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The 12 Best Miami Fashion Photographers

Miami is a cosmopolitan, international locale best known for its white sand beaches. The city’s glam and energy are perfectly embodied in its thriving photography scene. Miami fashion photographers are top notch, and here’s our list of the twelve best.

1. Stanlo Photography

Stanley Babb is an internationally published photographer who does wedding and lifestyle photography in addition to his extensive and stunning portfolio of fashion photography. He travels between Miami and the Bahamas, New York City, Atlanta, and Europe—all of which speaks to his worldwide flair. His fashion photography is varied enough that you’ll find something for everyone, and gets especially experimental at times. His work has been featured in MunaLuchi, Groom Inspiration, in the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards, and more.

2. Veronika Radkevich

Another one of the best Miami fashion photographers, Veronika’s work is infused with the beautifully sunny energy of her home city. In addition to her quality event photography, she’s passionate about artistic work that pushes boundaries and catches the eye. Her work is all about strong color and strong moods, and we love it.

3. Ray Kay

Originally from Norway, Miami fashion photographer Ray Kay brings this international sensibility to his incredibly famous photography. We’re talking about next-level fame: he’s worked with celebrities like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cher, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith, and many more. His award-winning work encompasses fashion, editorials, swimwear, advertising; he also creates incredible music videos that gain billions of views (a total of five billion views on YouTube, to be exact).

4. Christopher Mendez

Christopher’s photography is stylized, energetic, and cool. He shoots portraits, events, and real estate in addition to his more artistic photography; check out his portfolio of model photography as well as urban cityscapes and street photography.

5. John Olive

John’s a Miami fashion photographer who specializes in editorials, commercial advertising, lookbooks, and model portfolio development. His clients include Cosmopolitan, Pantene, Ultra Music Festival, and more. His work is glamorous and consistently high-quality.

6. Kate Benson Photo

Kate Benson has worked with high end clients like Saatchi + Saatchi, Vanity Fair, Allure, BBC, Vogue, and Adidas, just to name a few. Her fashion photography is absolutely saturated with the kind of rich color and beautiful light that make it an eye-catching standout in its field. Few fashion photographers are on this level—that’s what makes her one of the best Miami fashion photographers by far.

7. Nick Garcia Photography

Nick describes himself as “a master of capturing the intuitive, sensitive and provocative” with “a passion for life and its eternal vitality in photos.” This shows in his photos, as does the fact that he studied at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology: his vast portfolio displays a perfect combination of passion and incredible skill and technique. Take a look at these examples of his fashion photography: fabulously elegant.

8. Ludmillo Pierre Photography

Ludmillo Pierre isn’t strictly a fashion photographer; he shoots a wide range of subjects, but his portraits and photos of dancers especially display a sensibility that would lend itself perfectly to the goals of fashion photography. His sense of color is especially wonderful, as his ability to capture the unique personalities of his subjects.

9. Anna Gunselman

The highest of high fashion: that’s the most accurate way to describe Anna Gunselman’s work. She’s photographed world-famous supermodel Christie Brinkley, among many other well-known faces. She’s exceptionally talented at adapting her work to the needs of clients, designers, creative directors, and advertising agencies, but also has her own unique vision that she executes in her photography as she travels between Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles.

10. Gio Alma

Miami-, Los Angeles- and NYC-based photographer Gio Alma is a master of lighting. As his fashion photography demonstrates, he’s a master at setting things up so that every photo is perfectly framed and illuminated. That’s what makes him an award-winning fashion and celebrity photographer. His photos embody luxury and glamour, and he his perceptive eye gives him a recognizable photographic style. As Gio himself describes, he’s “known for getting the best out of each subject he photographs and being keen on creating images based on original concepts and ideas.”

11. Mark DeLong

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With 17 years of experience shooting both stills and motion in the fashion and editorial spheres, Mark DeLong’s extensive photography background has allowed him to become a leading Miami fashion photographer. His technical abilities are matched only by his thoughtfulness and creativity. Consider, for instance, that DeLong has published work in Vanity Fair, Vogue, ELLE, and other noteworthy fashion magazines, demonstrating his reliability and status as an in-demand fashion photographer.

12. Garrin Evan Studios

A fashion and commercial photographer, Garrin Evan specializes in editorial photography and location-based advertising. Garrin draws attention to his work’s “vibrant splashes of color” and its “eye-catching geometric compositions.” While his work is high-end and high-quality, he’s no snob, preferring to focus on cultivating a friendly vibe during his photoshoots in order to allow them to proceed naturally and with a fun, upbeat energy. Nevertheless, his photography is elegant and often mysterious, and most of all beautiful to look at.

Miami is an incredibly diverse metropolis with thousands of facets to discover. Unsurprisingly, its fashion photographers produce heaps of fantastic work that draws effectively on the vitality of their home city and projects it out into the world. There’s so much world-class photography to choose from here, it’s difficult to begin to select the best, but this list is a start—hopefully our efforts to do so here have been helpful!

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