The 9 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Providence

Rhode Island lifestyle clients have some of the finest scenery that the country has to offer right in their backyard! But finding a creative talent to collaborate with can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a guided posed session for picture-perfect shots or a more free-form documentary style of imagery, these Providence lifestyle photographers have got you covered!

1. Stefy Hilmer Photography

Originally from Germany, Stefy Hilmer is a New England resident who loves telling stories through photography. No matter the event, be it a wedding, portrait session, or something else, Stefy recognizes that there is an endless series of moments worth capturing and molding into fine art.

And as a professionally trained photojournalist, she uses a documentary-oriented style of encouraging her clients to be as they are while she unobtrusively works the scene to tease out the magic! And true to her photojournalistic roots, Stefy prefers colors that remain fairly true to the scene or monochrome for that classic polish!

2. Chris Emerson of RI Shots Photography

If you’re looking for a lifestyle modeling photographer, then we think Chris Emerson is the best of his class to collaborate with! In particular, his fitness-oriented stories ensure viewers know exactly what lifestyle story is on display in the frame thanks to well-guided poses and lighting that emphasizes both their physiques as well as their inherent grace. Chris also takes his models outdoors where swimsuit sessions, coupled with the naturally appealing seaside, results in images with long-lasting impact!

3. Catherine of Idlewild Photo

Catherine of Idlewild Photo is a master of using setting and lighting to tell lifestyle-oriented stories with her subjects. In particular, the great outdoors offers an endless array of backdrops for her images, from rocky beaches to snow-covered forests.

Elopements, couples shoots, weddings, and life milestones like anniversaries and engagements are all part of her overflowing portfolio. And her mixture of documentary-oriented shots and gently posed portraits ensure that not a single moment or creative concept goes uncaptured during the day.

4. Sierra Rudkowski of East Passage Photography

Sierra Rudkowski’s lifestyle and wedding photography harmoniously blend with each other in ways we think you’ll savor. With nearly 10 years of experience working as a Providence lifestyle photographer, her style has matured into a film-inspired look, with subtly toned highlights and dramatic backgrounds that emphasize her clients. Sierra also has a way of teasing out the playful sides in her couples, encouraging them to be downright silly without feeling the least bit self-conscious.

5. Abby Gayl Photography

Lifestyle-inspired family photography is what Abby Gayl provides Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts residents. Babies, from maternities to newborns and milestone shoots, are what she loves best, though! Abby describes her photography as “organic, soft, airy, and timeless,” which we fully agree with.

She gently subdues her colors and adds a warm shift, resulting in a consistent style that’s ideal for family lifestyle images. Color “pops” in the frame add interest while the clean white in apparel and backgrounds provide an ideal backdrop for skin and shining expressions.

6. Carol Wild Photography

Carol Wild is a Providence lifestyle photographer who works mostly with families and newborns. However, she also photographs events, artwork, and portraits as well for metro residents. Blending a mixture of lifestyle and documentary storytelling is first nature to Carol.

Rather than directed, posed moments, she finds the moments, compositions, lighting, and atmosphere that contains entire narratives within a single frame. Seeing your kids with their silliest poses and messiest hair is even more appealing than perfect clothes and cultivated smiles to many viewers!

7. Alison Perisic of Rose + Reign Creative

Alison Perisic is the artistic mastermind behind Rose + Reign Creative. Her photography journey started as a hobby in high school and grew into a passion with a BFA in photography.

After years spent working as a NYC fashion photographer, we see it fully flowered as a Providence lifestyle photographer who works with New England families, newborns, maternity, and couples. We can’t help but notice how many of her poses are fashion informed as well while incorporating storytelling lifestyle settings for a style uniquely Alison’s.

8. Kim Lyn Photography

Romance, relationships, and natural light are a powerful combination, both for lifestyle photography and Kim Lyn Chauvin. She also has a love for documentary storytelling that, paired with occasional poses, ensures the entire story of your relationship is fully captured!

Kim’s eye for lighting and color is unmatched as well. By guiding her clients into choosing settings and outfits that are complementary, the result is photos with a consistent personal theme and harmonious flavor.

9. Jodi Paquin Photography

As a lifestyle family and newborn photographer, Jodi Paquin wants to do more than simply capture your smiles and memories. She wants to weave entire stories into the frame that lets viewers feel what it’s like to explore the park with your little ones and play with the dog on the couch.

Jodi is a Providence lifestyle photographer with a love of dramatic lighting, rich colors, and captivating expressions. Thanks to her work, even when your children are all grown up, you’ll still be able to remember what they were like when small.

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