The 6 Best Pet Photographers in Honolulu

Hawaii is a true paradise, with waterfalls, beaches, moderate weather, and incredible views of the Pacific, which are never far from sight. Pets and their people are in paradise here and, with so many smiles to be had, partnering up with a talented local creative ensures those precious memories will never fade. That’s why we’ve curated this list of uber-talented Honolulu pet photographers to collaborate with!

1. Kokua Photography

Kokua Photography is part of the Fur-Angel Foundation, a charity that seeks foster homes for rescue pups and provides pet portraits on occasion as a fundraising venture! True dog lovers, even those who can only provide financial support rather than a home, should get to know Kokua and Fur-Angel’s work better. The pet portraits featured on Fur-Angel Foundation are shot both on location and among the outdoors.

Dog owners can choose environments that best showcase the moods and expressions of their furry loved ones. And by providing professional pet portraits for hopeful adoptees, Kokua Photography raises the animals’ chances for adoption. Great pictures can spark an initial connection long before a prospective family ever meets their future newest member.

2. Ashley Smith of Hawaii Pet Portraits

If you’re in the market for a specialist Honolulu pet photographer, you need to be working with Ashley Smith. With over a decade of photography experience, Ashley turned into a studio pet photographer thanks to her dog, Blake. As Blake grew and she found herself photographing cake smashes, play dates, and various events, many other pets started finding themselves in the studio, ready for shoots.

Hawaii Pet Portraits includes both solo pet portraits, as well as “Pets and their People” sessions. Both use professional studio backgrounds and perfectly controlled lighting for images that range from elegant fashion sessions with one’s dog to more lighthearted in character. High-key holiday portraits with pups and even shoots with parakeets and chickens make an appearance here. There’s no animal bond Ashley can’t honor with her expertise!

3. Keri Nakahashi Photography

Keri Nakahashi became a Honolulu pet photographer after she started working with her beloved Kobe on the beach. Since she knew how shy he was around new environments and people, Keri simply made her own images by investing in the education and practice required. And soon, she found that she’d tapped into an undiscovered passion. Keri brings both artistic and dog-specific photo training to her shoots. She then organizes the session in such a way that distractions won’t prevent her from showcasing the personality and beauty of your dog. 

Looking through her portfolio, we especially love how comfortable Keri is with working up close and personal with animals. This creates greater intimacy, especially when paired with wide-angle lenses that emphasize snouts, eyes, and paws in pleasing ways. Whether you’re looking for an iconic running photo or something more artistically arranged, Keri is full of ideas and ready to partner with you.

4. Vada of Wild Sunshine Photography

Vada’s pet portraits are special to us because they emphasize the family aspect of pet’s lives. Birthday hats and cakes, embraces with family, and beach outings create works of art that speak to how much we cherish the connections we have with our dogs.

By encouraging families to bring their pups, her photos are complete in scope and have a playful character that more formal shoots may lack. Vada also uses a punchy editing style with strong shadows and contrasting colors that have a contemporary portrait aesthetic. Plus, her style is very consistent across genres and blends perfectly with her family, couples, and landscape photography.

5. Sue of Chipperton Photography

If you’re seeking a Honolulu pet photographer with a love for stylish backgrounds and classic portraiture influences, we recommend getting to know Sue Chipperton! Sue’s photoshoot backgrounds are some of the best we’ve seen in the pet photography world, as she rarely relies solely on shallow depth of field for the “portrait look.” 

Instead, she chooses leading lines, color, negative space, and other compositional elements that give her work a far more polished feel. Sue also uses monochrome incredibly tastefully, emphasizing textural elements in the frame and helping subjects stand apart in high-key lighting situations. Her fine-art expression is unmatched and part of her signature style.

6. Mary Eileen of Ocean Soul Photography

As a family photographer, Mary Eileen of Ocean Soul Photography doesn’t let us forget how far that definition extends! Family means furred loved ones as well, and her portfolio reflects this. When taking photogenic beach walks under the Hawaiian sun, dogs are regularly along for the walk.

The golden sand and blue waters make incredible backdrops for portraits and candid shots of dogs being playful in the outdoors. Mary is rarely looking for the “light and airy” wedding photography style — instead, she categorizes her art as “vivid, authentic, and passionate,” and we agree 100%! Her colors are attention-getting without feeling overprocessed. And her love of diverse landscapes plays out in her portfolio, too!

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