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The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Orlando

Often an extension of stellar people-portrait skills, and combining fine art and lifestyle work, pet portraiture is a long-time favorite, even showing up in classical paintings. With the advent of the internet, all of those pet pics have a wider audience, and many pets are famous for their expressions or antics. If you want to document your furry (or scaly) best friend’s life, let us recommend the following Orlando pet photographers — they are all brilliant! 

1. Sam of Orlando Pet Photography

Sam is one of the premier Orlando pet photographers for a whole multitude of reasons — for producing creatively styled studio work, perfect candid outdoor images, and beautiful tangible reminders of humans and their loyal companions. Boasting an abundance of patience, as well as an eye honed to capture just the right moment, Sam creates artful treasures of creatures great and small — and we do mean small, there is even an adorable rodent or two making their appearance in the Orlando Pet Photography portfolio.

Whatever your vision for your pet portrait — from a whimsically styled fine-art shoot to showcasing your dog’s playful side in their favorite park, Sam will bring it to print. We cannot get enough of the personality on display here — check out Sam’s work today.

2. Stephanie Hayes of Stephaniellen Photography

An inspired and creative Orlando pet photographer, Stephanie Hayes creates stylish and playful portraits. Often using props (such as ruffled collars and playful head toppers), and bright backgrounds to add a touch of whimsy, you can tell she loves her job! Serving both Tampa Bay and Orlando, she is a multi-dimensional talent who’s taking wedding and corporate event clients, as well as offering her beautiful work with animals. If you want playful, calendar-esque photos, check out Stephanie’s work — it is consistently oh-so-adorable! 

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3. Ashlea Lisefski of Pet Portraits by Elizabeth Ashlea

If you want painterly, fine-art portraits of your pet, Ashlea Lisefski is a great choice — she has a beautiful studio and crafts creative settings for your pet to play in and show off their unique personality. If you would rather play outside, or if your animal is too large for the studio, Ashlea can still handle the job.

After all, she takes stunning pictures of equestrians, as well as dogs, displaying the same imagination and polish in her work. Whatever you imagine for your photoshoot, whether elegant and traditional or vibrant and playful, Ashlea is one of our top Orlando pet photographers for a reason — she delights with every frame. Follow her on Insta, or check out her portfolio today! 

4. Aaron Faircloth of Luma Photography

“A lifestyle photographer for both pets and people” is how Aaron Faircloth describes himself, and that is a true statement if we’ve ever heard one! Documenting life’s beautiful moments with your human children as well as your furry ones, he makes models of your family and with years of experience as an editor. You can rest assured that only the most beautiful digital images make their way to you.

He uses low angles to add a touch of drama and playfulness to your pet’s romp outdoors and, when he adds a wide angle lens to the mix, the result is a fun portrait that you’ll want to come to again and again. His work is candid and creative, so if you’re looking for a lifestyle pet photographer, check him out — he’s one of our favorites! 

5. Angie Kerins Photography

Angie Kerins is a photographer who believes “wet noses, belly rubs, playing fetch, and a nap on a favorite pillow should be a part of your everyday.” She captures these moments with her playful, yet polished, dog portraits. Wherever your pet’s favorite place may be — beach, park, or simply tucked under your chair — she snapshots the most beautiful aspects of your furkids (and your human kids as well).

She is primarily a dog photographer, but perhaps most importantly, she is a dog lover, so she pours her soul into creating a character-filled and artistically captured body of work. Work with Angie whenever you want a photographer for your entire family, doggos included, and you will be glad you did.

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6. Amanda Meyers of A Style Photography

Amanda Meyers is the photographer behind A Style Photography, a creative powerhouse of a studio. She’s creating polished studio work for families and commercial clients, as well as producing fun sets. Amanda uses props and costumes to add oodles of personality to her work — we could not suppress a smile while scrolling through her Instagram! If you have ever fancied a shot of your dog as a sailor or the centerpiece of a floral arrangement, Amanda is the photographer for you. Her combination of fun and professional is just too cute to pass up. 

7. Erika and Tom Pitera of Hot Dog! Pet Photography 

Erika and Tom Pitera are the creative talents of Hot Dog! Pet Photography — but don’t let the name fool you, they work with kitties as well. With styles ranging from beautifully traditional to modern outdoor lifestyle portraits, they document the details of your furry friend and the love you share with them. They desire to create art that you will treasure for years, and we can say, just by looking at their work, that we treasure it, too! When you are on the hunt for Orlando pet photographers with tons of patience, experience, and talent, Erika and Tom are an excellent choice!

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