The 9 Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas near Boston

We love the simultaneously historic and youthful city of Boston: founded in the 1600s, it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. Plus, it’s the birthplace of the American Revolution. Boston is home to incredible seasonal views — particularly in the spring and fall — and a thriving arts and culture scene. It makes sense that it’s also an unbeatable location for a photoshoot. If you’re looking to do a photo session for a mother-to-be, just keep reading for our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas near Boston. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on this wide-ranging list.

1. A swanky apartment with a skyline view

luxury penthouse boston rental
Source: Peerspace

The central feature of this lovely apartment is its impressive view of the Boston skyline. The luxurious yet warm and welcoming space includes an open kitchen, sectional couch seating area, and TV-viewing area. The abundance of large windows means plenty of natural light fills the space. Not to mention, furnishings are tasteful and decor is thoughtfully selected. Your images will have a homey, laid-back vibe elevated by the breathtaking view.

2. A sophisticated traditional clubroom

traditional clubroom boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This lounge is the definition of cozy, with plenty of inviting armchairs and comfy couches. The whole space has a stately, traditional feel, with lots of decorative wood, accent lighting, and a large fireplace as centerpiece. Since it’s such a warm space, we think this would be one of the top winter maternity photoshoot ideas near Boston.

3. A waterfront event space in a post-industrial location

Waterfront Event Space post industrial historic boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Take photos on an 120′ x 60′ open stretch of waterfront, wherein you won’t have to worry about avoiding crowds. There’s beach access and you’ll be directly adjacent to a historic smokestack, which makes a unique counterpoint to the classic ocean view. This will be a unique and memorable maternity photoshoot, for sure!

4. A charming two-story loft with light and views

two-story Loft - North Shore Boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This unique space is located in Ipswich, roughly 30 miles from central Boston. You’ll be immersed in nature — the 2.5-acre property is located right near marshland and ocean (specifically 220 acres of reservation out to the ocean). This simple location consists of two stories, and includes a 20′ x 35′ large open room with a warm wooden floor and fabulous light.

5. A well-equipped photo and video studio

boston's finest photo and video studio boston rental
Source: Peerspace

With many glowing reviews from photographers and videographers, you can rest assured that this studio is a foolproof location for your maternity photoshoot. One reviewer commented that this rental is “a great value for a great space,” while another commented, “Incredible studio space and incredible host!” It includes a 20-foot-wide cyclorama wall, 14-foot ceilings, and an 800-square-foot studio bay. They offer plenty of equipment, amenities, and other necessities to make your shoot go as smoothly as possible. For those in search of a straightforward studio experience, this is one of our go-to maternity photoshoot ideas near Boston.

6. An artsy natural light studio with 13-foot ceilings in Somerville

Natural Light Studio with 13ft Ceilings in Somerville boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Here’s another great studio, with plenty of natural light streaming through windows that overlook the city. If you’d like to control the lighting more carefully, there are also blackout curtains that allow you to do so. At 1,200 square feet and with 13-foot ceilings, this airy and open space offers plenty of room for your maternity photoshoot. This spot features plenty of amenities and add-ons that are available, allowing you to tailor your photoshoot experience to your particular needs.

7. An urban chic gallery space in the SoWa Art District

art gallery boston rental
Source: Peerspace

To lend your photos a creative, urban-chic ambiance, consider this unexpected maternity photoshoot idea near Boston. Located in the vibrant, exciting SoWa Art & Design District, this gallery contains 1500 square feet of beautiful and eclectic art — the perfect backdrop for your photos, especially if you’re an art lover!

8. A natural light photo studio in Waltham

Natural Light Photo Studio in Waltham boston rental
Source: Peerspace

This is another unbeatable “blank canvas,” so to speak. White walls and white floors, plus massive amounts of natural light, make this an open and airy space that will function as the perfect stage for your maternity photos. We love the idea of a simple, minimalist photoshoot here, with the simple backdrop centering the subject for a seriously striking result.

9. The historic Beacon Hill neighborhood

acorn street beacon hill boston
Source: Flickr / Olivia Notter

Beacon Hill is filled with history — it’s a protected historic district, in fact — and that makes for plenty of quaint scenery and stunning landmarks. With its tree-lined cobblestone streets, intriguing collection of small shops and restaurants, and stately brick homes, Beacon Hill is full of charming character; there’s no location with a more classically Boston ambiance. While you’re there, check out the impressive architecture of the State House and visit Charles Street, too!

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