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The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in New Orleans

New Orleans is a hub of culture and energy, a store of dynamism and culture that is always replenishing itself. As a center for a very particular type of American lifestyle, it’s not surprising that the city has so many super-talented shutterbugs dedicated to capturing the city’s sights and citizens. The best New Orleans lifestyle photographers use a toolkit that’s one part editorial and another part photojournalist to capture complete scenes that render compelling snapshots of life, turning everyday people into works of art. They do so in an authentic, cinematic fashion that really does justice to what makes the city and its people unique. After much research, we can’t wait to show you our favorite New Orleans lifestyle photographers.

1. Lauren Carroll Photography

Lauren Carroll is a storytelling photographer with a natural ability to read and connect with people. She’s an expert when it comes to having to plan and set scenes, as well as arrange the conditions of each shoot in such a way that her subjects feel at ease to be themselves. Her photos show a remarkable attention to detail and the small moments in life that end up being the most precious ones. She offers lifestyle photography sessions, wedding photography, as well as a family photography and videography service. No matter what aspect of your life you’re looking to document, Lauren’s got you covered.

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2. Catherine Guidry

Catherine Guidry is one of the most sought-after wedding and lifestyle photographers in the area, renowned for being able to capture genuine works of art full of personality and meticulous details. She’s got a knack for understanding people, which helps her quickly understand what it is that her clients are after, as well as visualize unique and beautiful ways to go above and beyond her clients’ wildest dreams.

Her style is bright and natural, creating timeless images that will endure generations. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle photographer, wedding photographer, or family photographer, Catherine Guidry will provide you with some of the most beautiful shots of any shutterbug in the area. When she’s not behind the camera, Catherine produces her podcast, Mistakes Make Magic, which shares apt advice and inspiration geared toward creative-minded entrepreneurs.

3. Sarah Mattix

Sarah Mattix is a professional New Orleans lifestyle photographer who creates narrative images with a refined flavor. She’s one of those photographers who always has a camera with her pretty much everywhere she goes, always seeing her life and the world around her in terms of how she can condense them down into their most essential and electric elements. Her work is something of a mixture between fine art and photojournalism. She’s got a strong eye for composition and leans into capturing spontaneity, unbidden gestures of love, joy, and connection.

4. Laura Flannery

Laura Flannery began her career taking portraits and headshots, a pursuit that requires a deep understanding of lighting and balanced posing. Since then, she’s moved on to family, newborn, wedding, and lifestyle photography — pursuits that let her take advantage of her keen knowledge of lighting and posing to capture sincere, spontaneous images. As a result, her images are both classical and yet full of compelling, natural energy. What really makes her work stand out among the work of her peers is its fine art influence, which shows itself in her ability to build well-balanced and cinematic scenes.

5. Brian Crain

Brian K. Crain is a New Orleans lifestyle photographer who specializes in producing luxury, high-art photographs of families, weddings, businesses, and individuals. His photographs are refined, understated, and yet have an unmistakable sheen. He’s a creative who can capture natural, candid photographs full of sincere emotion, as well as compose those photographs in a gorgeous, fashionable, and accessible manner. Check out Brian Crain’s portfolio today — he’s a kind and gifted photographer, and we’re positive you’ll enjoy working with him.

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6. TahJah Harmony of Quaint+Whim

TahJah Harmony of Quaint+Whim has been working as a New Orleans lifestyle photographer and videographer for more than a decade. And in that time, she’s made a name for herself by capturing memorable shots within the hustle and bustle of real interactions, as well as finding uncanny order and beauty within that chaos. Her style is natural, with impeccably accurate colors, soft light, and the slightest hint of the cinematic. She’s a talented narrative photographer who understands how to find the story within every relationship that’s most worth telling.

7. Zack Smith

Zack Smith has the powerful ability to tell the story of brands and individuals, making him a go-to lifestyle photographer in the area. He has an incredibly strategic mind, able to dig deeply into what sets people and brands apart from their peers. In addition, he’s an organized photographer who can plan and execute complex campaigns just as successfully as simple photoshoots. If you want to work with a photographer who can simply handle it all, check out Zack’s work today.

There you have it — the top New Orleans lifestyle photographers. We feel quite confident that you’ll be satisfied with the work of all of these creative pros. If you look through their portfolios and believe you may vibe with one of them, drop them a line and let them know you heard about them from us!

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