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The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Indianapolis

Indy folks with pets are doing it right: showering pets with love, holding them close, smelling their fur, singing them songs, walking them through the roads in the city. Pet owners put so much energy into making their animals feel loved, and they return this love with such simple sincerity. How could a person not want to commemorate a pet’s innocence and wisdom with professional photography? The type of photos that’ll be treasured forever? Life is short, but art lasts; it passes the test of time. What we love about these Indianapolis pet photographers is that they’re so skilled at immortalizing our pets. Their loving, thoughtful, whimsical portraits are among the most moving we’ve come across. Each and every one of them produces amazing work.

1. Smiling Dog Photography

The team behind Smiling Dog Photography found that starting a pet photography business was a natural expression for their love for animals and photography. As real dog lovers, they have a natural connection with the pets they work with, as well as the patience to capture photographs on your pet’s time.

And as pet owners, we love it when other people are able to read our pets and understand what they need and how to reach them. The Smiling Dog Photography crew just understands how to treat your pets the way you’d treat them. On top of that, they take some of the most whimsical and most keenly observed pet photographs of any photography team we’ve come across. Check out their work for yourself.

2. Marissa of Furtography Studio

Marissa founded Furtography Studio because she recognized the importance of documenting the lives of pets in an artful, conscientious, honest manner. She’s made a name for herself for her ability to capture the uniqueness of your pet’s personality, the little details that make up their magic. She’s a master of light, shadow, and color, and her studio work is well-composed and gorgeously balanced. Nothing is over the top. Everything she does is laser-focused on capturing the true essence of your pet, of observing them deeply and rendering their photograph in a way that feels honest and true to life.

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3. Stacy Able Photography

Stacy Able is a well-regarded and extremely in-demand Indianapolis pet photographer and wedding photographer. She has her degree from Clemson University in graphic communications, and has a keen eye for storytelling photography. Her photos are contemporary, colorful, and emanate a soft, romantic vibe. We truly love her ability to show pets as members of the family. From personal experience, we comprehend that pets are often the glue that help busy, anxious people keep their lives going in the right direction. And Stacy’s photos often capture this fact.

4. Mary of Pine & Meadow Photography

Mary of Pine & Meadow Photography is an energetic, conscientious photographer with a tremendous ability to connect with the individuals she snapshots. Her main trades are wedding photography and portraiture, but she’s a keen observer of the personalities of dogs, employing that insight of hers to capture uncanny photos of local canines. Her photographs are crisp and gorgeously composed without creating artificial drama. We appreciate that quality, which we’d call transparency. Plus, her portfolio is extremely engaging, and we’d trust her to photograph our own pups.

5. April Tchiguka of Premier Pet Sitting & Photography, LLC

April Tchiguka is a professional pet sitter who has one of the most humorous, engaging, and personality-filled pet photography portfolios of anyone in Indianapolis. All of her photos have an interesting off-kilter quality to them. It’s like she relates to the pets she photographs to a degree that most other photographers simply aren’t capable of. Also, there are tons of quality dog photographers in the area, but we’ve come across very few who possess the ability to capture the personality of cats like April can. We would very much enjoy hiring April to pet sit and photograph our own pets, and we strongly believe that you should give her portfolio a look, and then give her a call.

6. Ellie Sophia Photography

Ellie Sophia takes cinematic, light-drenched portraits of the people and pets of Indianapolis. We were quite taken with her style, which has a psychological acuity that’s extremely engaging and striking. In addition, her pet photographs are composed in a way that’s both artful and somehow mysterious — which, we must say, is not an adjective we’ve so far used to describe anyone’s pet photography. Give her portfolio a look, and picture what she might do photographing your pets.

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7. Ardath Waller Photography

Ardath Waller is a lifelong lover of photography, and her main subject these days is pet photography. Unlike other shutterbugs who use really tight focus and abstract backgrounds to create somewhat otherworldly and heroic images of the pets they photograph, Ardath mostly uses subtle backgrounds and natural lighting, capturing pets from the vantage points that we see them in everyday life. Here photos are lovely, exuding a greater sense of being tied to memory than that of many of her contemporaries. We truly appreciate her diverse skill set and portfolio.

8. Jeff Norris Photography

Jeff Norris has worked as a professional photographer in South-Central Indiana for decades. He’s one of the most well-respected portrait artists in the area, as well as one of our favorite Indianapolis pet photographers by far. He’s kind, encouraging, thoughtful, and accommodating — which makes portrait sessions with him an absolute joy. He has a unique ability to capture the emotions of pets, their looks of joy, confusion, trust, and so on, in his gorgeous, well-defined style. We can’t get enough of his textured, clean, colorful images.

The top Indianapolis pet photographers are a diverse group of people, but each of them shares an ability to pay careful attention to the people and pets they work with. Their skill sets are varied, but they’re all tremendous photographers. Take a look through their portfolios, and we’re almost positive you’ll find at least one photographer that you’ll be excited to work with. We can’t tell you how much we treasure the photographs we have of our own pets.

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