13 Merry Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is a beautiful time to get the family together and catch up on all of the year’s goings-on— and not being able to meet in person is no reason to call off the party! Host a virtual Christmas get-together your guests will be raving about for years to come with these 13 merry virtual Christmas party ideas!

1. Treat yourself to a Peerspace get-away

cozy cafe virtual christmas party ideas
Source: Peerspace

You may not be able to gather everyone in your family around for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas in a unique location with your nuclear family! Book an unforgettable venue on Peerspace with great A/V equipment so you can have the rest of the family join virtually. A cozy cabin would be an idyllic venue to spend an intimate Christmas with your close family members. A penthouse with big-screen TVs is a fantastic way to spoil yourself but also feel close to family that’s miles away! Peerspace hosts include their COVID-19 protocols on the website. Still, if you have additional questions about their cleaning or A/V capabilities, you’ll easily and quickly receive answers from hosts through the Peerspace chat!

2. Virtual invites

event planner
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Before the party starts, don’t forget to send out virtual invites to the party! Programs like Canva can help you create unique and fun invitations for your guests to email out or attach to your virtual meeting invite. It might also be a good idea to include a short “program” so people know what to expect for the party and have an idea of how many fun activities you have planned!

3. Ugly sweater party

ugly sweater party ideas feashion
Source: Pexels

What’s a party without a theme?! Get all your guests in the Christmas spirit with an ugly sweater party! Have all your guests show off all their fun and funny Christmas sweaters in your online meet-up. You could also make creating ugly sweaters part of the party events. Hopefully, you can still hear each other over the whirring of sewing machines.

4. Christmas tree decorating contest

organic christmas tree farm
Source: Peerspace

Get into the Christmas spirit during your virtual party by asking your guests to hold off on decorating their Christmas tree until your virtual get-together! Decorating Christmas trees during your call is a great way to keep everyone busy with a fun task, but also, it’s relaxed enough that everyone can keep chatting while they decorate. Once everyone’s finished— have each household discuss their decoration choices and then take a vote on the best-decorated tree!

5. Virtual tour of the North Pole

christmas party ideas music
Source: Pexels

Whether you are looking for virtual Christmas party ideas for kids or adults — a tour of the North Pole is a must! For the kiddos, check out the cartoon tour on northpole.com that takes kids through each room and building of Santa’s North Pole village. For adults and kids alike, check out AirPano’s virtual tour of the North Pole with panoramas from the “50 Let Pobedy” icebreaker! 

6. Bake off for families in need

christmas brunch ideas gingerbread house
Source: Unsplash

Think you have the best Christmas pie recipe of them all? Show off your skills and donate the final product to a family in need this holiday season! Add a virtual bake-off to the virtual Christmas party ideas list by scheduling an online meeting to discuss recipes with friends, identify families in need, and create a delivery plan. For your friends and family who don’t like to cook, they can still join in on the fun as part of the delivery crew!

7. Share a tradition

christmas lights cabin in the snow
Source: Pexels

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? This holiday season, share it with all your friends and family to enjoy! These can be virtual Christmas party ideas you all do while on the call or for everyone to do another day. Maybe you’ll end up with a new tradition based on one of the party ideas on this list too!

8. Learn a skill

christmas decor
Source: Unsplash / Brooke Lark

Spend time with your friends and family virtually this Christmas while learning a new skill! This is a great pre-Christmas party idea for creating unique and special gifts for your loved ones to open on Christmas morning! Etsy has a whole list of fun classes you can order, like making journals and zen paintings!

9. Online White Elephant party

christmas dinner party ideas gifts
Source: Unsplash

White Elephant gifts don’t just have to be an in-person tradition; keep the gift-giving game going with an online white elephant party! With White Elephant Online, you link the present you are buying to your party profile on their website. When you start your event, the first player chooses a gift from the ‘virtual table.’ You unwrap the gifts virtually, and players can either steal opened gifts or choose a new gift to unwrap. At the end of the game, it’ll notify you of who chose your gift so you can mail it to them!

10. Watch a Christmas classic

cozy christmas
Source: Pixabay

Cuddle up in your favorite PJs, heat a thermos of hot cocoa, and invite your friends to virtually watch a Christmas classic together! Share laughs watching Elf or relive the good ole days with a viewing of A Christmas Story. A movie night is a great way to wind down with your favorite people after a long Christmas day!

11. Ready, set, snow!

make snowman at frozen birthday party
Source: Pexels

It feels a lot more like Christmas when the snow begins to fall but if snow doesn’t fall for Christmas where you live, fear not— you can make your own! During your virtual Christmas party, cut out paper snowflakes and decorate the room. Make it a challenge and see which one of your family members or friends can make the most believable snowy Christmas scenes!

12. Yes or no: guess the gift

cozy luxury cottage seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Presents get torn open quickly, and it seems like no matter how many presents you buy, the gift-giving part of Christmas only lasts a few minutes. Extend the time opening presents with loved ones virtually by making it a guessing game. Make the rule that you can only open a gift when you correctly guess what it is. The gift receiver can only ask yes or no questions, and the gift-giver can’t give any hints!

13. The best virtual party game contest

luxury home with rooftop deck
Source: Peerspace

Don’t feel like you have to come up with all the virtual Christmas party ideas on your own. Asking your guests to come with a virtual party game idea to share is a great way to take the pressure off you and also experience the creativity of all your friends and family. Don’t forget to have a prize ready for the best party game creator!

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