The 5 Best Pet Photographers in Newark

As part of the New York City metro, Newark pet photographers have the backdrop of one of the most iconic cities in the world to work with. From sweeping high-rises to forested urban parks, families and singles who want to highlight their bond with their pets can choose from a variety of stunning scenery. That said, check out the most notable Newark pet photographers of 2020!

1. Alessandra Sawick

Hailing from Brazil, Alessandra Sawick owns two dogs, Shanti and Gaia, who helped inform the direction of her American dream. Her two furry children became the subject of her lens so often that she eventually enrolled in canine behavior and body language courses, as well as formal study in methods of intuitive communication. One of the top Newark pet photographers, Alessandra uses a modern style with a mixture of urban lifestyle and outdoor elements that bring out the character of both pet and owner in each photoshoot.

Her color palette is gentle and low contrast in a soft style that adds to the feeling of being bathed in light without looking overexposed. We especially love Alessandra’s attention to background compositions. She chooses branches that emphasize rather than distract and places for dogs to pose that showcase the NYC skyline. Plus, it’s not unusual for her to bracket canines in flowers and otherwise use the best practices of formal portraiture.

2. Teresa of Focus & Reflect Photography

One of the many aspects of Teresa’s photography we enjoy is the candid documentary character present in a lot of her work. While she does take posed portraits often, she finds moments where pets are simply taking in the environment, enjoying being with their owner, and otherwise ignoring the camera. This photojournalistic style has us wondering how she blends into the background so well to find these moments of connection and innocence in pets!

In truth, Teresa is aiming to capture these distinctive personality wrinkles when she works with four-legged clients. As she explains in her own words, “In my work I strive to not only capture these details, but place my focus on them. Whether it’s the speckles in their eyes, the dimple in their chin, or the crook in their smile (or a furry friend’s tail) — these are the characteristics unique to those we love.”

3. Kate Rosenberg of Dog City Photography

Dog City Photography originated over a decade ago when Kate found herself in Manhattan and realized just how many dogs there were in the city! Every stoop, street corner, and park was full of pooches big and small, purebred and mixed. It was clearly a Dog City, inspiring her to become one of the most dedicated Newark pet photographers in the metro area.

Kate uses punchy, vibrant studio backgrounds that help dogs stand out and lets viewers experience them free of distracting elements. She has also generously used her photography chops to assist rescue agencies throughout NYC to find homes for dogs in need of placement. Each rescue portrait lets prospective owners see each pooch in a positive new light; each clean background and snappy color scheme helps them look their very best!

4. Kelly of Olive Moon Media

Often shooting in client’s homes, Kelly is able to work with cats and other animals that don’t like working in studio settings. Her cat photos show felines lounging on favorite sofas, cuddled in blankets, and otherwise being themselves in a relaxed, safe environment. Kelly often gets up close and personal, bringing out the fine details in felines’ fur and eyes.

When not masterfully photographing cats, Kelly also shoots gorgeous images of dogs, horses, goats, and other personable, furry family members in their favorite environments. In nearly all cases, she favors a closely cropped composition that allows her subject to fill the frame, switching to environmental portraiture when photographing “barnyard” animals that need a bit more space.

5. Susie McKeown Photography

Specializing in capturing weddings and lifestyle family shots, which occasionally involve pets, Susie McKeown provides a mixture of posed and candid images of pets with their humans for clients across the region. Susie uses both a gently desaturated color profile and a low-contrast monochrome color style in not only her pet portraits but also her wedding, family, and couples images as well.

This gives her portfolio strong continuity across each of her specialty genres. Her timeless style and guided poses ensure any creative concept you have in mind will be artfully captured. By also employing wide-angle perspectives, she emphasizes subjects in attractive ways and gives viewers additional environmental context that tells the tale of each urban-dwelling dog and cat. Plus, she includes ample natural light for a spacious, airy atmosphere.

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