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The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital of California, and it’s located about 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 100 miles from the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. Good Ol’ Sactown is the original home of the Pony Express, a renowned jazz festival that’s remained an annual sensation for 40 years. The city also boasts an extensive amount of historical museums, Old Town, and some amazing artists. If you call this ever-evolving city home and are on the hunt for Sacramento lifestyle photographers to document events both big and small, let this list be your guide — the creatives featured here are the best of the best! 

1. Hannah Posey

Armed with a fine art photography degree, Hannah Posey clearly knows what she’s doing behind the camera. In her own words, “Every single photograph embodies the emotion present in the atmosphere, always honest, heartfelt, and organic.” Her words ring of truth — each photo is a combination of two perspectives: a photojournalist’s eye for what is happening right at that moment, as well as an artist’s eye to portray the moment in the most gorgeous way possible.

Her work is emotional, such that somehow even an empty room has feeling when she is the one portraying it. Using desaturated tones, shadowing, and black and whites, she produces evocative photos, which is her signature. Whatever the mood of the moment — tender, soulful, or jubilant — you can count on Hannah to document it in her finely honed and elegant style. 

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2. Chloe Ramirez

Chloe Ramirez is regularly featured in print magazines, and it’s easy to see why — her work is simply beautiful. From weddings to in-home lifestyle sessions, she is the ideal Sacramento lifestyle photographer for those who want their lives documented in all their authentic beauty. Her shots are a combination of heartwarming freedom and sentimental gravity, as befits the subject and mood of the moment.

She is a true artist, knowing when to use the environment to help tell a story, as well as able to tell when the faces of her subjects can do it all on their own. Her absolutely glorious captures are made even more so with her skilled editing — mixing crisp focus and bokeh, resulting in perfect skin tones, and doing it all in a thoroughly modern way. Whatever your dream photo or self-portrait, it’s virtually guaranteed to become realized with a talent like Chloe behind the lens. 

3. Anya McInroy

A photojournalistic Sacramento lifestyle photographer, Anya McInroy is a master of telling a story in a single frame: clasped hands are full of triumph, a tumble of hair is sultry all on its own, a grandma’s gaze is both challenging and playful. Her work has a cohesive style comprising soft muted colors that create a romantic and timeless look for wedding photos. In addition, warm toning adds a nostalgic touch, and deep contrasts produce drama with their film-like quality. Beautiful and real, Anya’s photographic style is perfect for those who want their story told in a fresh way but with a sentimental tone. 

4. Bree Rivers Photography

Bree Rivers Tenney somehow has both an up-to-the-minute style and a timeless eye. Creating beautiful natural light portraits is her specialty and she does it incredibly well. We love her aesthetic — the subtle coloring is ideal for the vibe of Northern California, showcasing its seasons and sunlight, the bright warm hues reminiscent of our rolling hills. Plus, her romantic eye suits couples in love and wedding days equally well. Her quirky framing is great for putting the focus exactly where it belongs — on you! We just love Bree’s work. Feel free to check out her portfolio today!

5. Alisa Duenas Photography

Pouring emotion into every shutter click, Alisa Duenas has a heart-touching style, perfectly suited to lifestyle and family photography. Her blend of classic and completely unposed shots are what makes her stand out — it’s quite a task to photograph large groups and extended families in interesting ways, but Alisa delivers every time. When she is able to get up close and personal, her work is touching and soulful, perfect for capturing treasured family bonds. She serves most of Northern California, so even if you’re not anywhere near Chico or Sacramento, you’re in luck because you can still work with her.

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6. Ashley Maxwell Photography

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Ashley Maxwell has her own artistic style, which is light-drenched and slightly saturated photos with a fresh feeling — like spring mornings. Her contemporary style is ideal for those who crave modernity in their photos — blurred foregrounds are intriguing, natural landscape elements add frames, and even her black-and-whites feel brand-new.  Her up-to-the-minute style is both novel and timeless, the ideal combination for wedding and lifestyle shoots. Ashley is an amazing choice no matter what moments in your life you want captured, check out her work and be captivated by all those colors and feelings on display. 

7. Abbey Jo Harmon of Abbey Jo Photos

Describing herself as “[producing] photography for free-spirited couples and individuals,” Abbey Jo Harmon is a Sacramento lifestyle photographer who knows herself well. Her playful personal style comes through in her work — energetic shoots, quirky angles, and happy smiles are the result of her own positive energy behind the camera. Her portfolios brim with emotion and joy, sunshine and freedom. She encapsulates the fun and unconventional nature of her subjects into images, so choose Abbey when you want your personality on full display. 

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