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The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Austin

If it’s true everyone thinks of their pets as somehow being an extension of themselves — as sharing parts of their personalities — then it only makes sense you should hire a pet photographer to capture that unique something that bonds you and your pet. The city of Austin has tons of great photographers whose work combines their subjects and landscape into beautiful works of art. The ability to capture that deep, essential something requires a unique skill set and unparalleled vision — which is what the top Austin pet photographers all have in common. Check out their work.

1. Jane of Fetching Fido Fotography

Our first Austin pet photographer is Jane of Fetching Fido Fotography. Jane is a skilled artist behind the camera, taking whimsical, yet totally serious photographs that prove she can see your pets the way you do — as both a source of endless amusement and love. Whether you’re looking for the perfect photo of your Great Dane or favorite chicken, Jane takes incredible pet photos you’re going to want to show off forever.

2. Norah Levine

Norah Levine’s art has been featured by HGTV and Oprah Magazine. She takes striking, narrative photos of pets in their natural habitat, showing your dog, cat, or other pet in a way that captures who they are every day. Your pets are both members of your family, and yet still animals with magnificent skill and physicality that we can only marvel at. Nora has an eye for capturing animals just being animals, which is something that’s all too easy to overlook with our pets. She also creates some of the most amazing mixed-media collages, taking the portraits she shoots and mixing them with other materials –– pigment, resin, wax, oils –– and turns them into lasting, devastatingly gorgeous works of art.

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3. Zilker Bark

Alex Hopes of Zilker Bark is one of the best dog photographers in Austin, hands down. He can catch your Newfie galloping across the yard looking like a gorilla, your baby Australian Shepherd having more energy than you will ever have, or your old Jack Russell terrier looking like a big-eyed old gentleman. He captures all the silliness, sweetness, power, and majesty of our puppers. In addition, he is always on the lookout for that special beautiful moment that captures the heart of an animal. You should also check out his book, Dogs of Austin, not just to see his amazing eye for composition, but to check out all the good boys and girls out there in this vibrant Texan city.

4. Austin Furtography

Dan of Austin Furtography first began photographing dogs because he had fallen in love with his own very special pup, a pit bull he rescued at 5 months old from Austin-based Love-a-Bull. From there, his love of photographing dogs just grew naturally until he became known as one of the best pet photographers in Austin. He is a skilled candid photographer, able to capture a dog’s pure joy and bond with their owners. And he does this all the time, photographing local events and dog parks. He’s extremely technically gifted with his camera, having received excellent training from the Austin School of Photography, and he clearly falls in love with every dog he photographs.

5. Zoom Pet Photography

Jay C. Herman, like all the photographers on this list, understands that your pet is a member of your family, not just a companion. And he really takes it to the next level, working as a constant advocate for pet rescue, pet disease prevention, and pet therapy –– causes we’re wholeheartedly in support of, too. His photos are sweet, energetic, and chock-full of personality. We especially love his candid photos of dogs in action. He’s almost unmatched in his ability to capture the unrestrained joy of a dog running in a full sprint. We couldn’t stop giggling seeing all those happy pups letting loose. Take a look at his portfolio and we’re sure you’ll agree.

6. Rebecca Charles of Paw Pixels

Rebecca Charles is the mastermind behind international pet photography outfit Paw Pixels. She shoots for individuals and companies, as well as takes gorgeous, dramatic photos that capture the essence and liveliness of your favorite little guy or girl. Looking through Paw Pixels’ Instagram portfolio is a special treat, as it gives you the chance to see some of the best photos of pets all over the world — including Austin, New York, Cape Town, and London. If you want to capture the wild playfulness of your dog, drop Rebecca a line. She’s one of the best Austin pet photographers, and her work will awe you.

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7. Busy Bee Studios

Bernice, AKA Bee, of Busy Bee Studios is one of the most talented Austin pet photographers who’s also well-known for her wedding photography work. She’s naturally gifted at capturing emotion and showing how treasured your pets are. Her photos make excellent use of natural light, portraying your little pup or kitty bathed in the warm glow of the sun, as if they were the little king or queen of your house that they actually are.

8. Fabulous Fur Photography

Allie of Fabulous Fur Photography shoots dramatic, elegant photos of our favorite family members: our pets. She uses some of the same techniques and staging common of newborn and family photos, then applies them to pet photography, creating photos that are sweet and surprising in equal measure. Her narrative photos are full of motion and make incredible use of light and focus to create textured, dynamic photos that would be easy to lose yourself in.

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Of course a wonderful location to photograph your pet is in their natural habitat. After all, they would be in their element, doing the things they love best. However, when looking through these portfolios, you’ll see that there are some amazing posed shots you can take indoors as well. If you’d like to spice your pictures up a bit with a gorgeous location, check out what Peerspace has to offer.

Many of our spaces are pet-friendly, and all of them feature perfect backdrops for a photoshoot. If we’re lucky enough to host you for a photoshoot, make sure to add a #MadeinPeerspace tag on your Instas. Maybe we’ll feature some of your pics sometime in the future!

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