highly developed skill for portraiture. He has carved a niche for himself in the area as an underwater photographer. His underwater photography is both stunning and magical, and it seems to inform the rest of his photography as well. He’s able to find the same type of watery movement on land, as well — sometimes through long exposures.

He tracks the undulating movements of our everyday life. Our movement through cityscapes, across landscapes, movements toward and away from our loves, our responsibilities, our dreams. In addition to his ability to display the stillness of nature, Jeff is an artist who can do amazing work with simple eye contact. He always can discover something in his subject’s eyes. Check out his portfolio and begin to imagine the intense, colorful, sensual, and raw photos he can take for you and your brand.

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