The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Jacksonville

Hoping to link up with one of the best Jacksonville pet photographers to capture your fur bestie at their finest? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s who we at Peerspace introduce to you ahead! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to find and rent unique spaces across Jacksonville. We also strive to highlight the city’s most talented creatives.

And when it comes to pet photographers in Jacksonville, these artists have a lot of sun, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches — and animals — in the nation to work with! Check out the stunning work of these creatives whose compelling portfolios are full of happy fur babies.

1. Kim Kirk Photography

Jax Tails is the compilation of Kim Kirk’s many years of photography experience rolled into her passion for animals and portraiture. On occasion, she prefers a natural color palette, while other times she leans toward employing a brighter, more contemporary flair. She uses white highlights and flowing natural light that reminds us of professional wedding and editorial portraiture, giving pets a glamorous glow.

We especially appreciate how Kim manages to coax out the quirky head tilt that makes any dog owner smile with delight. Dogs often look away when presented with a camera, but she has plenty of tricks to keep them engaged while staying still. Kim also does portraits for rescue dogs. Great photos are one of the best ways to help dogs get adopted as they attract prospective families and show dogs at their best!

2. Carol A. Mueller of Furbaby Pix

Furbaby Pix came about when Carol A. Mueller started combining her decades-long photography love affair with her desire to document the stories and final chapters of her cats. The comfort these images brought helped her realize that this was a service all Florida residents would appreciate. Carol is now a preeminent Jacksonville pet photographer, having perfected her methodology, finding cameras, flash styles, and compositions that effectively highlight the unique character of pets while keeping them comfortable and engaged.

Her focus on cats ranges from more formal studio images with classic backgrounds to home-based documentary images that show feline friends in their natural element. Carol’s talent for dramatic lighting is also incredibly impressive. Plus, she can coax felines into poses that take full advantage of strong directional lighting!

3. Chelsea of Finch and Laurel

The creative behind Finch and Laurel, Chelsea is an incredible Jacksonville pet photographer who also takes stunning documentary-style family photos. Most conventional family photographers guide clients through posed moments in beautiful settings with perfect clothing. As an intuitive documentary family photographer, Chelsea instead captures life as it is: a gorgeous mess that can easily be overlooked when one’s too close. Her thoughtful images help us see these moments as unique and special in their own right.

Among Chelsea’s pet photos are the eager dog waiting for scraps under the table, as well as the playful way he forces himself in between you and your significant other. Chelsea takes a far more personal approach to pet photography, preferring that over glamour shots in the park. Her editing style is sharp and full of contrast, taking advantage of shadows and bright natural light but without feeling unrealistic or too strongly edited. 

4. Abra Zawacki of AZ Photo Jax

Abra Zawacki is a Florida transplant from Tennessee who combines her innate artistic talents with a formal education (she holds an MFA in photography). When not photographing pets, families, seniors, and maternity images, Abra works as an art educator, helping aspiring future creatives reach their maximum potential.

This Jacksonville pet photographer works most of her pet magic in the studio. Abra’s images are works of classic studio portrait photography, which can be even more challenging when your model doesn’t always cooperate the way you wish. She also includes props like chairs, scarves, and other additions that give your pet just a bit of extra glamour for their special day! We especially adore her family images with pets — the casual influences in poses and clothes highlight the playful nature of her work.

5. Layla Neal Photography

Layla Neal’s gorgeous pet photography is often shot in the field in a candid manner. In lieu of giving direction for formal poses, she allows her clients and their fur babies to simply enjoy one another and the great outdoors! We love this photojournalistic style because it results in unplanned, quirky moments that authentically expose the unique character of each human-pet bond.

In addition, Layla creates breathtaking portraits that show her attention to not only subject composition but the background in exciting ways. It’s rare to see a pet photographer who finds truly flattering backgrounds on location the way she does! Layla’s careful choice of color, lighting, and additions of both tasteful vignettes and light adjustments to tones are incredible, which is why she’s easily one of the top Jacksonville pet photographers.

6. Kay Charleston Photography

Kay Charleston finds poses and outfits that give her work a lighthearted atmosphere. From perfectly timed stretches to tutus and garlands, her thoughtfully crafted images have us smiling from ear to ear. Kay’s studio pet portraits can also take on a more formal approach, with strong directional lighting, classic black backgrounds, and isolating vignettes for a family heirloom-style work of art.

Such photos would look right at home in a photo album or wall frame. Plus, fun props, including Christmas hats, wreaths, and decorated collars, can be part of the Kay Charleston Photography experience!

7. Christy Whitehead Photography

Christy Whitehead is a studio photographer who creates whimsical settings for her human (and four-legged!) clients. She is one of the area’s most popular family and newborn photographers, with props and costumes playing a huge role in her portrait shoots for the people in front of her camera.

When it comes to your pet, Christy is a master at bringing forward their personality. And since she is gifted at capturing all members of your household, she is who to turn to when you want your annual family portraits that include your fur children, too.

Bonus: Angie Kerins Photography

Though Angie Kerins isn’t strictly based in Jacksonville, she is a dedicated dog photographer who works all along Florida’s east coast. She also happens to take some of the most fabulous pet photos we’ve ever seen, and couldn’t possibly leave her off this list after seeing her work! Her natural light photography is especially perfect for her furry clients as it showcases them experiencing the natural world as only dogs can — in leaps and bounds.

Angie is a dog lover who has made it her mission to capture your pet as they are, floppy ears, goofy smile, and all. She is equally skilled at photographing the bond you have with your dog, so if you’re interested in photos of you and your pet, Angie has your back!

Jacksonville pet photographers: conclusion

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We loved exploring the work of these Jacksonville pet photographers and hope you did, too. They have the ability to capture our sweetest family members as they are, all while finding unique (and often, hilarious) ways of highlighting their personalities.

If you need the perfect spot for your pet’s big day in front of the camera, be sure to check out Peerspace. All spaces are owned by locals and you can reach out to a venue’s host before booking to see if they have a pet-friendly space. Check us out today to see what types of photoshoot locations you and your pet will discover next!

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