11 Adorable Moana Birthday Party Ideas (2024)


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If you’re looking for Moana birthday party ideas for your mini voyager’s big day, you’re in the right place. Moana is Disney’s princess of the ocean. She’s adventurous, brave, and bold. She fearlessly followed her dreams and saved her Polynesian home in the process. It’s no wonder she’s captured the hearts of so many fans around the world, big and small.

Ahead, we at Peerspace present our favorite Moana birthday party ideas. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we’re happy to share birthday ideas as well as connect to the perfect party venue for your Moana party. Here are 11 ideas for a Moana-themed birthday party that’s sure to make a splash. Unfurl the sails. The ocean is calling! 

1. Book the perfect kid’s birthday party venue on Peerspace

Unique Polynesian Inspired Downtown Venue
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your oceanic explorer’s big event, then check out Peerspace. Peerspace is home to thousands of amazing event venues in cities all across the world. It’s easy and quick to find event venues suitable for all kinds of themes.

One of our favorite options is this unique Polynesian-inspired downtown venue in Bradenton, FL. It’s a 6,000-square-foot party venue with three distinct spaces that you can rent together or separately, with an unmistakable tropical theme that brings Moana and crew to mind. Imagine all of the fun you can have dressing up the space with Moana decor (more on that ahead)! Whether you’re hosting kids, adults, or guests of all ages, they’ll love exploring this immersive and adorable jungle space.

Keep an eye out for more tropical or Polynesian-inspired spaces for your Moana birthday bash on Peerspace. And if your space of choice has a pool, you can take advantage of our next Moana birthday party idea…

2. Host a Moana-inspired pool party that kids and adults will love

Tropical Paradise Pool & Spa with 4 Waterfalls and Large Courtyard Area
Source: Peerspace

While not everybody is lucky enough to live near the ocean, you can still bring oceanic vibes to the party by hosting a Moana birthday party by the pool. Kids will love getting to jump, splash, and swim around in the cool blue water like Moana on her quest. This is perfect for parties in the summer when the weather is nice and balmy. 

With Peerspace, you can book a party venue with a pool no matter where you live! One example is this tropical paradise pool and spa with four waterfalls in Spring, TX. Kids and adults alike will love this rainforest-inspired backyard that boasts a grotto, a courtyard, a deck, and an outdoor kitchen. The whole space is super fun and totally Moana!

3. Cozy up on the couch for a watch party

Beautiful Movie Theater / Screening Room
Source: Peerspace

If you’re throwing a Moana-themed party, watching the movie is a no-brainer. Have everybody pile in together on the couch, or stretch out on the floor with plenty of pillows and blankets. To mix things up a little, try watching the Hawaiian dub. You’ll get to hear Moana’s English voice actress, Auli’i Cravalho, revise her part alongside other native Hawaiian voice actors in a celebration of Polynesian culture.  

Make it even more special by booking a private movie theater through Peerspace! You can find private screening rooms in cities across the globe. For instance, this beautiful movie theater/screening room in Chicago, IL has seating for 40 guests, professional movie theater equipment, a stylish lounge, and outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Check out these movie viewing party ideas for more creative movie-magic birthday suggestions!

4. Crack open a Kakamora pinata

fresh coconut, moana
Source: Pexels

The quirky Kakamora stole the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. At first glance, these little creatures look completely harmless. But make no mistake: they’re some of the most fierce pirates in the ocean. Because they craft their armor from coconuts, they’re the ideal model for a show-stopping pinata. Try putting together a Kakamora pinata out of paper mache for guests to crack like a coconut. Or, use actual coconuts! Enjoying freshly cracked coconuts with your little voyager and their friends is a fun way to enjoy a sweet, natural treat, too!

5. Say “you’re welcome” to guests with the perfect party favors

tropical party favors, moana
Source: Unsplash

No birthday party is complete without the proper party favors. At the end of a long day of tropical fun, your guests will be sure to say “thank you.” Take a page out of Maui’s book and have some goodie bags on standby to say, “You’re Welcome.” Fill them with candy leis, coconut cups, seashells, flower hair accessories, Moana-inspired toys, or any other fun things you can think of. 

6. Play “the floor is lava” and avoid Te-Ka’s lava bombs

One of a kind
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for Moana birthday party ideas to blow off some steam, here’s a good one. Try playing a good old-fashioned game of “the floor is lava,” inspired by Te-Ka’s actions in the movie. The rules are simple: the floor is lava, and anyone who touches it is out. Guests will have to climb on top of furniture and other elevated surfaces to sail through this treacherous territory. To spice things up, have someone play the part of Te-Ka and throw “lava bombs” made out of pillows for players to dodge. 

7. Craft tropical flower crowns and leis 

Collaborative Workshop/Event Space - Center City, Philadelphia
Source: Peerspace

This party activity is ideal for those who love getting crafty. Try crafting flower crowns and tropical leis out of flowers from the craft store. For an extra challenge, you can encourage guests to make flowers themselves out of colored paper or felt. Everyone at the party can customize their own personal creation with their favorite colors and flowers. It’s a wonderful way to give guests a take-home souvenir that they’ll always remember. 

Looking for a special place to party and craft? Check out Peerspace for rentable workshop spaces near you! For instance, our friends in Philadelphia can book this collaborative workshop event space in Center City. It has plenty of tabletop space for setting up your craft materials as well as a kitchenette and a lounge.

8. Stage a scavenger hunt for Maui’s hook

Inglewood Oasis with Vibrant backyard Lounge & Secret Garde
Source: Peerspace

Uh oh. Looks like Maui lost his hook again. Now it’s up to your party-goers to get it back. Try leading a trail of clues and mysterious notes all across your party venue. Miniature ocean explorers will love going on a quest of their own to help Maui recover his beloved hook, just like Moana. To reward them, try hiding Maui’s hook alongside a collection of sunken “treasure” with chocolate coins and other shiny treats.

To make Moana birthday party ideas like this extra special, be sure to book a large backyard through Peerspace. One lovely example is this Inglewood oasis with a vibrant backyard lounge and secret garden in the Los Angeles, CA area. It consists of three different lush outdoor spaces, all protected by fencing to keep the little ones safe.

Need more themed party ideas? Then these tropical theme party ideas will have you creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests!

9. Host a baking party decorating tropical cookies

Kitchen Studio for Food Shoots la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

One of our tastiest Moana birthday party ideas by far, this party theme involves putting your baking skills to good use. Get all your guests involved in baking up a batch of fresh cookies with tropical-inspired flavorings like coconut and macadamia. For an extra challenge, try decorating cookies that look like the Heart of Te Fiti with colored icing. Make sure to have some edible glitter on standby to make your delicious treats nice and shiny. Just keep them away from Tamatoa!

Don’t have a spacious kitchen of your own? Stretch out in a fully-equipped kitchen rental space through Peerspace that you can find and rent with ease through our platform!

10. Have a sing-a-long karaoke bash

Grandscape, Karaoke, Cricket, Venue hire
Source: Peerspace

This Moana birthday party idea is meant for the musically inclined. Just like every Disney movie, one of the most memorable parts of Moana is the award-winning soundtrack. And if you know every word of every song by heart, now’s your time to shine. You can rent a karaoke machine and belt out “How Far I’ll Go” to your heart’s content. If you don’t have access to a karaoke machine, try pulling up sing-a-long clips of the movie on your smart TV.

Or, better yet, use Peerspace to book a well-equipped and super stylish karaoke venue near you! One cool and colorful option is this karaoke event venue hire in The Colony, TX. Just take note that it has a 21 and over policy every day except for Sundays!

11. Learn to dance the Hula like Moana

hula dance kids party moana
Source: Unsplash

As part of her duties as a princess, Moana taught Hula to the children on her home island. If you’re interested in learning some of the traditional dances Moana might’ve taught her students, try contacting a local dance instructor to see if they offer Hula lessons. It’s a great way to have kids learn about Polynesian culture and an awesome way to get up and get moving!

12. Book a tropical treehouse and live like Moana for a day

Lush Tropical Theme including Lagoon Pool
Source: Peerspace

One thing most viewers remember and love about Moana is the beachy treehouse she resides in. Why not book a similar venue through Peerspace and host your Moana party there? As an example, you can rent this lush tropical outdoor space in San Marcos, CA that includes a lagoon pool, a white sand beach, a bamboo palapa, and an exotic treehouse! It looks just like the one in the movie, so kids will definitely be excited to explore it and pretend to be Moana and her friends. Everything about this venue is party perfect, so be sure to check out all of its photos and features on its Peerspace listing and get to booking!

Moana birthday party ideas: conclusion

Spacious Outdoor Picnic Area in Newport Beach
Source: Peerspace

No matter your location, budget, or whose birthday you’re planning, Peerspace can help you bring your Moana birthday party ideas to life! Check out our platform for more exciting party venues and more event resource articles to make your party planning perfect.

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