The 9 Best Pet Photographers in Los Angeles

Saying Los Angeles is home to a lot of big personalities is an understatement. Yet pet owners know that their animals are the real celebrities, divas, and heartthrobs. Honoring everything they do for us doesn’t take much — they usually just want a belly rub or a treat, after all — but an amazing way to go the extra mile is to book a pet photoshoot. It’s a bonding activity that’s not quite like anything else, and you’ll end up cherishing the images for a lifetime. Our list of the top Los Angeles pet photographers covers a range of styles, from sweet, breezy natural light lifestyle work to hilariously unique in-studio portraiture.

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1. Danielle Spires

Danielle Spires has an offbeat, kitschy photo studio in downtown Los Angeles, but she also shoots in her clients’ homes or other locations. But frankly, we’re in love with her studio work. Regardless of where she is, she has a great eye for creating unique images that radiate creativity and fun, and she keeps things pleasantly light. There’s a very self-aware quality to it all. In fact, many of her photos are pushed into ridiculous territory, from regal shots of cats on opulent thrones to her signature double exposure. It’s hard to imagine these images not winning Instagram every time they hit social media.

Also, she has a lot of adoring clients (unsurprisingly, right?!) Here’s just one of many cheery testimonials. “Danielle is so kind and has a caring vibe that makes you want to relax and take photos. We just rescued a pup less than a week before a shoot and she made her feel so comfortable that she did amazing for her first time photographs. If you want photos with a cool vibe then Danielle is your photographer. If you want to ensure your pup or pet has a positive experience for their photographs then choose Danielle.”

2. Sorrell Scrutton

Sorrell Scrutton is a Los Angeles pet photographer who is a master at taking in-studio fine-art pet photography and commercial photography. Her first introduction to the pro photo world was through 20 years in fashion — in front of the lens, not behind it. But it gave her a fine appreciation for the power of the art form, and she’s brought all of that know-how to her pet portraiture.

The evidence is in her perfect use of studio light and deft post-processing touches. Her documentary-style on-location shots are gorgeous, but most of her work takes place in the studio. These are pet portraits that are meant to be framed — classy, dignified, and silly, all at the same time.

Sorrell has also been on a serious mission since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, having created a project called Queerantine. “Queerantine is a collection of images that capture the wholesomeness and even joy that can still be found during the trauma of COVID-19 and isolation in the queer community over the past year … Our pets are our lifeline during traumatic events. I want to capture what that looks like in a diverse, intersectional community that is having a collective experience. Photographing queers and their pets at home creates repetition within the images and tells this story visually.”

3. Linda Pianigiani of Dography

Linda Pianigiani is an Italian-born jill of many trades. She is a dog lover who not only takes photos of adorable pets, but is a certified dog trainer, filmmaker, DIY enthusiast, and coffee lover. Look through her portfolio, and you will see tons of dogs in various states of pose, play, and adventure. Many of her images take place outdoors or in-studio with a festive background. Yet, what always remains a constant is that the star of the photo is your four-legged bestie.

As she shares in her own words: “My goal is to capture the essence of that special canine companion in your life and make lasting memories.” Sounds ideal to us!

4. Yvette Samick of Too the Dogs Photography

Yvette Samick describes her talent as the ability to marry a dog’s true personality to color, texture, and light — and we agree. She strictly photographs dogs — sorry cat lovers! — and does it beautifully. Her images are full of rich bokeh, colors that pop, and the most lovable dog expressions you’ve ever seen. She knows what she’s doing creativity, so we’d recommend you take her advice when discussing shoot locations and composition. You’ll love what she comes up with.

Talent aside, she also has an incredible love for dogs that has existed her entire life. Unsurprisingly, she has been a loving dog mom to many happy doggos. Her beautiful doodle, Emma, even has her own Instagram account! In Yvette’s own words, “Emma inspires me every day to become a better photographer by capturing the special bond between my fellow dog moms and her fur babies. I promise to deliver these incredible moments shared between you and your pup during our session.”

5. Michael Brian

See, cat people? We’ve got you covered, too. And that’s because Michael Brian does it all. Not only is he one of the best Los Angeles pet photographers, but he’s a profoundly talented fitness and general portrait photographer. This overlap is evident in his work, as his pet photography often perfectly encapsulates the athleticism of the animal. But just as often, he’s photographing dogs in their everyday lives in a lovely documentary style, freezing time on little snippets of your life with them. Take a look at his portfolio and expect loads of character, technical excellence, and a real fondness for his subjects.

As Michael shares on his website: “My opportunity as a photographer is a platform to raise global awareness to the magic dogs possess thru visual imagery. There is a dire need to expand the human mind to the unlimited potential of not only dogs, but of the entire animal kingdom.”

6. Haven McConkey of Fetch Photography

Haven McConkey offers natural light lifestyle pet photography wherever your pet looks and feels best — whether that’s on a city sidewalk, on your couch, or out on a park trail, frolicking in nature. Her light, airy style has an effortless grace to it, a sweetness that’s a perfect fit for a lot of pets’ personalities. Have you ever taken your pup for a walk on an absolutely perfect day? We’re talking about during the “golden hour” when the weather’s flawless and your dog is cheerful as if everything’s just right with the world? Looking at McConkey’s photographs is like tapping into one of those moments over and over again.

We also adore Haven’s reasons for loving her job so much. “Dogs are our best friends. They love us unconditionally and share their entire lives with us. Through my dog photography, I capture dogs as they are: silly or serious, mischievous or obedient, playful or reserved, polished or scruffy, energetic or mellow. My images are as unique as your dog and tell the story of your dog for a lifetime.

7. Charlie Nunn Photography

Charlie Nunn Photography is operated by award-winning pet photographers Charlie Nunn and Raymond Janis. This dynamic duo is a favorite for celebrities who want incredible snaps of them with their beloved pets. Their playful images show your dog at its best — playing, grinning, and being by your side.

These Los Angeles pet photographers also work with clients across the globe looking to get their pet products (and adorable pet actors, of course!) in front of the camera. Whether you’re interested in commercial or personal pet portraits, Charlie and Raymond will deliver sophisticated and colorful images you’ll treasure for years to come.

8. Diana Lundin

Diana Lundin is one of the most creative pet photographers we’ve come across, excelling at coming up with fun set pieces and shoot themes, both in the studio and on location. In particular, we’re in love with a project Lundin has recently promoted that she calls “dog noir.”

Picture it: you in a trench coat, a moody expression on your face. Your pup, looking off into the asphalt sky of an LA dusk as the city’s shadows grow long. All of these shoots look like something out of a classic detective movie from the 1940s — or perhaps something out of a Raymond Chandler novel. We don’t know how this hasn’t gone viral already. We love it. But Lundin’s not a one-trick pony, either — her portfolio is full of unique, fun, stylish ideas that will make everyone you know jealous.

9. Erica Danger of Erica Danger Cat Photography

Last but most certainly not least on this list is Erica Danger, a professional cat photographer based in Los Angeles who is absolutely BELOVED far and wide for her one-of-a-kind pet photos. Most notably, Danger is masterful at capturing the emotions of her furry feline subjects. Her portraits leap off the screen with life and personality. And with a simple close-up shot, Danger can also illuminate all of the quirks and sweet idiosyncrasies that make our cats such profound members of our families.

However, not only is Danger arguably the cat photographer in Los Angeles, but she also donates a portion of the proceeds from her online store to various animal rescue organizations. Danger takes photographs-that-become-instant-family-treasures and she actively advocates for animal welfare, making her one of our favorite pet photographers, period.

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This is one of the best cities in the world for pet owners looking for skilled shutterbugs. It’s a great way to celebrate your relationship with your pet. In fact, we promise everyone who sees the photos will get a smile out of them.

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