The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Baltimore

Pet photography may be an emerging genre, but the desire to portray our animal friends has roots that reach way back to the Renaissance painters — even as far back as mosaics found in Pompeii! With such a long history in art, it seems that both our love of our four-legged friends and the documentation of them is here to stay. When you’re looking for skilled Baltimore pet photographers to capture the majesty of your fur kid, consider one of the following shutterbugs who are listed in no particular order. Take a scroll through their portfolios and Instagram feeds, and try not to smile!

1. J.B. Shepard of the Puptrait Studio

J.B. Shepard is one creative individual who’s making delightful paper hats to add a sense of whimsy to traditional studio portraits. Working out of a dedicated studio, he and his artistry has been internationally recognized in print publications, including the Baltimore Sun, as well as in galleries. His work is entirely original and fun— if you have ever wondered what your doggo would look like in a space helmet or a unique hat, he is the Baltimore pet photographer for you. Every single one of his works of art is delightful, from the hats themselves to the portraits, and they showcase what an artist J.B. Shepard truly is — an amazing one! 

2. Lori of Red Leash Pet Photography

Serving all of Maryland; Washington, DC; Virginia; and beyond, Lori is an animal trainer turned animal portrait artist. She uses her experience with wildlife and her more than 15 years of experience photographing them to create award-winning photographs. She works with your pet where they are most comfortable — at home or a favorite park — and this comfort allows your pet’s personality to shine!

Take a look at her Instagram feed, and you will get a sense of her style — modern yet timeless, with a photojournalist’s eye honed by her work with wild animals. Lori is an animal lover and artist, and she combines the two for one powerhouse of a portfolio — check her out and work with her whenever you can.

3. Jason and Elizabeth of Jason Putsche Photography

Wedded duo, Elizabeth and Jason Putsche, are the talents behind Jason Putsche Photography. Founders of For All Animals, a non-profit that helps shelter animals find homes, these two love animals and know how to work with them — they have even had pet photographs featured in USA Today and The Washington Post. Their animal portraits are expressive, candid, and filled with love. They are notable for their other photographic services, too — having won a WeddingWire award two years in a row, as well as garnering a robust list of commercial clients.

4. Robin Davis Miller of Thousand Word Photos

An all-around talented portrait photographer, whether her subject has two legs or four, Robin Davis Miller is a fine artist. With an almost painterly vibe to some of her work, she is inspired by both Old Master-style Renaissance art and modern studio styling. Her portraits range from the whimsical to the refined, showcasing her versatility as an artist while also retaining the authentic nature of her subjects. Everything you love — your spouse, children, and pets — all get the same creative and stylish treatment. We recommend working with Robin when you want heirloom prints to treasure for decades to come — her style is both timeless and trendy.

5. Becca Mathews of Naturally Vivid Photography

Becca Mathews grew up in Carroll County, MD, and has spent years exploring it on horseback, giving her a particular love of equestrian photography. She is an acclaimed portrait photographer, and it’s easy to see why — her images are up-to-the-minute fashionable. Her editing is light and bright, and she uses the golden hour to create dramatic portraits of animals and their humans. She intimately understands the intricacies of working with horses, so if you are an equestrian and want the bond you share with your unique animal to be documented, there is no one better than Becca!

6. Raven Lee Photography

A custom portrait photographer, you can count on Raven Lee to create beautiful portraits of your family, whether they have fur or not! Her style is inspired by her photojournalist’s eye, allowing all of the important members of your family to be displayed in their unique glory. Her photographs are intimate sneak peeks into your family life — a toddler lovingly hugs her childhood best friend, a fluffy dog rump, and a family in love with their new additions, both two-legged and four. She combines fine art with documentary photography, and the result is simply beautiful.

7. Lynn Sehnert of Lance and Lili Pet Photography

Located a bit out of the Baltimore radius (by only 30 miles or so) Lynn Sehnert serves the DMV area. A dog lover and passionate advocate of animal adoption, she has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. Her studio portraits have a fine-art styling — reminiscent of traditional family paintings — making for emotive headshots of treasured furry family members. She also offers in-home and on-location shoots, so your pet can be photographed where s/he is most comfortable, which can be key in bringing out the soul of your animal. Lynn uses her intuitive understanding of settings and pets to create works of art, no matter the location. 

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