The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Denver

The best pet photographers have a way of composing photographs with real artistry — whether in a classic or modern style — that enhances rather than hides the wild energy, uniqueness, and love your pet possesses. Just like people, animals aren’t necessarily quick to show their personality to anyone that they don’t trust, but as soon as that trust is built, their inner-self starts to come out more and more. What sets apart these eight creatives as the best Denver pet photographers: their creativity, natural gift of styling, artistic composition, and ability to see the whimsical and lighthearted, even in the most action-packed shot.

1. Susannah Storch of Chloe Pet Photography

Susannah Storch of Chloe Pet Photography specializes in taking narrative photos of your pets in action, as well as gorgeously posed fine-art portraiture. Her portfolio consists mostly of cats and dogs, but she photographs other pets as well, so don’t hesitate if you want a nice photo of your parakeets; she’ll knock it out of the park! We really enjoy her photos of pets with their owners, as they exhibit the sweetness and affection that makes those relationships so special. In addition, she does a remarkable job of capturing your pet with all their texture. Some pet photographers focus a bit too much on the eyes, and this tends to blur out the fur a bit, making it look oddly smooth. We like seeing fur we’d wanna run our fingers through.

2. Alicia Rohlfing of Fur Face Photography

Genius pet photographer Alicia Rohlfing of Fur Face Photography takes some of the best dog photos on this list. She snaps love-filled shots of pups with their owners, perfectly encapsulating the mutual love between human and animal. Best of all, her breathtaking photos make great use of the picturesque surrounding landscapes. She’s also an accomplished portrait artist taking some of the sweetest, goofiest shots of dog and cats we’ve come across.

3. Karen Hoglund

Karen Hoglund is an equal-opportunity animal photographer, taking some of the most noteworthy pictures of animals living their best lives. Her photos celebrate the lives and freedom of dogs, cats, horses, and other animals, telling their stories in colorful, gorgeously composed images. We especially love her portraiture, which is just as narrative as her lifestyle photos of your pets at play. If you want a picture of your dog licking your toes or your cat lazily lounging in your front yard, Karen is your photographer.

4. Tajia Lund of Denver Pet Pics

Among the most creative Denver pet photographers, Tajia Lund, the artist at Denver Pet Pics produces colorful compositions. Her photos are perfect to be displayed digitally or printed and framed. Her high-energy photos of your pets are sure to bring a smile to your face. During each of her shoots, she invests a great deal of thought and effort into making certain to get everything just right.

5. Kristin Adams

Kristin Adams takes a variety of lifestyle photos and candids of pets. Her dog photos exposes the inner world of your furry companion, while her cat photos show that remnants of Egyptian royalty remain in your felines. Boasting an artistic eye, as well as plenty of insight into lighting and composition, Kristin does not settle for anything less than perfect. It’s no wonder she’s one of the most talented Denver pet photographers.

6. Christina Cookson of Wag Your Tail Photography

Christina Cookson takes highly shareable photos of pets, photos destined to win Instagram and Facebook. She shows the humorous side of pets that they only express when they become part of your family, the goofy childish side that makes us say that they’re our fur babies. Compositionally, she’s a highly skilled artist who takes some of the best editorial dog photos we’ve seen. Her work is often funny, almost always narrative, and forever focused on the love pets bring to our lives.

7. Deanna Hurt of StinkDog Photos

StinkDog Photos is Deanna Hurt’s award-winning dog photography business, named for the stinking-cute photos they take of your dogs. Deanna is a true dog lover who gets to know your dog and understand what they bring to your life. She then attempts to really capture that in her work, taking on-location and studio photography of dogs in Denver. In addition, she’s willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Colorado to get a picture of your beautiful pupper. As she says in her artist statement, whether your dog is fat or skinny, has four legs or three –– no matter what –– she can see their beauty.

8. Brenda Halverson of Paws in Motion

Brenda Halverson of Paws in Motion specializes in taking narrative lifestyle photos of animals. She takes photos of your pets enjoying the activities that they love the most. The dogs in her photos look so joyous, chasing frisbees at the park, hiking up beautiful Colorado mountains, keeping a watchful eye on your children to make sure that they’re safe, or just stopping and smelling the roses. Paws in Motion can capture everything about your pet that makes them special. Like many photographers on this list, she takes pictures of all sorts of pets, not just dogs — although her dog photos are quite outstanding.

Our time with our pets is special and irreplaceable. Did you enjoy looking through these Denver pet photographers’ portfolios? If yes, then go ahead and give one of them a call. We’re positive you’ll end up with fantastic photos you’ll want to display forever.

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