The 8 Best Nashville Pet Photographers

When we review pet photographers, we’re looking for creatives who are real pet people, boasting an eye for the personality of animals. Plus, these select shutterbugs should possess the know-how of producing photos that really connect and tell the stories of how our animals add to and change our lives. The following Nashville pet photographers all excel in taking well-balanced, evocative, sweet, and often humorous photos of local pets. Check them out!

1. Wendy Jo of WJ Photography

Wendy Jo’s studio, WJ Photography, focuses on luxury pet photographs, and she has undoubtedly made a name for herself as one of the premier pet photographers in Nashville, as well as all of the South. Though some people have mixed feelings about studio work when it comes to human portraits, the same cannot be said of studio pet pics: they’re basically universally loved by all. Perfect lighting, dramatic backgrounds, soft shadows, the effect suggests such love, thoughtfulness, and tenderness that we’re quite taken with them. If you work with Wendy, you’ll receive deeply observed photos that are lovingly and carefully composed — photos that look at your pets as deeply as you do.

2. April Hollingsworth of Harmony Designs Photography

Harmony Designs Photography has been serving up some of Nashville’s best pet photos since 2004. April Hollingsworth has a BFA in photography from Ohio University, and puts her years of learning and experience to work taking some of the loveliest and life-affirming photos of Nashville-area pets. She’s an extremely skilled scene-builder who’s adept at connecting with both you and your pet to conceive of and compose truly unique photographs.

3. Mandy Liz Photography

Mandy Liz is a Nashville photographer with thriving trades in family, commercial, and wedding photography. She’s a compassionate photographer, with a skill for putting people at ease and then fading quietly into the background to capture candid, sincere photographs. She’s a tireless creative looking to produce work that does justice to life, that captures something true about her subjects. If you’d like someone to put that type of attention and love into photographing your pupper or kitty, give Mandy a call.

4. Michelle Conner

Nashville pet photographer Michelle Conner knows that no two animals are the same. Even two pups from the same litter are going to have completely different personalities. She also understands that our pets are forces for good in our lives, as they provide us with a wholesomeness and profound love that gives us confidence when our confidence is waning, as well as calms our anxieties when life is working us over. Her photos are celebrations of these special little creatures who are always there behind the scenes, giving us the inspiration we need to be more forgiving, mindful, and loving.

5. Devi Sanford Photography

Devi Sandford has had a lifelong commitment to photography — it’s all she’s ever wanted to do. In 1988, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in photography, then cut her teeth in San Francisco as a corporate photographer. After that, she moved to New York City and earned her stripes at the studios of Annie Leibovitz and Joel Meyerowitz, as well as collaborated on projects with MTV. She moved to Nashville in 1998, and since then she’s been one of the most talented portrait artists in the South.

6. Jessie Clark Photography

Jessie Clark is a friendly photographer, naturally gifted at quickly establishing deep connections with her clients. She’s got a photojournalistic style that focuses on capturing sincerity and the minutiae of everyday life, the small gestures and quirks that make people and pets who they are. Despite her preference for natural, candid photos, she’s also great at guiding people and pups through posed lifestyle shots. You’ll see when you look through her portfolio that she’s adept at capturing joy and love, as well as has a keen eye for the small moments that are indicative of our essence.

7. Mandy Whitley Photography

Mandy Whitley is sought out by pet lovers throughout the Tennessee area for her evocative portraits of pets and their people. Like all great portrait artists, she has the incredible skill of distilling relationships and personalities into a single, indelible image. This means that she’ll produce art that people will view and feel like they actually know your pet, seeing just what makes them so special. It’s no wonder she’s among the top pet photographers in Nashville.

8. Stephanie Hudson Photography

Stephanie Hudson is a Nashville photographer who takes amazing portraits, event, wedding and engagement, and family photographs. She does so with an artistic, off-kilter style that’s both joyful and pensive. There’s a satisfying depth to her photos, which are composed with a bracing effortlessness. In every photo, we feel engaged by and interested in her photographic subject. She’s the type of photographer we’d like to take photos of our own pets.

Do yourself a favor and hire one of the Nashville pet photographers we featured today to capture your pets and the way you feel about them — you’ll thank yourself later.

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