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The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Boston

It can be an absolute lifesaver having a furry companion to come home to after a long day, especially one who understands and loves you unconditionally. These seven Boston pet photographers recognize the deep bonds that form between us and our pets, and they take some of the most love-filled and gorgeous pictures of animals we’ve ever seen.

1. Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography

It’s almost unfair to include Kaylee Greer on the list, as she’s one of the huge stars — along with fellow Bostonian Sam Haddix — of Nat Geo Wild’s hit show Pupparazzi. But we’re not here to play favorites or penalize anyone for their success. We’re all about picking the best Boston pet photographers based on no other qualification than the quality of their portfolios. And with that simple criteria, Kaylee totally makes the cut! She takes jaw-dropping, drama-filled portraits of pets with such pop it often feels as though you’re looking at them through 3D glasses. In addition, she uses a distinct post-production style to emphasize the artistic composition of her photographs, such that every shot has a slight liquid quality to it, as if it had been painted by a master.

2. Blue Amrich of Beyond the Fence

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Blue Amrich of Beyond the Fence is a super-talented Boston pet photographer who specializes in taking photographs of adventurous dogs doing their thing. We truly enjoyed looking through her portfolio and checking out all the dogs standing on mountain tops, looking majestic in front of mountain streams, or trouncing playfully through the snow. It’s just dog after dog living their best lives. She has a versatile style that can go from natural light to highly stylized and painterly. She’s always chasing the perfect image and is willing to switch up her composition to fit the dog and the landscape.

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3. John Hensel Photography

John Hensel is the perfect photographer to capture your pet at play. He takes stunning in-studio portraiture, always perfectly lit and dynamically shot. And he uses the lighting techniques of classical portraiture to create breathtaking works of art that call to mind the works of the Dutch master painters. In addition, he is just as skilled taking dog photos as he is taking cat photos, always capturing something unique in each of his subjects.

4. Lauren Dobish Photography

Lauren Dobish is a Boston wedding and dog photographer with an incredible eye for light and landscape. We love that her wedding photos genuinely capture the sense of two families joining together as one. And this unbelievable ability to capture the bond and love of family is extended to her dog photos, where dogs are always seen as the little guy or gal that can’t help but remain the sweet baby of the family. Our favorite photos of hers are actually the wedding photos where couples want to have their pets included. Not only does this combine her two primary subjects, but it shows how exciting it is for two people to join together in matrimony and include their pups in their ceremony.

5. Karen Hocker Photography

Karen Hocker takes natural light photographs of dogs, horses, and their people. She has some of the most cinematically styled photos of anyone on this list — with dogs wearing pensive, thoughtful looks on their faces, as well as pups expressing love and trust for their masters, all outdoors in some of the most gorgeous New England landscape you can imagine. She has a real skill for horse photography as well. With every photo, you get a sense of not just the personality of the animal she’s photographing, but of what they’re capable of — their speed, physicality, and mental acuity. We love all of those dynamic elements shining through in our pet photos, and we’re positive that you will love the heroic images she can take of your own pets.

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6. Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio

Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio started photographing cats back in 2009 when she rescued two brother cats. Looking through her portfolio, you’ll see some of the cutest, most hilarious fat cats — ones lounging around, hopping in boxes, trying to fit into the spaces they can’t fit in, finding the only beam of sunlight in the whole house, just doing stuff that you, as a cat lover, know that cats love to do. Li has a fair amount of dog photography in her portfolio as well, so no matter what you are after in a pet photographer, she’ll have you covered. Her style is quite natural, only slightly stylized for dramatic effect, but not at all overdone. We love that she’s got so many totally candid shots, as sometimes that’s the only way to really capture the essence of a cat.

7. Fred Levy Art

Fred Levy takes in-studio and on-location photographs of dogs. There’s both a seriousness and extreme playfulness to all of his photos, which helps capture both sides of our pets — the protective side and the childish, goofy side. And like most photographers in our series of pet photographers, he has a heart for rescue initiatives, which we really appreciate. Take a look through his pet photos and imagine the awe-inspiring portrait he can make of your favorite animal. He’s one of the most skilled fine-art pet photographers in all of Boston, and he’ll turn your pets into the works of art you know they deserve to be.

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Thanks for sticking with us during our rundown of the seven best Boston pet photographers. It was an absolute joy putting this list together, and we hope it was fun on your end, too. If you’re thinking about taking the perfect portrait of your pet, why not take a peek at our dozens of Peerspace locations in the area? Many of them are pet-friendly, and all feature ideal backdrops for stunning, light-filled photographs.

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