The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Charlotte

Beyond the technical expertise required, pet photography requires a sense of playfulness, as well as an understanding of potentially unpredictable subjects. The phrase “must love dogs” is perhaps a bit trite, but in this case it is true — a pet photographer must wholeheartedly love animals. Each of the following Charlotte pet photographers on this list possesses an immense love for their subjects, as well as impressive technical know-how. Browse through their work and keep one (or all) in mind for the next time you want your furry family member(s) photographed! 

1. Kim Hollis of BARKography

Owner and operator of BARKography, Kim Hollis combines her adoration of dogs with her brilliance behind the lens to create priceless art of your furry friends. If you want your pets photographed with the same stylish touches common to human portraits — creamy bokeh, hilarious candid moments, and interesting angles — Kim is the pet photographer for you. Her work is carefully composed, staying authentic to her subjects’ personality while incorporating dynamic elements for a sense of fun. If you want fine art portraits of your pet that you’ll adore long after they are gone, work with Kim — her work is heirloom quality! 

2. Hayley Lawrence of The Dog Photog

A Charlotte pet photographer with a lifestyle flair, Hayley Lawrence is the creative to call when you want natural photos of yourself and your doggo. With an editorial eye, she captures the moments that otherwise would remain undocumented — walking your pups in your favorite park, hanging out with them at home, and getting those slobbery kisses. You will be able to look at your portraits and remember the quirks of your pet — smiling eyes, lolling tongues, or even grumpy faces. Hayley is great at styling and finding the right angle to suit the mood of her subjects, and for that we salute her! 

3. Leah Custer Photography and Design

Leah Custer is a lover of all kinds of creatures — from humans to dogs and even chickens and bunnies — and she photographs them all with her classic and technically precise style. Whatever species she has in front of her lens, she uses creative depth of field to pull the viewers’ focus into the photo, then employs natural cropping to allow the subject to shine.

She captures photos in a studio, as well as shoots on-location. Whether she’s documenting your casual strolls with your pooch in a local park or using styled props in studio to add a humorous touch, she is a versatile photographer prepared for all kinds of scenarios. Leah also does weddings and family portraits, so whatever your occasion or vision, you can trust her to document it beautifully! 

4. Emiko Mizumoto of Studio Emiko Photography

Sometimes we forget that the truly significant moments are the simplest, but Emiko Mizumoto understand this. She is motivated by her desire to capture the love between you and your pets — the bond you’ll want to treasure long after your pet has left this realm. Her outdoor shots are free-spirited, but it’s in the studio where her creativity has room to roam and she can produce her signature portraiture.

Her studio photographs are playful and charming, full of creative touches — textural props, flowers, and buttery pastel colors (to match the pooch, of course) give her work a fine-art portrait styling. When she uses black backgrounds, her photos have the feel of Old Master paintings, with the subjects being authentically portrayed. We love the refined nature of Emiko’s photography, especially when she adds a lighthearted, modern flourish. Take a look at her work today! 

5. Deborah Triplett Studio

A whimsical portrait photographer of humans as well as of four-legged friends, Deborah Triplett is one of the most talented Charlotte pet photographers for a good reason. She is an artist with the camera and a talented stylist, adorning her subjects with fun props (e.g. glittering tiara anyone?) or a clean background, as befitting the desired photo.

Her work with animals draws from her other areas of photographic expertise — still-life botanical shots and fine-art headshots — so your furry pals will be displayed in an imaginative way that also stays true to their personality. Both her studio work and on-location shoots are simply gorgeous — we can’t recommend Deborah highly enough.

6. Rhiannon Mack of Reflections by Rhiannon

Rhiannon Mack is a portrait artist in every way — she creatively styles her studio subjects to enhance their personality or bring a concept to life. She also allows a peek into the spirit, the very nature, of her subjects — whether they are animal or human. Her studio backgrounds are incredibly fun — perfect if you want a photo of your pet in a traditional portrait sense, but want something modern and fun as well. Whether she’s working with children or fur kids, she gives their images all the playful touches while retaining the professional feel. When you want a custom, boutique photography experience in Charlotte, contact Rhiannon!

7. Juan Gonzales of JHPhotoArts

Juan Gonzales, along with his wife Heather, are the shutterbugs behind JHPhotoArts, an innovative Charlotte pet photography studio. Working both inside and outdoors, they create natural yet polished snapshots of your fur family. Expect lots of wide grins from your pooch in your photos from this couple — as dog owners themselves, they really know how to capture the fun parts of your canine’s personality. When you want candid shots of the pets you consider family, call JHPhotoArts and you will be glad you did.

That wraps up our list of the best Charlotte pet photographers! We hope you enjoyed looking at their work as much as we did! Thanks for reading! 

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