The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Pittsburgh

Combining many genres, lifestyle photography at its core is the art of capturing the authentic days of a person’s life in an artistic fashion. It’s not just about portraits, although that is an element; most lifestyle photographers endeavor to allow you to remember the feeling of that one particular moment after years — sometimes decades — have passed. When you’re seeking out Pittsburgh lifestyle photographers, start with this list, as each of the following artists boasts oodles of talent!

1. Deseree Younes Photography

You know those bright white, simply gorgeous photos that seem to beg to be posted to Pinterest or the ‘Gram? Deseree Younes is one of those photographers. Her style epitomizes airy and ethereal — perfect for portraying all of the fresh glory of newborn babies, as well as the tenderness of a family’s love in their home. She makes all kinds of natural light feel springy and luminous while creating family keepsakes you will treasure forever. She is one of our top Pittsburgh lifestyle photographers for her eye-pleasing compositions and high-key style. If you are looking for a brilliant photographer with a clean-lined and modern style, Deseree is your gal.

2. Laura Mares Photography

Laura Mares is a documentary photographer — she once dreamt of being a photojournalist, so she carries that dream into her portrait sessions. She has a true knack for capturing authentic moments — the sweet gaze of a mother towards her newborn, the purely joyful giggle of a toddler, and the playful, spunky glances from a teen about to graduate. Her specialties range from weddings to newborn portraits to in-home lifestyle sessions, but whomever she has in front of her, you can count on her to focus on the real parts of life.

Her signature style adds to the emotion of her work — deep shadows emphasize both mood and shape to become an element in themselves. In addition, slightly desaturated hues make skin look amazing while also giving a nostalgic vibe, and quirky angles make for creative shots. In short, we just love her work and hope you do, too!

3. Becca Baker Photography

When you want to preserve all the elements of your little ones in photos, look no further than Becca Baker — she has an uncanny way with children. All of her work is beautiful, but it’s her ability to capture the fragile and playful nature of youth that landed her on this list. Working mainly with natural light both indoors and out, she captures the details of your kids — tiny newborn toes, the way a curious hand is outstretched to a new sibling, and, of course, smiles and laughter aplenty. Becca is an outstanding Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer, so check out her work today!

4. Kelsey Cunningham Photography

Kelsey Cunningham is a true lifestyle photographer — she effortlessly documents the beautiful days in your life, helping you to hang on to the memories of what it was like being you on a particular day. She knows how precious life is and doesn’t want to let a single detail go unnoticed. Her work is full of precious shots and moments that feel so natural and true to her subjects. In addition, her editing is minimal in order to accentuate the feeling of real life in her portraits. Whether you’re searching for portraits of your family enjoying the outdoors or desire an organic, in-home newborn lifestyle shoot, Kelsey will do it in her straightforward and sweet approach.

5. Photography by Dana Rae

“Evocative” is the word that comes to mind when looking through Dana Kaye’s work. Each shot is infused with feeling, composed to really bring out a full range of emotions in the viewer. Combine her ability to document emotion with always genuine smiles, creative angles, and sweet detail shots, and you have a winning combination. If you love the simple beauty of life and are seeking a Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer to put it all in photos, Dana is for you — she has the ability to make everyday moments look both stunning and charming.  

6. Shannon the Photographer

Shannon Konek is not simply a photographer, she is an artist, and we mean that literally — she does illustrations as well! Her photography style is a mix of classic family shots and a documentary approach — great for when you want to remember the authentic and beautiful mess of life but also want portraits you can put on your holiday card. Her artistic background means that you can count on her for fun, creative shots that will be treasured for years to come. 

7. Jeannine Bonadio of J Bonadio Photo

If you have ever flipped through a wedding magazine and thought, “Wow, I wish I could have those beautiful photographs of my own wedding,” then Jeannine Bonadio is your dream come true! Her combination of editorial style and an ability to click the shutter at the perfect moment is exactly what one wants when looking to document the most amazing days in one’s life.

Her portfolio truly reads like a magazine — so many fine art style photos of brides and grooms, closeup detail shots to memorialize what made their day special, and through it all is boundless joy. If you aren’t in the market for a wedding photographer, you’re still in luck — Jeannine does family and in-home newborn sessions as well, and they are just as magazine-worthy as her wedding shots.

So when you are looking for a talented shutterbug to give you tangible memories of your life in Pittsburgh, we hope you choose someone on this list — they are a talented bunch!

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